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Fat Black Chocobo (Mount)

Fat Black Chocobo (Mount) Icon.pngFat Black Chocobo (Mount)Flying Mount 
According to those familiar with this prodigious poultry's journey from flightless fledgling to full-blown fowl, the cloudkin achieved its staggering girth after several summers of gluttonously gulping chunks of charred chicken. Though, many speculate that the chocobo is, in fact, no chocobo at all, but a heretofore unseen spirit (or demon) of Dravania's dark wood.
Fat Black Chocobo (Mount) Patch.png

Black winds bring terrible news!
- Linu Vali

Acquisition: JP special DLC promotion, NA Summer 2019 Amazon promotion.
Requires: Fat Black Chocobo Whistle
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
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