The value of the chocobo has long been recognized by the peoples of the realm, and these widely loved and easily domesticated birds have since been incorporated into many aspects of Eorzean life. Perhaps most widely known are the chocobo caravans and coaches. The former are seeing increasingly abundant use by the Grand Companies for their ability to transport cargo across all forms of terrain, while the latter are a reliable means of seeing passengers comfortably to their destinations. The most valuable incarnation of the chocobo to adventurers, however, is the mount. These days, securing a chocobo mount for swift travel across the land is as simple as visiting the stables in any of the major cities. But after coming to see the chocobo as more companion than livestock, there is no shortage of adventurers who have developed such a profound mutual respect and love for these birds that they have seen fit to take on complete ownership of their own personal mounts.

Never has there been a better time to sit in the saddle upon one of these finely feathered and magnificent beasts, and take in all the wonders of Eorzea on chocoback.

  • All chocobos issued by the Grand Companies are male, and will be referred to as such by NPCs.


Chocobos first appeared in Final Fantasy II and have become a regular riding mount and sometimes a summon in Final Fantasy games.