Ceremony Chocobo Whistle

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Ceremony Chocobo Whistle  
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A small hand-carved whistle that emits a unique, high-pitched tone discernible only by a ceremony chocobo trained from birth to recognize and respond to the sound. Use to summon your ceremony chocobo mount.
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Used to Summon

Mount Information
Ceremony Chocobo (Mount) Icon.pngCeremony Chocobo (Mount)Flying Mount Dual Seater
Raised by Ishgard's master breeders for beauty and purity of stock, its snow white feathers are natural and, though fully developed, as soft as down. Temperament-wise, the bird is remarkably docile and one of few breeds who will allow dual riders upon its back.
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Don't stand on ceremony, tick-tock, tick-tock!
- Helmhart

Acquisition: Completion of the Eternal Bonding Ceremony.
Requires: Ceremony Chocobo Whistle
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Seats: 2
Eorzea de Chocobo
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