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Gaganaskin Treasure Map

Gaganaskin Treasure Map Icon.pngGaganaskin Treasure Map  Key Item
Key Item
A timeworn gaganaskin map revealing the location of an unknown treasure.

※Level 70 recommended.
Stack: 1
Acquisition Uses
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Miscellaneous Acquisition
  Received when Deciphering a Timeworn Gaganaskin Map.
Map Locations

Gaganaskin Treasure Map Treasure Map Icon.png
Potential Drops:
 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Poetics x10-30
 Gil Icon.png Gil x2,000-9,000
 Unmoving Maneki Moogle Icon.png Unmoving Maneki Moogle x1
 Plush Pile Icon.png Plush Pile x1
 Navigator's Glory - The Theme of Limsa Lominsa Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Navigator's Glory - The Theme of Limsa Lominsa Orchestrion Roll x1
 Leather Cointe Quaint Icon.png Leather Cointe Quaint x1
 A Father's Pride Orchestrion Roll Icon.png A Father's Pride Orchestrion Roll x1
 Cloth Cointe Quaint Icon.png Cloth Cointe Quaint x1
 Born of the Boughs - The Theme of Gridania Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Born of the Boughs - The Theme of Gridania Orchestrion Roll x1
 Beech Lumber Icon.png Beech Lumber x2-3
 Beetle Glue Icon.png Beetle Glue x1-4
 Bloodhempen Yarn Icon.png Bloodhempen Yarn x2-4
 Commanding Craftsman's Tea Icon.png Commanding Craftsman's Tea x1-2
 Cunning Craftsman's Tea Icon.png Cunning Craftsman's Tea x1-2
 Enchanted Durium Ink Icon.png Enchanted Durium Ink x1-2
 Enchanted Koppranickel Ink Icon.png Enchanted Koppranickel Ink x1
 Gagana Leather Icon.png Gagana Leather x1-3
 Ginkgo Leaf Pile Icon.png Ginkgo Leaf Pile x1
 Grade 1 Reisui of Dexterity Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Dexterity x1-3
 Grade 1 Reisui of Intelligence Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Intelligence x1-3
 Grade 1 Reisui of Mind Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Mind x1-3
 Grade 1 Reisui of Strength Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Strength x1-3
 Grade 1 Reisui of Vitality Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Vitality x1-4
 Growth Formula Eta Icon.png Growth Formula Eta x1-3
 High Steel Ingot Icon.png High Steel Ingot x1
 High Steel Nugget Icon.png High Steel Nugget x1-3
 Koppranickel Nugget Icon.png Koppranickel Nugget x1-3
 Larch Lumber Icon.png Larch Lumber x1-2
 Muud Suud Horn Icon.png Muud Suud Horn x1-2
 Nagxian Leather Icon.png Nagxian Leather x1
 Oroshigane Ingot Icon.png Oroshigane Ingot x1-2
 Persimmon Lumber Icon.png Persimmon Lumber x1-2
 Pine Lumber Icon.png Pine Lumber x1-2
 Ruby Cotton Yarn Icon.png Ruby Cotton Yarn x2
 Slate Whetstone Icon.png Slate Whetstone x2
 Tama-hagane Ingot Icon.png Tama-hagane Ingot x1
 Taoist's Wool Icon.png Taoist's Wool x1
 Triphane Icon.png Triphane x2-4
 Worsted Yarn Icon.png Worsted Yarn x1-3
 A Mother's Pride Orchestrion Roll Icon.png A Mother's Pride Orchestrion Roll x1
 Crimson Sunrise Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Crimson Sunrise Orchestrion Roll x1
 Little Chef's Playset Icon.png Little Chef's Playset x1
 Fire Crystal Icon.png Fire Crystal x121-174
 Ice Crystal Icon.png Ice Crystal x239
 Wind Crystal Icon.png Wind Crystal
 Earth Crystal Icon.png Earth Crystal x110
 Lightning Crystal Icon.png Lightning Crystal x112-214
 Water Crystal Icon.png Water Crystal x150
 Fire Cluster Icon.png Fire Cluster x100-173
 Ice Cluster Icon.png Ice Cluster x115
 Wind Cluster Icon.png Wind Cluster x102-136
 Earth Cluster Icon.png Earth Cluster x104-170
 Lightning Cluster Icon.png Lightning Cluster
 Water Cluster Icon.png Water Cluster
 Stygian Ash Icon.png Stygian Ash x1
 Holy Linen Icon.png Holy Linen x1