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Category:Key Item

Main Command 5 Icon.png
Key items are important items, which cannot be traded, sold, or used for anything other than the specific purpose for which they are given. They are primarily used for Quests, Levequests, FATEs and Duties.


A-Towa-Cant's Ashes Icon.png A-Towa-Cant's Ashes
A History of Observatories Icon.png A History of Observatories
Abaddon Tendon Icon.png Abaddon Tendon
Abandoned Blade Icon.png Abandoned Blade
Abandoned Cargo Icon.png Abandoned Cargo
Abandoned Effects Icon.png Abandoned Effects
Abandoned Supplies Icon.png Abandoned Supplies
Acan Lord Coral Icon.png Acan Lord Coral
Acid-smelling Powder Icon.png Acid-smelling Powder
Acrid-smelling Powder Icon.png Acrid-smelling Powder
Adamantoise Egg Icon.png Adamantoise Egg
Advanced Smart Bomb Core Icon.png Advanced Smart Bomb Core
Advanced Smart Bombs Icon.png Advanced Smart Bombs
Advent Cake Icon.png Advent Cake
Advent Cakes Icon.png Advent Cakes
Adventurer's Effects Icon.png Adventurer's Effects
Aerodynamo Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Aerodynamo Component Materials (Key Item)
Aether Compass Icon.png Aether Compass
Aether Spectrometer Icon.png Aether Spectrometer
Aetherflow Distributor Icon.png Aetherflow Distributor
Aetherial Lamp Icon.png Aetherial Lamp
Aetherial Mass Icon.png Aetherial Mass
Aetherial Supplement Icon.png Aetherial Supplement
Aetheric Rope (Community Cohesion) Icon.png Aetheric Rope (Community Cohesion)
Aetheric Rope (Flight of the Charybdis) Icon.png Aetheric Rope (Flight of the Charybdis)
Aetheric Rope (Petalouda Hunt) Icon.png Aetheric Rope (Petalouda Hunt)
Aetheric Rope (Sweet Temptations) Icon.png Aetheric Rope (Sweet Temptations)
Aetherometer Icon.png Aetherometer
Aetherometer (A Meter Too Far) Icon.png Aetherometer (A Meter Too Far)
Aetherometer (Finders Keepers) Icon.png Aetherometer (Finders Keepers)
Aetheryte Shard Icon.png Aetheryte Shard
Agaricus Mushroom Icon.png Agaricus Mushroom
Agavoides Young Icon.png Agavoides Young
Age-worn Log Icon.png Age-worn Log
Aged Bamboo Icon.png Aged Bamboo
Aged Grimoire (Key Item) Icon.png Aged Grimoire (Key Item)
Ahriman Cornea Icon.png Ahriman Cornea
Airship Flight Plan Icon.png Airship Flight Plan
Airship Fragment Icon.png Airship Fragment
Airship Hull Icon.png Airship Hull
Airship Ticket Icon.png Airship Ticket
Airstone (Key Item) Icon.png Airstone (Key Item)
Akyaali Crab Leg Icon.png Akyaali Crab Leg
Alchemic Concoction Icon.png Alchemic Concoction
Alchemic Potation Icon.png Alchemic Potation
Alchemical Compound Icon.png Alchemical Compound
Alchemical Concoction Icon.png Alchemical Concoction
Aldgoat Meat Icon.png Aldgoat Meat
Ale-stained Parchment Icon.png Ale-stained Parchment
Alexandrite Map Icon.png Alexandrite Map
All-purpose Explosives Icon.png All-purpose Explosives
Allagan Crozier Icon.png Allagan Crozier
Allagan Tome Icon.png Allagan Tome
Allagan Tomestone of Divinity Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Divinity
Allagan Tomestone of Eikonology Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Eikonology
Allagan Tomestone of Theology Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Theology
Allagan Weapon Scrap Icon.png Allagan Weapon Scrap
Alpa's Invitation Icon.png Alpa's Invitation
Alphinaud's Sketch Icon.png Alphinaud's Sketch
Alsono Pearl Icon.png Alsono Pearl
Amajina and Sons Coffer Icon.png Amajina and Sons Coffer
Amalj'aa Blood Icon.png Amalj'aa Blood
Amber Syrup Icon.png Amber Syrup
Amber Unguent Icon.png Amber Unguent
Amdapor Glyph Icon.png Amdapor Glyph
Amdapor Vellum Icon.png Amdapor Vellum
Amethyst Ring (Key Item) Icon.png Amethyst Ring (Key Item)
Amh Araeng Deadwood Icon.png Amh Araeng Deadwood
Amphisbaena Scales Icon.png Amphisbaena Scales
Amra Icon.png Amra
Amra Icon.png Amra
An Astronomer's Comprehensive Overview of the Starlens Icon.png An Astronomer's Comprehensive Overview of the Starlens
Anagnorisis Juice Medley Icon.png Anagnorisis Juice Medley
Anala Core Icon.png Anala Core
Ananta Healing Salve Icon.png Ananta Healing Salve
Ancient Bozjan Armor Icon.png Ancient Bozjan Armor
Ancient Bozjan Raiments Icon.png Ancient Bozjan Raiments
Ancient Magicked Poppet Icon.png Ancient Magicked Poppet
Ancient Signet Ring Icon.png Ancient Signet Ring
Ancient Stone Tablet Icon.png Ancient Stone Tablet
Ancient Tool Icon.png Ancient Tool
Anemone Carcass Icon.png Anemone Carcass
Anila Core Icon.png Anila Core
Anila Core (Harbinger of Breath) Icon.png Anila Core (Harbinger of Breath)
Anima Glass Icon.png Anima Glass
Animal Fodder Icon.png Animal Fodder
Anodized Cermet Plating Icon.png Anodized Cermet Plating
Anole Egg Icon.png Anole Egg
Antelope Loin Icon.png Antelope Loin
Antelope Umbles Icon.png Antelope Umbles
Anti-gremlin Trap Icon.png Anti-gremlin Trap
Antique Coins Icon.png Antique Coins
Antique Dagger Icon.png Antique Dagger
Antling Mandible Icon.png Antling Mandible
Anzu Nest Icon.png Anzu Nest
Aperitif Order Slip Icon.png Aperitif Order Slip
Aphid Nectar Icon.png Aphid Nectar
Aphids Icon.png Aphids
Appetizing Sago Palm Icon.png Appetizing Sago Palm
Approved Concept Icon.png Approved Concept
Aqua del Sol Icon.png Aqua del Sol
Arcane Epistle Icon.png Arcane Epistle
Archaeoskin Treasure Map Icon.png Archaeoskin Treasure Map
Archer's Raiments Icon.png Archer's Raiments
Archestratus Flower Icon.png Archestratus Flower
Archon Card Icon.png Archon Card
Archon Egg Icon.png Archon Egg
Archon Loaf (Key Item) Icon.png Archon Loaf (Key Item)
Arenvald's Invitation Icon.png Arenvald's Invitation
Armor Plating Icon.png Armor Plating
Armormelt Icon.png Armormelt
Aromatic Nectar Icon.png Aromatic Nectar
Arrowhead Icon.png Arrowhead
Arrowheads Icon.png Arrowheads
Artist's Rendition Icon.png Artist's Rendition
Ash-covered Envelope Icon.png Ash-covered Envelope
Ash Sapling Icon.png Ash Sapling
Ashkin Hearts Icon.png Ashkin Hearts
Ashkin Remains Icon.png Ashkin Remains
Assorted Smelling Herbs Icon.png Assorted Smelling Herbs
Astral-aspected Water Icon.png Astral-aspected Water
Astroscope Log (Key Item) Icon.png Astroscope Log (Key Item)
Asvattha Seed Icon.png Asvattha Seed
Athala's Token of Love Icon.png Athala's Token of Love
Aurastone Shard Icon.png Aurastone Shard
Aurelia Umbrella Icon.png Aurelia Umbrella
Automaton-filled Sack Icon.png Automaton-filled Sack
Automaton Core Icon.png Automaton Core
Automaton Core (Word about Komra) Icon.png Automaton Core (Word about Komra)
Auxiliary Aerodynamo Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Auxiliary Aerodynamo Component Materials (Key Item)
Avere's Ring Icon.png Avere's Ring
Azeyma Rose (Key Item) Icon.png Azeyma Rose (Key Item)
Azeyma Rose Bouquet Icon.png Azeyma Rose Bouquet
Azeyma Rose Hip Icon.png Azeyma Rose Hip
Azeyma Rose Oil Icon.png Azeyma Rose Oil
Azure Flower Icon.png Azure Flower
Azuro Costume Icon.png Azuro Costume


Baby Coeurl (Key Item) Icon.png Baby Coeurl (Key Item)
Bacchus Grape Leaf Icon.png Bacchus Grape Leaf
Bacchus Grape Vine Icon.png Bacchus Grape Vine
Bacchus Grape Vines Icon.png Bacchus Grape Vines
Bacchus Wine Icon.png Bacchus Wine
Baderon's Jottings Icon.png Baderon's Jottings
Baert Trading Company Bill Icon.png Baert Trading Company Bill
Bag of Fragrant Substance Icon.png Bag of Fragrant Substance
Ballast Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Ballast Component Materials (Key Item)
Balloon Finger Icon.png Balloon Finger
Balloon Lamp Icon.png Balloon Lamp
Banded Gem Icon.png Banded Gem
Bandersnatch Meat Icon.png Bandersnatch Meat
Bandersnatch Pelt Icon.png Bandersnatch Pelt
Bang Tosses Icon.png Bang Tosses
Banknote Icon.png Banknote
Banquet Invitation Icon.png Banquet Invitation
Baras Meat Icon.png Baras Meat
Baras Tusk Icon.png Baras Tusk
Baritine Croc Meat Icon.png Baritine Croc Meat
Bark Shavings Icon.png Bark Shavings
Basic Provisions Icon.png Basic Provisions
Basically Sufficient Limestone Icon.png Basically Sufficient Limestone
Basilisk Meat Icon.png Basilisk Meat
Basilisk Stew Icon.png Basilisk Stew
Basket Lunch Icon.png Basket Lunch
Basket of Dafangshi Icon.png Basket of Dafangshi
Basket of Sticky Moss Icon.png Basket of Sticky Moss
Battered Broom Icon.png Battered Broom
Battered Chest Icon.png Battered Chest
Battle Chocobo Feather Icon.png Battle Chocobo Feather
Battle Ointment Icon.png Battle Ointment
Baut's Ring Icon.png Baut's Ring
Beaknettle Flower Icon.png Beaknettle Flower
Beast Bone Icon.png Beast Bone
Beast Meat Icon.png Beast Meat
Beast Repellent Icon.png Beast Repellent
Beautiful Bell Painting Icon.png Beautiful Bell Painting
Beautiful Bloom Icon.png Beautiful Bloom
Bedrock Sample Icon.png Bedrock Sample
Beeping Level Checker Mini Icon.png Beeping Level Checker Mini
Beeswax Oil Icon.png Beeswax Oil
Begrimed Tablet Icon.png Begrimed Tablet
Bejeweled Bracelet Icon.png Bejeweled Bracelet
Bejeweled Necklace Icon.png Bejeweled Necklace
Belah'dian Wardstone Icon.png Belah'dian Wardstone
Bellbloom Icon.png Bellbloom
Bellfruit Icon.png Bellfruit
Biast Claw Icon.png Biast Claw
Biast Sinew Icon.png Biast Sinew
Bibulous Bomb Icon.png Bibulous Bomb
Bird Cage Icon.png Bird Cage
Bird of Elpis Feathers Icon.png Bird of Elpis Feathers
Birthing Rope Icon.png Birthing Rope
Bite-sized Stone Icon.png Bite-sized Stone
Bitsy Basket (Key Item) Icon.png Bitsy Basket (Key Item)
Bitter Pellets Icon.png Bitter Pellets
Bitterdrake Icon.png Bitterdrake
Black Cedar Branch Icon.png Black Cedar Branch
Black Cedar Log Icon.png Black Cedar Log
Black Feather Icon.png Black Feather
Black Rabbit Traders Receipt Icon.png Black Rabbit Traders Receipt
Black Scale Icon.png Black Scale
Black Yew Log Icon.png Black Yew Log
Blacked Necrologos Page Icon.png Blacked Necrologos Page
Blackloam Icon.png Blackloam
Blackloam (A Cropper's Duty) Icon.png Blackloam (A Cropper's Duty)
Blackloam (The Foodstuff of Champions) Icon.png Blackloam (The Foodstuff of Champions)
Bladder Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Bladder Component Materials (Key Item)
Bladder Lining Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Bladder Lining Component Materials (Key Item)
Blaisie's Notes Icon.png Blaisie's Notes
Bleached Bone Icon.png Bleached Bone
Bleatwort Cutting Icon.png Bleatwort Cutting
Blessed Band Icon.png Blessed Band
Blessed Gilded Eggs Icon.png Blessed Gilded Eggs
Blessed Water Icon.png Blessed Water
Blessing Stone Icon.png Blessing Stone
Blistering Scales Icon.png Blistering Scales
Bloated Yumemi Shell Icon.png Bloated Yumemi Shell
Block of Snow Icon.png Block of Snow
Blood-scented Candle Icon.png Blood-scented Candle
Blood-soaked Parchment Icon.png Blood-soaked Parchment
Blood-soaked Ring Icon.png Blood-soaked Ring
Blood Orange Juice Icon.png Blood Orange Juice
Blood Red Eye Drops Icon.png Blood Red Eye Drops
Bloodstained Charm Icon.png Bloodstained Charm
Bloodstained Sack Icon.png Bloodstained Sack
Bloody Bandana Icon.png Bloody Bandana
Bloody Boar Tusk Icon.png Bloody Boar Tusk
Bloody Bracelet Icon.png Bloody Bracelet
Bloody Chunk of Almasty Icon.png Bloody Chunk of Almasty
Bloody Encyclical Icon.png Bloody Encyclical
Bloody Encylical Icon.png Bloody Encylical
Bloody Guisarme Icon.png Bloody Guisarme
Bloody Parchment Icon.png Bloody Parchment
Bloody Scepter Icon.png Bloody Scepter
Blowpipe Set Icon.png Blowpipe Set
Blue-flamed Candle Icon.png Blue-flamed Candle
Blue-flamed Candle (Worth a Candle) Icon.png Blue-flamed Candle (Worth a Candle)
Blue Flower Icon.png Blue Flower
Blue Mythril Ore Icon.png Blue Mythril Ore
Blue Treasure Icon.png Blue Treasure
Blunt Hunting Knife Icon.png Blunt Hunting Knife
Blunt Knife Icon.png Blunt Knife
Blunt Sailor's Knife Icon.png Blunt Sailor's Knife
Blunt Whittle Icon.png Blunt Whittle
Boarskin Treasure Map Icon.png Boarskin Treasure Map
Bog Yarzon Shell Icon.png Bog Yarzon Shell
Bolting Bellbloom Icon.png Bolting Bellbloom
Bomb Claw Icon.png Bomb Claw
Bomb Core Icon.png Bomb Core
Bomb Digit Icon.png Bomb Digit
Bomb Finger Icon.png Bomb Finger
Bomb Thumb Icon.png Bomb Thumb
Bone Key Icon.png Bone Key
Bone Spearhead Icon.png Bone Spearhead
Book of Mormo Icon.png Book of Mormo
Book of Netherfall I Icon.png Book of Netherfall I
Book of Netherfire I Icon.png Book of Netherfire I
Book of Skyearth I Icon.png Book of Skyearth I
Book of Skyfall I Icon.png Book of Skyfall I
Book of Skyfall II Icon.png Book of Skyfall II
Book of Skyfire I Icon.png Book of Skyfire I
Book of Skyfire II Icon.png Book of Skyfire II
Book of Skywind I Icon.png Book of Skywind I
Book of Skywind II Icon.png Book of Skywind II
Boom Toss Icon.png Boom Toss
Boortsog Icon.png Boortsog
Botanical Growth Formula Icon.png Botanical Growth Formula
Bottle-filled Crate Icon.png Bottle-filled Crate
Bottle of Antidote Icon.png Bottle of Antidote
Bottle of Antlion Secretion Icon.png Bottle of Antlion Secretion
Bottle of Arak Icon.png Bottle of Arak
Bottle of Brown Liquid Icon.png Bottle of Brown Liquid
Bottle of Water Icon.png Bottle of Water
Bottle of Yakow Milk Icon.png Bottle of Yakow Milk
Bottled Map Icon.png Bottled Map
Bottomless Purse Icon.png Bottomless Purse
Boughbury Axe Icon.png Boughbury Axe
Bound Bombard Icon.png Bound Bombard
Bound Karakul Icon.png Bound Karakul
Bound Plant Icon.png Bound Plant
Bow of the Gods Icon.png Bow of the Gods
Bowl of Fruit Icon.png Bowl of Fruit
Box for Tataru Icon.png Box for Tataru
Boxed Hawker Icon.png Boxed Hawker
Brambleweed Rope Icon.png Brambleweed Rope
Branch of the Guardian Tree Icon.png Branch of the Guardian Tree
Branded Bark Icon.png Branded Bark
Brass Blade Missive Icon.png Brass Blade Missive
Brass Earplugs Icon.png Brass Earplugs
Brass Helm Wheel Icon.png Brass Helm Wheel
Brass Siphon Icon.png Brass Siphon
Brassy Bangles Icon.png Brassy Bangles
Brazo del Sol Icon.png Brazo del Sol
Breathtaking Dress Icon.png Breathtaking Dress
Brewer's Eyebrow Icon.png Brewer's Eyebrow
Brickman Chunk Icon.png Brickman Chunk
Bright Bluecloud Icon.png Bright Bluecloud
Bright Coal Icon.png Bright Coal
Brightseed Icon.png Brightseed
Brilliant Golden Sap Icon.png Brilliant Golden Sap
Brittle Necrologos Page Icon.png Brittle Necrologos Page
Brittle Parchment Icon.png Brittle Parchment
Broad-leaf Gysahl Greens Icon.png Broad-leaf Gysahl Greens
Broken Alembic Icon.png Broken Alembic
Broken Kickumbob Icon.png Broken Kickumbob
Broken Spear Icon.png Broken Spear
Broken Yo-kai Watch Icon.png Broken Yo-kai Watch
Broom Ash Icon.png Broom Ash
Brown Clod Icon.png Brown Clod
Brown Glass Shard Icon.png Brown Glass Shard
Brown Mud Icon.png Brown Mud
Brownie Brush Icon.png Brownie Brush
Brownie Bush Icon.png Brownie Bush
Bucket of Smelly Liquid Icon.png Bucket of Smelly Liquid
Buckwheat Seeds Icon.png Buckwheat Seeds
Budding Peach Tree Blossoms Icon.png Budding Peach Tree Blossoms
Bug Scrap Icon.png Bug Scrap
Building Stone Icon.png Building Stone
Bulging Gil Pouch Icon.png Bulging Gil Pouch
Bulging Leather Sack Icon.png Bulging Leather Sack
Bulging Sack of Foodstuffs Icon.png Bulging Sack of Foodstuffs
Bulky Key Icon.png Bulky Key
Bull-point Chisel Icon.png Bull-point Chisel
Bull Point Chisel Icon.png Bull Point Chisel
Bundle for Braya Icon.png Bundle for Braya
Bundle of Arrows Icon.png Bundle of Arrows
Bundle of Weeds Icon.png Bundle of Weeds
Buried Coin Icon.png Buried Coin
Burlap Sack Icon.png Burlap Sack
Burlap Sack (Eyes Bigger Than Her Stomach) Icon.png Burlap Sack (Eyes Bigger Than Her Stomach)
Burning Eye of Ravana Icon.png Burning Eye of Ravana
Burnished Arrowhead Icon.png Burnished Arrowhead
Buurtsag Tsai Icon.png Buurtsag Tsai
Buzzard Thigh Icon.png Buzzard Thigh
Buzzing Burlap Sack Icon.png Buzzing Burlap Sack


Cache of Crystals Icon.png Cache of Crystals
Cactuar Blood Icon.png Cactuar Blood
Cactus Leaf Icon.png Cactus Leaf
Cactus Piss Icon.png Cactus Piss
Cactus Tea Icon.png Cactus Tea
Caelumtree Fruit Icon.png Caelumtree Fruit
Caelumtree Root Icon.png Caelumtree Root
Caelumtree Wine Icon.png Caelumtree Wine
Cage Key Icon.png Cage Key
Captivating Mineral Icon.png Captivating Mineral
Captured Automated Roader Icon.png Captured Automated Roader
Captured Bhujamga Icon.png Captured Bhujamga
Captured Bryon Icon.png Captured Bryon
Captured Charybdis Icon.png Captured Charybdis
Captured Cubus Icon.png Captured Cubus
Captured Knocker Icon.png Captured Knocker
Captured Ophion Icon.png Captured Ophion
Captured Petalouda Icon.png Captured Petalouda
Captured Sea Creature Icon.png Captured Sea Creature
Caracal Blood Icon.png Caracal Blood
Caravan Sack Icon.png Caravan Sack
Carbuncle Doll Icon.png Carbuncle Doll
Carburetor Icon.png Carburetor
Cargo Crate Icon.png Cargo Crate
Carline Icon.png Carline
Carnival Banner Icon.png Carnival Banner
Carrion Chigoe Egg Sac Icon.png Carrion Chigoe Egg Sac
Carrot Seeds Icon.png Carrot Seeds
Carrot of Happiness (Key Item) Icon.png Carrot of Happiness (Key Item)
Carved Necklace Icon.png Carved Necklace
Carved Wood Earrings Icon.png Carved Wood Earrings
Carved Wood Ring Icon.png Carved Wood Ring
Cat's-eye Charm Icon.png Cat's-eye Charm
Catalytic Ectoplasm Icon.png Catalytic Ectoplasm
Catalytic Plasma Icon.png Catalytic Plasma
Catoblepas Eye Icon.png Catoblepas Eye
Catsfoot Icon.png Catsfoot
Catsfoot Chew Icon.png Catsfoot Chew
Cave Soil Sample Icon.png Cave Soil Sample
Cave Water Sample Icon.png Cave Water Sample
Ceremony Invitation (A Many-splendored Thing) Icon.png Ceremony Invitation (A Many-splendored Thing)
Cermet Chain Icon.png Cermet Chain
Cermet Container Icon.png Cermet Container
Cermet Plating Icon.png Cermet Plating
Cermet Plating (A Real Fixer-upper) Icon.png Cermet Plating (A Real Fixer-upper)
Certificate of Appraisement Icon.png Certificate of Appraisement
Ceruleum Engine Part Icon.png Ceruleum Engine Part
Ceruleum Engine Part (FATE) Icon.png Ceruleum Engine Part (FATE)
Ceruleum Futures Contract Icon.png Ceruleum Futures Contract
Ceruleum Tank (Key Item) Icon.png Ceruleum Tank (Key Item)
Ceruleum Tank Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Ceruleum Tank Component Materials (Key Item)
Chainmail Scrap Icon.png Chainmail Scrap
Chalky Stone Icon.png Chalky Stone
Challenge to the Death Icon.png Challenge to the Death
Chameleon Tail Icon.png Chameleon Tail
Chandler's Wick Icon.png Chandler's Wick
Chapuli Horn Icon.png Chapuli Horn
Chapuli Leg Icon.png Chapuli Leg
Charred Necrologos Page Icon.png Charred Necrologos Page
Charred Tablet Icon.png Charred Tablet
Cherry Brandewine Icon.png Cherry Brandewine
Chewed Necrologos Page Icon.png Chewed Necrologos Page
Chigoe Egg Sac Icon.png Chigoe Egg Sac
Chilled Leather Sack Icon.png Chilled Leather Sack
Chinchilla Fat Icon.png Chinchilla Fat
Chipped Tablet Icon.png Chipped Tablet
Chocobo Duster Icon.png Chocobo Duster
Chocobo Fodder Icon.png Chocobo Fodder
Chocobo Tailfeather Icon.png Chocobo Tailfeather
Chocobo Thigh Icon.png Chocobo Thigh
Chopped Firewood Icon.png Chopped Firewood
Chopped Firewood (Adventurers Don't Get Cold Feet) Icon.png Chopped Firewood (Adventurers Don't Get Cold Feet)
Chunk of Amber Iguana Meat Icon.png Chunk of Amber Iguana Meat
Chunk of Knocker Icon.png Chunk of Knocker
Chunk of Steppe Dzo Meat Icon.png Chunk of Steppe Dzo Meat
Cid's Parcel Icon.png Cid's Parcel
Cinnamon Cookies Icon.png Cinnamon Cookies
Cinnamon Strips Icon.png Cinnamon Strips
Circling Bi Fang Breast Meat Icon.png Circling Bi Fang Breast Meat
Clay Pot Icon.png Clay Pot
Clay Tablet Icon.png Clay Tablet
Clean Bedsheet Icon.png Clean Bedsheet
Cleansing Water Icon.png Cleansing Water
Clear Earth Crystal Icon.png Clear Earth Crystal
Clear Lightning Crystal Icon.png Clear Lightning Crystal
Clear Maple Sap Icon.png Clear Maple Sap
Clear Quartz Icon.png Clear Quartz
Clear Snowcloak Slab Icon.png Clear Snowcloak Slab
Clear Water Cluster Icon.png Clear Water Cluster
Clear Water Shard Icon.png Clear Water Shard
Clearmelt's Finest Mulled Wine Icon.png Clearmelt's Finest Mulled Wine
Clearsight Scalebomb Icon.png Clearsight Scalebomb
Clearwater Nanka Tail Icon.png Clearwater Nanka Tail
Cliffkite Wing Icon.png Cliffkite Wing
Cloth of Disturbing Memories Icon.png Cloth of Disturbing Memories
Cloth of Memories Icon.png Cloth of Memories
Cloud Mallow Icon.png Cloud Mallow
Cloud Marble Icon.png Cloud Marble
Cloud Mushroom (Key Item) Icon.png Cloud Mushroom (Key Item)
Cloud Silk Icon.png Cloud Silk
Cloudcrawler Pouch Icon.png Cloudcrawler Pouch
Clouded Necklace Icon.png Clouded Necklace
Clouded Vial Icon.png Clouded Vial
Clouding Scalebomb Icon.png Clouding Scalebomb
Cloudpuff Sap Icon.png Cloudpuff Sap
Cloudsbreath (Key Item) Icon.png Cloudsbreath (Key Item)
Cloudy Bottle Icon.png Cloudy Bottle
Clucking Sack Icon.png Clucking Sack
Clustered Flower Icon.png Clustered Flower
Coarse-Grained Wood Icon.png Coarse-Grained Wood
Coarse Nhaama Desert Sand Icon.png Coarse Nhaama Desert Sand
Coating Agent Icon.png Coating Agent
Cobalt Coal Icon.png Cobalt Coal
Coblyn-filled Sack Icon.png Coblyn-filled Sack
Coblyn Grease Icon.png Coblyn Grease
Coblyn Pyrite Icon.png Coblyn Pyrite
Cockpit Exterior Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Cockpit Exterior Component Materials (Key Item)
Cockpit Interior Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Cockpit Interior Component Materials (Key Item)
Cocobusi Report Icon.png Cocobusi Report
Coerthan Hemlock Branch Icon.png Coerthan Hemlock Branch
Coerthan Hemlock Log Icon.png Coerthan Hemlock Log
Coeurl Pup Whisker Icon.png Coeurl Pup Whisker
Coin-stuffed Pouch Icon.png Coin-stuffed Pouch
Cold Well Water Icon.png Cold Well Water
Coliseum Flyer Icon.png Coliseum Flyer
Coliseum Placard Icon.png Coliseum Placard
Coliseum Refuse Icon.png Coliseum Refuse
Colorful Pebbles Icon.png Colorful Pebbles
Colossal Herbs Icon.png Colossal Herbs
Comely Korrigan (Key Item) Icon.png Comely Korrigan (Key Item)
Commemorative Flower Icon.png Commemorative Flower
Compact Explosives Icon.png Compact Explosives
Complimentary Boots Icon.png Complimentary Boots
Compost Bag Icon.png Compost Bag
Concentrated Lightning Shard Icon.png Concentrated Lightning Shard
Concentrated Maddening Potion Icon.png Concentrated Maddening Potion
Concept Crystal Icon.png Concept Crystal
Concept Matrix Icon.png Concept Matrix
Conductor's Baton Icon.png Conductor's Baton
Confederate Bombs Icon.png Confederate Bombs
Confederate Explosive Icon.png Confederate Explosive
Confidential Documents Icon.png Confidential Documents
Confiscated Crate Icon.png Confiscated Crate
Confiscated Ring Icon.png Confiscated Ring
Confiscated Wares Icon.png Confiscated Wares
Conqueror's Chain Icon.png Conqueror's Chain
Consolatory Sandwich Icon.png Consolatory Sandwich
Contract Copy Icon.png Contract Copy
Cool Spring Water Icon.png Cool Spring Water
Copper Knife Icon.png Copper Knife
Copper Lure Icon.png Copper Lure
Corroded Ring Icon.png Corroded Ring
Corrosive Elixir Icon.png Corrosive Elixir
Corrupted Crystal Icon.png Corrupted Crystal
Corrupted Crystal (Key Item) Icon.png Corrupted Crystal (Key Item)
Corrupted Crystal Shard Icon.png Corrupted Crystal Shard
Corrupted Crystals Icon.png Corrupted Crystals
Cotton Kerchief Icon.png Cotton Kerchief
Cow Bitter Juice Icon.png Cow Bitter Juice
Crab Meat Icon.png Crab Meat
Crabapple Icon.png Crabapple
Cracked Leather Log Icon.png Cracked Leather Log
Cracked Marble Icon.png Cracked Marble
Cracked Sanuwa Horn Icon.png Cracked Sanuwa Horn
Cracked Sharlayan Flagstone Icon.png Cracked Sharlayan Flagstone
Cracked Tablet Icon.png Cracked Tablet
Cracked Vase Icon.png Cracked Vase
Crackleweed Seedling Icon.png Crackleweed Seedling
Crafting Tool Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Crafting Tool Component Materials (Key Item)
Crag Fragment Icon.png Crag Fragment
Crag Ritual Focus Icon.png Crag Ritual Focus
Crate of Contraband Icon.png Crate of Contraband
Crate of Meat Icon.png Crate of Meat
Crate of Minerals Icon.png Crate of Minerals
Crate of Smoke Bombs Icon.png Crate of Smoke Bombs
Crate of Supplies Icon.png Crate of Supplies
Crawler Flesh Icon.png Crawler Flesh
Creepy Cookie Icon.png Creepy Cookie
Crimson Fan Coral Icon.png Crimson Fan Coral
Crimson Sea Grass Icon.png Crimson Sea Grass
Crinkled Cartograph Icon.png Crinkled Cartograph
Crone's Catsfoot Chew Icon.png Crone's Catsfoot Chew
Crooked Pickaxe Icon.png Crooked Pickaxe
Crude Necklace Icon.png Crude Necklace
Crumbling Ginger Cookie Icon.png Crumbling Ginger Cookie
Crumpled Cartograph Icon.png Crumpled Cartograph
Crumpled Letter Icon.png Crumpled Letter
Crystal-stuffed Pouch Icon.png Crystal-stuffed Pouch
Crystal Flower Icon.png Crystal Flower
Crystal Rosary Icon.png Crystal Rosary
Crystal Tower Statue Icon.png Crystal Tower Statue
Crystalline Saltpeter Icon.png Crystalline Saltpeter
Crystallized Concepts Icon.png Crystallized Concepts
Crystallized Grass Icon.png Crystallized Grass
Crystallized Root Icon.png Crystallized Root
Crystallized Trunk Icon.png Crystallized Trunk
Crystarium Facilities List Icon.png Crystarium Facilities List
Cumbersome Sack Icon.png Cumbersome Sack
Curious Container Icon.png Curious Container
Curious Parchment Icon.png Curious Parchment
Curry Icon.png Curry
Curved Jackal Fang Icon.png Curved Jackal Fang
Custom-made Explosives Icon.png Custom-made Explosives
Cut of Circling Bi Fang Breast Meat Icon.png Cut of Circling Bi Fang Breast Meat
Cut of Gyuki Meat Icon.png Cut of Gyuki Meat
Cygnine Rosary Icon.png Cygnine Rosary


Da Za's Blood Icon.png Da Za's Blood
Dadanen's Final Notice Icon.png Dadanen's Final Notice
Daemir's Antidote Icon.png Daemir's Antidote
Daemir Demolishers Icon.png Daemir Demolishers
Daidalion Egg Icon.png Daidalion Egg
Dainty Doll Icon.png Dainty Doll
Dainty Wooden Chest Icon.png Dainty Wooden Chest
Dalamud Fragment Icon.png Dalamud Fragment
Damaged Imperial Helm Icon.png Damaged Imperial Helm
Damaged Imperial Helms Icon.png Damaged Imperial Helms
Damaged Imperial Uniform Icon.png Damaged Imperial Uniform
Damaged Pod Icon.png Damaged Pod
Daniffen's Joy Icon.png Daniffen's Joy
Daniffen's Tears Icon.png Daniffen's Tears
Danner Sage Icon.png Danner Sage
Daphnia Remains Icon.png Daphnia Remains
Dark Annite Icon.png Dark Annite
Dark Bristles Icon.png Dark Bristles
Dark Cider Vinegar Icon.png Dark Cider Vinegar
Dateless Wood Icon.png Dateless Wood
Dawn Faetail Cutting Icon.png Dawn Faetail Cutting
Dawn Faetail Nectar Icon.png Dawn Faetail Nectar
Dawn Pine Log Icon.png Dawn Pine Log
Dazzling Carrot Icon.png Dazzling Carrot
Dazzling Volcanic Rock Icon.png Dazzling Volcanic Rock
De Nevelle Checkpoint Package Icon.png De Nevelle Checkpoint Package
Dead Hornets Icon.png Dead Hornets
Dead Rat Icon.png Dead Rat
Deadwood Branch Icon.png Deadwood Branch
Debitage Fragment Icon.png Debitage Fragment
Debitage Soulstone Icon.png Debitage Soulstone
Deck Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Deck Component Materials (Key Item)
Decorated Envelope Icon.png Decorated Envelope
Decorative Plating Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Decorative Plating Component Materials (Key Item)
Decorative Ronso Crockery Icon.png Decorative Ronso Crockery
Dedean's Flyer Icon.png Dedean's Flyer
Deep-green Tonic Icon.png Deep-green Tonic
Deep Green Tonic (Bad Blood) Icon.png Deep Green Tonic (Bad Blood)
Deepglider Wing Membrane Icon.png Deepglider Wing Membrane
Deepspring Water Icon.png Deepspring Water
Deepspring Water (Waterbringer) Icon.png Deepspring Water (Waterbringer)
Definitely Unclassified Plant Icon.png Definitely Unclassified Plant
Deformed Bullet Icon.png Deformed Bullet
Dellemont's Cookbook Icon.png Dellemont's Cookbook
Dense Coal Icon.png Dense Coal
Dented Talos Core Housing Icon.png Dented Talos Core Housing
Destructive Magick Concept Icon.png Destructive Magick Concept
Destructivity Icon.png Destructivity
Dhalmel Femur Icon.png Dhalmel Femur
Dhalmel Tibia Icon.png Dhalmel Tibia
Dianthus Blossom Icon.png Dianthus Blossom
Dinosaur-filled Sack Icon.png Dinosaur-filled Sack
Directives List Icon.png Directives List
Direwort Leaves Icon.png Direwort Leaves
Dirt-caked Stone Icon.png Dirt-caked Stone
Dirt-encrusted Shield Icon.png Dirt-encrusted Shield
Dirty Bedsheet Icon.png Dirty Bedsheet
Discarded Timber Icon.png Discarded Timber
Discarded Weapon Icon.png Discarded Weapon
Discolored Allagan Runestone Icon.png Discolored Allagan Runestone
Dispelling Concept Icon.png Dispelling Concept
Disposal Unit Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Disposal Unit Component Materials (Key Item)
Dissolving Agent Icon.png Dissolving Agent
Distilled Ceruleum Icon.png Distilled Ceruleum
Divine Band Icon.png Divine Band
Djigga Blood Icon.png Djigga Blood
Djinn Core Icon.png Djinn Core
Dodozan's Payment Icon.png Dodozan's Payment
Doe Meat Icon.png Doe Meat
Doman Unguent Icon.png Doman Unguent
Doman Weasel Claw Icon.png Doman Weasel Claw
Downy Gastornis Feather Icon.png Downy Gastornis Feather
Dozol Meloc's Blood Icon.png Dozol Meloc's Blood
Draconian Flute Icon.png Draconian Flute
Draconian Rosaries Icon.png Draconian Rosaries
Draconian Rosary Icon.png Draconian Rosary
Dragon Bone Icon.png Dragon Bone
Dragon Egg Icon.png Dragon Egg
Dragon Fang (Key Item) Icon.png Dragon Fang (Key Item)
Dragon Scale (Key Item) Icon.png Dragon Scale (Key Item)
Dragonskin Treasure Map Icon.png Dragonskin Treasure Map
Dragonspit (Key Item) Icon.png Dragonspit (Key Item)
Dragonstar Paleblossom Icon.png Dragonstar Paleblossom
Dragonstar Rougeblossom Icon.png Dragonstar Rougeblossom
Drake Blood Icon.png Drake Blood
Drake Tail Icon.png Drake Tail
Draper Sale Missive Icon.png Draper Sale Missive
Dravanian Clay Icon.png Dravanian Clay
Dravanian Coin Icon.png Dravanian Coin
Dravanian Legend Icon.png Dravanian Legend
Dravanian Lily Icon.png Dravanian Lily
Dravanian Pumice Icon.png Dravanian Pumice
Dravanian Pumice Pebble Icon.png Dravanian Pumice Pebble
Dreadnaught Heatshield Icon.png Dreadnaught Heatshield
Dreadnaught Hull Icon.png Dreadnaught Hull
Dream Algae Icon.png Dream Algae
Dream Powder Icon.png Dream Powder
Dreaming Iris Icon.png Dreaming Iris
Dreamtoad Ooze Icon.png Dreamtoad Ooze
Dreamweed Icon.png Dreamweed
Drery's Note Icon.png Drery's Note
Dried Bark Icon.png Dried Bark
Dried Bark (A Feeling in the Belly) Icon.png Dried Bark (A Feeling in the Belly)
Dried Cloudcrawler Icon.png Dried Cloudcrawler
Dried Dragon Pepper Icon.png Dried Dragon Pepper
Dried Fish Icon.png Dried Fish
Dried Fish (Bigger Fish to Dry) Icon.png Dried Fish (Bigger Fish to Dry)
Dried Fogweed Icon.png Dried Fogweed
Dried Leaves Icon.png Dried Leaves
Dried Mun-Tuy Bean Icon.png Dried Mun-Tuy Bean
Driftwood Branch Icon.png Driftwood Branch
Driftwood Trunk Icon.png Driftwood Trunk
Dripwix's Ledger Icon.png Dripwix's Ledger
Dripwix's Log Icon.png Dripwix's Log
Dropped Gil Icon.png Dropped Gil
Dropped Lumber Icon.png Dropped Lumber
Drowned Relic Icon.png Drowned Relic
Drunken Deepa Icon.png Drunken Deepa
Dry Firewood Icon.png Dry Firewood
Drying Agent Icon.png Drying Agent
Dull Flint Stone Icon.png Dull Flint Stone
Dull Knife Icon.png Dull Knife
Dull Sand Icon.png Dull Sand
Dullahan Plate Icon.png Dullahan Plate
Dung Icon.png Dung
Dungeon Key Icon.png Dungeon Key
Dusk Bat Wing Icon.png Dusk Bat Wing
Dwarven Pickaxe Icon.png Dwarven Pickaxe


Earth-cradled Aethersand Icon.png Earth-cradled Aethersand
Earth Candy Icon.png Earth Candy
Earth Sprite Core Icon.png Earth Sprite Core
Earth Sprite Core (Home Comforts) Icon.png Earth Sprite Core (Home Comforts)
Earthen Power Stone Icon.png Earthen Power Stone
Earthenware Shingle Icon.png Earthenware Shingle
Earthy Beet Icon.png Earthy Beet
East Aldenard Trading Company Cargo Icon.png East Aldenard Trading Company Cargo
East Aldenard Trading Company Contract Icon.png East Aldenard Trading Company Contract
East Bank Mistletoe Icon.png East Bank Mistletoe
Echevore Tail Icon.png Echevore Tail
Edgyth's Order Icon.png Edgyth's Order
Egg-filled Sack Icon.png Egg-filled Sack
Egg Fragment Icon.png Egg Fragment
Eggshell Icon.png Eggshell
Ehll Tou's Hammer Icon.png Ehll Tou's Hammer
Eidos Slime Icon.png Eidos Slime
Elaborate Epistle Icon.png Elaborate Epistle
Elde's Donation Icon.png Elde's Donation
Electromagnetic Reader Icon.png Electromagnetic Reader
Elegant Dress Icon.png Elegant Dress
Elegant Earring Icon.png Elegant Earring
Elegant Mammet Icon.png Elegant Mammet
Elegant Purse Icon.png Elegant Purse
Elven Dill Icon.png Elven Dill
Elven Herb Icon.png Elven Herb
Embalmed Corpse Icon.png Embalmed Corpse
Emblazoned Tiara Icon.png Emblazoned Tiara
Emergency Brandewine Icon.png Emergency Brandewine
Empty Amphora Icon.png Empty Amphora
Empty Angler-sized Sack Icon.png Empty Angler-sized Sack
Empty Barrel Icon.png Empty Barrel
Empty Blood Bottle Icon.png Empty Blood Bottle
Empty Bottle Icon.png Empty Bottle
Empty Bottle (Unfortunate Fortune-telling) Icon.png Empty Bottle (Unfortunate Fortune-telling)
Empty Coeurl-sized Sack Icon.png Empty Coeurl-sized Sack
Empty Dalmascan Wine Bottle Icon.png Empty Dalmascan Wine Bottle
Empty Dodo-sized Sack Icon.png Empty Dodo-sized Sack
Empty Ewer Icon.png Empty Ewer
Empty Jar Icon.png Empty Jar
Empty Larder Sack Icon.png Empty Larder Sack
Empty Meal Sack Icon.png Empty Meal Sack
Empty Milk Can Icon.png Empty Milk Can
Empty Perfume Bottle Icon.png Empty Perfume Bottle
Empty Spirit Bottle Icon.png Empty Spirit Bottle
Empty Tub Icon.png Empty Tub
Empty Wine Bottle Icon.png Empty Wine Bottle
Empty Wine Bottle (Spring into Action) Icon.png Empty Wine Bottle (Spring into Action)
Enchanted Lamp Icon.png Enchanted Lamp
Enchanting Giantsgall Icon.png Enchanting Giantsgall
Enciphered Mor Dhonan Map Icon.png Enciphered Mor Dhonan Map
Endymion Claw Icon.png Endymion Claw
Engine Casing Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Engine Casing Component Materials (Key Item)
Engineer's Report Icon.png Engineer's Report
Engraved Crystal Icon.png Engraved Crystal
Engraved Necklace Icon.png Engraved Necklace
Engraved Slab Icon.png Engraved Slab
Engraved Stone Icon.png Engraved Stone
Enhanced Anima Glass Icon.png Enhanced Anima Glass
Enhanced Smoke Bomb Icon.png Enhanced Smoke Bomb
Enigma Codex Fragment Icon.png Enigma Codex Fragment
Enigmatic Bozjan Relic Icon.png Enigmatic Bozjan Relic
Enigmatic Missive Icon.png Enigmatic Missive
Enormous Carrot Icon.png Enormous Carrot
Enriching Limestone Icon.png Enriching Limestone
Entrancing Northern Stone Icon.png Entrancing Northern Stone
Eorzean Gold Coin Icon.png Eorzean Gold Coin
Eorzean Silver Coin Icon.png Eorzean Silver Coin
Epiphanies of House Daemir Icon.png Epiphanies of House Daemir
Erart's Letter Icon.png Erart's Letter
Erart's Parting Gift Icon.png Erart's Parting Gift
Eroded Rock Icon.png Eroded Rock
Escape Flyer Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Escape Flyer Component Materials (Key Item)
Ether Crate Icon.png Ether Crate
Evenfall Firefly Icon.png Evenfall Firefly
Everbloom Seeds Icon.png Everbloom Seeds
Exceptional Kholusian Iron Ore Icon.png Exceptional Kholusian Iron Ore
Excessively Heavy Package Icon.png Excessively Heavy Package
Exhaust Outlet Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Exhaust Outlet Component Materials (Key Item)
Exhausted Gleaners Icon.png Exhausted Gleaners
Exotic Feast Icon.png Exotic Feast
Exotic Flowers Icon.png Exotic Flowers
Expedition Report Icon.png Expedition Report
Experimental Seed Icon.png Experimental Seed
Exposed Tree Root Icon.png Exposed Tree Root
Exquisite Callais Icon.png Exquisite Callais
Exquisite Softwood Lumber Icon.png Exquisite Softwood Lumber
Extra-thick Aetheric Rope Icon.png Extra-thick Aetheric Rope
Extravagant Pipe Icon.png Extravagant Pipe
Eye-catching Stone Icon.png Eye-catching Stone
Eye of Yx'Lokwa Icon.png Eye of Yx'Lokwa
Eye of the Serpent Icon.png Eye of the Serpent


F'lhaminn's Aria Icon.png F'lhaminn's Aria
F'mibhas's Sealed Message Icon.png F'mibhas's Sealed Message
Facet Investigator's Report Icon.png Facet Investigator's Report
Faded Crystal of Light Icon.png Faded Crystal of Light
Faded Earrings Icon.png Faded Earrings
Faded Gil Icon.png Faded Gil
Faded Iconograph Icon.png Faded Iconograph
Fae Lamp Icon.png Fae Lamp
Fafafono's Baggage Icon.png Fafafono's Baggage
Fake True Love Potion Icon.png Fake True Love Potion
Fallen Cargo Icon.png Fallen Cargo
Familiar Wooden Crate Icon.png Familiar Wooden Crate
Family Portrait Icon.png Family Portrait
Fanow Pellets Icon.png Fanow Pellets
Far Eastern Spices Icon.png Far Eastern Spices
Farside Sprouts Icon.png Farside Sprouts
Fashionable Accessory Icon.png Fashionable Accessory
Fat Coinpurse Icon.png Fat Coinpurse
Fattened Herring Icon.png Fattened Herring
Fatty Orobon Icon.png Fatty Orobon
Favor of Fanow Icon.png Favor of Fanow
Feather Key Icon.png Feather Key
Feed Vegetables Icon.png Feed Vegetables
Feltsmox's Payment Icon.png Feltsmox's Payment
Feral Croc Beard Icon.png Feral Croc Beard
Feral Lizard Meat Icon.png Feral Lizard Meat
Fermenting Ale Icon.png Fermenting Ale
Fertilized Dodo Egg Icon.png Fertilized Dodo Egg
Festive Happi Icon.png Festive Happi
Festive Wreath Icon.png Festive Wreath
Fetid Dodo Flesh Icon.png Fetid Dodo Flesh
Fibrous Plants Icon.png Fibrous Plants
Field Trial Spirit Vessel Icon.png Field Trial Spirit Vessel
Fife of Nine Tails Icon.png Fife of Nine Tails
Figurehead Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Figurehead Component Materials (Key Item)
Filthy Bedsheet Icon.png Filthy Bedsheet
Fine-Grained Wood Icon.png Fine-Grained Wood
Fine Aetheric Rope Icon.png Fine Aetheric Rope
Fine Fibrous Plants Icon.png Fine Fibrous Plants
Fine Hingan Wine Icon.png Fine Hingan Wine
Fine Powder Icon.png Fine Powder
Fine Sand (Key Item) Icon.png Fine Sand (Key Item)
Fine Shadow Pepper Icon.png Fine Shadow Pepper
Finishing Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Finishing Component Materials (Key Item)
Finmade Trinkets Icon.png Finmade Trinkets
Fire-kissed Aethersand Icon.png Fire-kissed Aethersand
Fire-touched Wind Crystal Icon.png Fire-touched Wind Crystal
Fire Candy Icon.png Fire Candy
Fire Silver Icon.png Fire Silver
Fire Sprite Core Icon.png Fire Sprite Core
Fire Sprite Core (A Shell to Scry On) Icon.png Fire Sprite Core (A Shell to Scry On)
Firecracker (Up in Flames) Icon.png Firecracker (Up in Flames)
Firecrackers (In Steep Trouble) Icon.png Firecrackers (In Steep Trouble)
Firecrackers (What a Tangled Web We Weave) Icon.png Firecrackers (What a Tangled Web We Weave)
Firepot (Key Item) Icon.png Firepot (Key Item)
Firesand Stick Icon.png Firesand Stick
Firewood (Gone Fishing) Icon.png Firewood (Gone Fishing)
Firewood (Key Item) Icon.png Firewood (Key Item)
Firing Mechanism 43 Icon.png Firing Mechanism 43
Fish-filled Trap Icon.png Fish-filled Trap
Fish Basket Icon.png Fish Basket
Fish Cage Icon.png Fish Cage
Fish Mint Leaf Icon.png Fish Mint Leaf
Fish Mint Salve Icon.png Fish Mint Salve
Fish Order Icon.png Fish Order
Flame-resistant Net Icon.png Flame-resistant Net
Flame-sanctified Weapon Icon.png Flame-sanctified Weapon
Flame Drake Spittle Icon.png Flame Drake Spittle
Flame of Magic Icon.png Flame of Magic
Flammable Palm Oil Icon.png Flammable Palm Oil
Flask of Water Icon.png Flask of Water
Flat Ale Icon.png Flat Ale
Flat Ale (Slug It Out) Icon.png Flat Ale (Slug It Out)
Flatulent Stranger Icon.png Flatulent Stranger
Flawless Earth Crystal Icon.png Flawless Earth Crystal
Flawless Fire Crystal Icon.png Flawless Fire Crystal
Flawless Mark XLIX Plating Icon.png Flawless Mark XLIX Plating
Flawless Pearl Icon.png Flawless Pearl
Flawless Ruby Sea Ore Sample Icon.png Flawless Ruby Sea Ore Sample
Flawless Water Crystal Icon.png Flawless Water Crystal
Flawless Wind Crystal Icon.png Flawless Wind Crystal
Flax-colored Philter Icon.png Flax-colored Philter
Fleecy Wool Icon.png Fleecy Wool
Fleshy Leaf Icon.png Fleshy Leaf
Flickering Coal Icon.png Flickering Coal
Flint Stone (Key Item) Icon.png Flint Stone (Key Item)
Flintlock Firesand Icon.png Flintlock Firesand
Floating Rock Icon.png Floating Rock
Floating Soil Icon.png Floating Soil
Flower Crown (Key Item) Icon.png Flower Crown (Key Item)
Flower Payment Icon.png Flower Payment
Flower Seeds Icon.png Flower Seeds
Flowery Envelope Icon.png Flowery Envelope
Flying Fishscales Icon.png Flying Fishscales
Flying Shark Liver Icon.png Flying Shark Liver
Fogweed Icon.png Fogweed
Folded Missive Icon.png Folded Missive
Folded Sailcloth Icon.png Folded Sailcloth
Fool's Furite Icon.png Fool's Furite
Foremast Package Icon.png Foremast Package
Forgotten Card Icon.png Forgotten Card
Forgotten Rod Icon.png Forgotten Rod
Forgotten Spectacles Icon.png Forgotten Spectacles
Formal Invitation Icon.png Formal Invitation
Formal Request Icon.png Formal Request
Forum Invitation Icon.png Forum Invitation
Foul-smelling Bait Icon.png Foul-smelling Bait
Foul-smelling Sludge Icon.png Foul-smelling Sludge
Foundation Stone Icon.png Foundation Stone
Fragrant Charm Icon.png Fragrant Charm
Fragrant Fish Icon.png Fragrant Fish
Fragrant Greens Icon.png Fragrant Greens
Fragrant Herbs Icon.png Fragrant Herbs
Fragrant Leaf Icon.png Fragrant Leaf
Fragrant Oil Icon.png Fragrant Oil
Fragrant Spices Icon.png Fragrant Spices
Fragrant Treat Icon.png Fragrant Treat
Francel's Letter Icon.png Francel's Letter
Francel's Missive Icon.png Francel's Missive
Franz the Fair Flyer Icon.png Franz the Fair Flyer
Frayed Battle Standard Icon.png Frayed Battle Standard
Fresh Carrot Icon.png Fresh Carrot
Fresh Chicken Egg Icon.png Fresh Chicken Egg
Fresh Gysahl Greens Icon.png Fresh Gysahl Greens
Fresh Haddock Icon.png Fresh Haddock
Fresh Herbs Icon.png Fresh Herbs
Fresh Herring Icon.png Fresh Herring
Fresh Honey Icon.png Fresh Honey
Fresh Island Gedan Meat Icon.png Fresh Island Gedan Meat
Fresh Lamb Icon.png Fresh Lamb
Fresh Lowland Grapes Icon.png Fresh Lowland Grapes
Fresh Milkroot Icon.png Fresh Milkroot
Fresh Mutton Loin Icon.png Fresh Mutton Loin
Fresh Pugil Flesh Icon.png Fresh Pugil Flesh
Fresh Sheep's Milk Icon.png Fresh Sheep's Milk
Fresh Shrew Meat Icon.png Fresh Shrew Meat
Fresh Vegetables Icon.png Fresh Vegetables
Freshly Laid Egg Icon.png Freshly Laid Egg
Freshly Slain Mud Pugil Icon.png Freshly Slain Mud Pugil
Freshwater Weeds Icon.png Freshwater Weeds
Fried Chocobo Thigh Icon.png Fried Chocobo Thigh
Fruit of Knowledge Icon.png Fruit of Knowledge
Fruit of the Forest Icon.png Fruit of the Forest
Fruiting Gigantender Flesh Icon.png Fruiting Gigantender Flesh
Fufucha's Letter of Introduction Icon.png Fufucha's Letter of Introduction
Full-blown Lily Icon.png Full-blown Lily
Full Angler-sized Sack Icon.png Full Angler-sized Sack
Full Coeurl-sized Sack Icon.png Full Coeurl-sized Sack
Full Dodo-sized Sack Icon.png Full Dodo-sized Sack
Full Ewer Icon.png Full Ewer
Full Hempen Sack Icon.png Full Hempen Sack
Full Larder Sack Icon.png Full Larder Sack
Full Milk Can Icon.png Full Milk Can
Fullflower Mead Icon.png Fullflower Mead
Fungal Filament Icon.png Fungal Filament
Fur Blanket Icon.png Fur Blanket
Furite Icon.png Furite
Furite Spearhead Icon.png Furite Spearhead
Furnace Plans Icon.png Furnace Plans


Gagana Feathers Icon.png Gagana Feathers
Gaganaskin Treasure Map Icon.png Gaganaskin Treasure Map
Gallant Coronet (Key Item) Icon.png Gallant Coronet (Key Item)
Gallant Gauntlets (Key Item) Icon.png Gallant Gauntlets (Key Item)
Gallimimus Egg Icon.png Gallimimus Egg
Gamelia Bloom Icon.png Gamelia Bloom
Garlean Fiber 43 Icon.png Garlean Fiber 43
Gastornis Breast Icon.png Gastornis Breast
Gastornis Egg (Key Item) Icon.png Gastornis Egg (Key Item)
Gastornis Feather Icon.png Gastornis Feather
Gastornis Thigh Icon.png Gastornis Thigh
Gaudy Ring Icon.png Gaudy Ring
Gazelle Horn (Key Item) Icon.png Gazelle Horn (Key Item)
Gazelle Meat (Let There Be Lard) Icon.png Gazelle Meat (Let There Be Lard)
Gazelle Meat (Snack between Meals) Icon.png Gazelle Meat (Snack between Meals)
Gazelleskin Treasure Map Icon.png Gazelleskin Treasure Map
Gegeruju's Spyglass Icon.png Gegeruju's Spyglass
Gelmorran Coin Icon.png Gelmorran Coin
Gem of Affluence Icon.png Gem of Affluence
Gem of Shatotto Icon.png Gem of Shatotto
Gensui Wine Icon.png Gensui Wine
Gentian Icon.png Gentian
Gentlemanly Spirit Vessel Icon.png Gentlemanly Spirit Vessel
Geva's Choker Icon.png Geva's Choker
Giant Adamantoise Egg Icon.png Giant Adamantoise Egg
Giant Artichoke Icon.png Giant Artichoke
Giant Brambleweed Sap Icon.png Giant Brambleweed Sap
Giant Coralshell Leg Icon.png Giant Coralshell Leg
Giant Koromo Octopus Icon.png Giant Koromo Octopus
Giant Mushroom Spawn Icon.png Giant Mushroom Spawn
Giantsgall Knife Icon.png Giantsgall Knife
Giantsgall Knife (Patching Up) Icon.png Giantsgall Knife (Patching Up)
Gift-wrapped Tribute Icon.png Gift-wrapped Tribute
Gift for Reauverre Icon.png Gift for Reauverre
Gigantic Krakka Root Icon.png Gigantic Krakka Root
Gigantoad Secretions Icon.png Gigantoad Secretions
Gil Sack Icon.png Gil Sack
Gilded Egg Icon.png Gilded Egg
Gilded Topaz Egg Icon.png Gilded Topaz Egg
Gilded Tourmaline Egg Icon.png Gilded Tourmaline Egg
Glamour Dispeller (Key Item) Icon.png Glamour Dispeller (Key Item)
Glass Bottle Icon.png Glass Bottle
Gliderskin Treasure Map Icon.png Gliderskin Treasure Map
Glimmering Pisaca Scales Icon.png Glimmering Pisaca Scales
Glimmering Stone Powder Icon.png Glimmering Stone Powder
Glimshroom Icon.png Glimshroom
Glistening Eye of Yx'Lokwa Icon.png Glistening Eye of Yx'Lokwa
Glittering Gemstone Icon.png Glittering Gemstone
Glittering Rock Icon.png Glittering Rock
Glorious Gate Painting Icon.png Glorious Gate Painting
Glowing Abdomen Icon.png Glowing Abdomen
Glowing Bomb Arm Icon.png Glowing Bomb Arm
Glowing Coal Icon.png Glowing Coal
Glowstone Icon.png Glowstone
Gnath Flintlock Icon.png Gnath Flintlock
Gnath Larder Jar Icon.png Gnath Larder Jar
Gnathic Flintlock Icon.png Gnathic Flintlock
Gnawed Bone Icon.png Gnawed Bone
Gnawed Necrologos Page Icon.png Gnawed Necrologos Page
Gnawed Water Bottle Icon.png Gnawed Water Bottle
Gnome Soulstone Icon.png Gnome Soulstone
Goatskin Treasure Map Icon.png Goatskin Treasure Map
Gobbietea Icon.png Gobbietea
Goblin Cheese Icon.png Goblin Cheese
Gobmachine Bangplate Icon.png Gobmachine Bangplate
Gogolata's Vendibles Icon.png Gogolata's Vendibles
Gold Key Icon.png Gold Key
Golden Airship Ticket Icon.png Golden Airship Ticket
Golden Aspic Icon.png Golden Aspic
Golden Barley Icon.png Golden Barley
Golden Bezoar Icon.png Golden Bezoar
Golden Cheese Icon.png Golden Cheese
Golden Chestnut Icon.png Golden Chestnut
Golden Feather Icon.png Golden Feather
Golden Medallion Icon.png Golden Medallion
Golden Nectar Icon.png Golden Nectar
Golden Nectar (FATE) Icon.png Golden Nectar (FATE)
Golden Sap Icon.png Golden Sap
Golden Syrup Icon.png Golden Syrup
Goldpot Key Icon.png Goldpot Key
Golem Fragment Icon.png Golem Fragment
Golem Soulstone (Crazy Enough to Work) Icon.png Golem Soulstone (Crazy Enough to Work)
Golem Soulstone (Key Item) Icon.png Golem Soulstone (Key Item)
Golem Wart Icon.png Golem Wart
Grand Keystone Icon.png Grand Keystone
Gravestone Block Icon.png Gravestone Block
Great Tree Sap Icon.png Great Tree Sap
Greatloam Gysahl Greens Icon.png Greatloam Gysahl Greens
Greatwood Oilseed Icon.png Greatwood Oilseed
Green Astamudgara Icon.png Green Astamudgara
Green Glass Shard Icon.png Green Glass Shard
Green Glider Tail Icon.png Green Glider Tail
Green Key Icon.png Green Key
Greensea Marl Icon.png Greensea Marl
Grenade Claw Icon.png Grenade Claw
Grenade Digit Icon.png Grenade Digit
Grenoldt's Lamp Icon.png Grenoldt's Lamp
Grey Sand Icon.png Grey Sand
Griffin Feather Icon.png Griffin Feather
Griffin Meat Icon.png Griffin Meat
Grog Money Icon.png Grog Money
Gron Ahlm Icon.png Gron Ahlm
Gron Mhar Icon.png Gron Mhar
Grotesque Candelabras Icon.png Grotesque Candelabras
Guardian's Soulstone Icon.png Guardian's Soulstone
Guhasaya Corpse Icon.png Guhasaya Corpse
Guiding Crystal Icon.png Guiding Crystal
Guiding Crystal (Wayward Carbuncle) Icon.png Guiding Crystal (Wayward Carbuncle)
Guild Aid Icon.png Guild Aid
Guild Identification Papers Icon.png Guild Identification Papers
Guild Itentification Papers Icon.png Guild Itentification Papers
Guild Samples Icon.png Guild Samples
Gull Feather Trinket Icon.png Gull Feather Trinket
Gulo Gulo Meat Icon.png Gulo Gulo Meat
Gurglegrass Icon.png Gurglegrass
Gyorin's Fishing Rod Icon.png Gyorin's Fishing Rod
Gyr Abanian Soil Sample Icon.png Gyr Abanian Soil Sample
Gyrodrive Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Gyrodrive Component Materials (Key Item)
Gyuki Tail Meat Icon.png Gyuki Tail Meat


Hairy Caterpillar Icon.png Hairy Caterpillar
Hal's Orchestrion Ornamentation Icon.png Hal's Orchestrion Ornamentation
Half-chewed Herbs Icon.png Half-chewed Herbs
Half-empty Bottle of Ale Icon.png Half-empty Bottle of Ale
Half-empty Wine Bottle Icon.png Half-empty Wine Bottle
Half-made Bells Icon.png Half-made Bells
Hamlet Report Icon.png Hamlet Report
Hammer Beak Rib Icon.png Hammer Beak Rib
Hammer Beak Tailfeather Icon.png Hammer Beak Tailfeather
Hamsa Egg Icon.png Hamsa Egg
Hamsa Eggs Icon.png Hamsa Eggs
Hamund's Application Icon.png Hamund's Application
Hand-baked Bread Icon.png Hand-baked Bread
Handheld Explosive Icon.png Handheld Explosive
Handmade Eel Pie Icon.png Handmade Eel Pie
Handmade Meal Icon.png Handmade Meal
Handmade Scarecrow Icon.png Handmade Scarecrow
Happenings in Rak'tika Greatwood Icon.png Happenings in Rak'tika Greatwood
Happenings in the Rak'tika Greatwood Icon.png Happenings in the Rak'tika Greatwood
Hard Doblyn Shell Icon.png Hard Doblyn Shell
Hardened Dragon Scales Icon.png Hardened Dragon Scales
Hardskin Stingray Skin Icon.png Hardskin Stingray Skin
Haurchefant's Letter Icon.png Haurchefant's Letter
Head-sized Stone Icon.png Head-sized Stone
Healing Herbs Icon.png Healing Herbs
Healing Salve Icon.png Healing Salve
Healing Salve (My Friend the Yeti) Icon.png Healing Salve (My Friend the Yeti)
Healthy Tree Root Icon.png Healthy Tree Root
Heartfelt Letter Icon.png Heartfelt Letter
Hearty Gyuki Meat Icon.png Hearty Gyuki Meat
Heat Lure Icon.png Heat Lure
Heavensand Icon.png Heavensand
Heavenspillar Root Icon.png Heavenspillar Root
Heavenspillar Sap Icon.png Heavenspillar Sap
Heavy Coinpurse Icon.png Heavy Coinpurse
Heavy Container Icon.png Heavy Container
Heavy Purse Icon.png Heavy Purse
Heavy Sack Icon.png Heavy Sack
Heavy Sledgehammer Icon.png Heavy Sledgehammer
Heavy Warded Pot Icon.png Heavy Warded Pot
Hefty Flint Stone Icon.png Hefty Flint Stone
Heirloom Dandelion Icon.png Heirloom Dandelion
Heirloom Ring Icon.png Heirloom Ring
Helm Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Helm Component Materials (Key Item)
Helm of Might Icon.png Helm of Might
Hemming's Trappings Icon.png Hemming's Trappings
Hempen Sack Icon.png Hempen Sack
Hempen Sack (How to Catch an Automaton) Icon.png Hempen Sack (How to Catch an Automaton)
Herbal Ointment Icon.png Herbal Ointment
Herbal Pellets Icon.png Herbal Pellets
Herbal Remedy Icon.png Herbal Remedy
Herbicidal Tinctures Icon.png Herbicidal Tinctures
Herbs Icon.png Herbs
Heretic Epistle Icon.png Heretic Epistle
Heretical Statuette Icon.png Heretical Statuette
Hex Baubles Icon.png Hex Baubles
Hien's Missive Icon.png Hien's Missive
High-density Siltstone Icon.png High-density Siltstone
High-grade Electrum Ore Icon.png High-grade Electrum Ore
High-quality Blackloam Icon.png High-quality Blackloam
High-quality Blue Mythril Ore Icon.png High-quality Blue Mythril Ore
High-quality Explosives Icon.png High-quality Explosives
High-quality Furite Icon.png High-quality Furite
High-quality Iron Ore Icon.png High-quality Iron Ore
High-quality Karakul Skin Icon.png High-quality Karakul Skin
High-quality Pommel Ore Icon.png High-quality Pommel Ore
High-quality Repair Stone Icon.png High-quality Repair Stone
High-quality Yellow Copper Ore Icon.png High-quality Yellow Copper Ore
Highbridge Report Icon.png Highbridge Report
Highland Limestone Icon.png Highland Limestone
Highland Tea Leaves Icon.png Highland Tea Leaves
Highland Teak Icon.png Highland Teak
Highwind Skyways Timetable Icon.png Highwind Skyways Timetable
Hingan Rice Wine Icon.png Hingan Rice Wine
Hingashi Rice Wine Icon.png Hingashi Rice Wine
Hippo Feed Bag Icon.png Hippo Feed Bag
Hippo Rider Handbills Icon.png Hippo Rider Handbills
Hippo Soap Icon.png Hippo Soap
Hippocerf Skin Icon.png Hippocerf Skin
Hippogryph Shank Icon.png Hippogryph Shank
Hiring Notice Icon.png Hiring Notice
Holey Bark Icon.png Holey Bark
Holy Water (Key Item) Icon.png Holy Water (Key Item)
Homebrew Icon.png Homebrew
Homely Harpoon Icon.png Homely Harpoon
Homemade Eel Pie Icon.png Homemade Eel Pie
Homemade Meal Icon.png Homemade Meal
Honey Syrup Icon.png Honey Syrup
Hooked Bombfish Corpse Icon.png Hooked Bombfish Corpse
Hooked Bombfish Corpse (Passing the Torch) Icon.png Hooked Bombfish Corpse (Passing the Torch)
Hopeseed Pond Water Icon.png Hopeseed Pond Water
Horde Skull Icon.png Horde Skull
Horn of the Beast Icon.png Horn of the Beast
Hornbill Claws Icon.png Hornbill Claws
Hornbill Egg Icon.png Hornbill Egg
Hornbill Talon Icon.png Hornbill Talon
Hornbloom Icon.png Hornbloom
Hornet Stinger Icon.png Hornet Stinger
Horse Milk Icon.png Horse Milk
Hot Box Lunch Icon.png Hot Box Lunch
Hot Chai Icon.png Hot Chai
Hot Grenade Arm Icon.png Hot Grenade Arm
House Dzemael Seal Icon.png House Dzemael Seal
Howling Gale Icon.png Howling Gale
Hull Interior Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Hull Interior Component Materials (Key Item)
Humectant Body Bag Icon.png Humectant Body Bag
Hunberct's Package Icon.png Hunberct's Package
Hunk of Nanka Flesh Icon.png Hunk of Nanka Flesh
Hunk of Rusted Iron Icon.png Hunk of Rusted Iron
Hunter's Spear Icon.png Hunter's Spear
Hunting Tools Icon.png Hunting Tools
Hyperfused Ore Icon.png Hyperfused Ore
Hypnos Potion Icon.png Hypnos Potion


Ice-cold Water Icon.png Ice-cold Water
Ice-crusted Bundle Icon.png Ice-crusted Bundle
Ice Rondel Icon.png Ice Rondel
Ice Sprite Core Icon.png Ice Sprite Core
Ice Sprite Core (Turnabout's Fair Play) Icon.png Ice Sprite Core (Turnabout's Fair Play)
Icewater Undine Heart Icon.png Icewater Undine Heart
Iguana Meat Icon.png Iguana Meat
Iguana Repellent Icon.png Iguana Repellent
Iguana Tail Icon.png Iguana Tail
Il Mheg Topaz Icon.png Il Mheg Topaz
Illuminated Rods Icon.png Illuminated Rods
Illustration of Sample 316 Icon.png Illustration of Sample 316
Immaculate Voeburtite Quartz Icon.png Immaculate Voeburtite Quartz
Immortal Flames Scimitars Icon.png Immortal Flames Scimitars
Impeccable Cork Icon.png Impeccable Cork
Impeccable Mord's Arsefluff Icon.png Impeccable Mord's Arsefluff
Imperial Assault Craft Exoplate Icon.png Imperial Assault Craft Exoplate
Imperial Decurion Icon.png Imperial Decurion
Imperial Identification Key Icon.png Imperial Identification Key
Imperial Materiel Icon.png Imperial Materiel
Imperial Materiel Crate Icon.png Imperial Materiel Crate
Imperial Shortsword Icon.png Imperial Shortsword
Imperial Smoke Signal Icon.png Imperial Smoke Signal
Imperial Soldier Icon.png Imperial Soldier
Imperial Supplies Icon.png Imperial Supplies
Imperial Supply Crate Icon.png Imperial Supply Crate
Important Letter Icon.png Important Letter
Impressed Clay Tablet Icon.png Impressed Clay Tablet
Incendiary Glands Icon.png Incendiary Glands
Incomplete Scholar's Garb Icon.png Incomplete Scholar's Garb
Incomprehensible Love Letter Icon.png Incomprehensible Love Letter
Inconspicuously Suspicious Item Icon.png Inconspicuously Suspicious Item
Indecipherable Tomes Icon.png Indecipherable Tomes
Indecorous Decoration Icon.png Indecorous Decoration
Indigo Pearl Icon.png Indigo Pearl
Inferno Fragment Icon.png Inferno Fragment
Inferno Ritual Focus Icon.png Inferno Ritual Focus
Insect Wings Icon.png Insect Wings
Inspector's Journal Icon.png Inspector's Journal
Inspiriting Gift Icon.png Inspiriting Gift
Instrument Panel Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Instrument Panel Component Materials (Key Item)
Integrity (Key Item) Icon.png Integrity (Key Item)
Interview with the Padjal Icon.png Interview with the Padjal
Inventory List Icon.png Inventory List
Investigation Copy Icon.png Investigation Copy
Invisible Ink Icon.png Invisible Ink
Iridescent Scales Icon.png Iridescent Scales
Iron Beak's Tail Feather Icon.png Iron Beak's Tail Feather
Iron Brazier Icon.png Iron Brazier
Iron Ice Pick Icon.png Iron Ice Pick
Iron Leg Trap Icon.png Iron Leg Trap
Iron Leg Trap (It's a Trap) Icon.png Iron Leg Trap (It's a Trap)
Iron Leg Trap (Not Safe for Children) Icon.png Iron Leg Trap (Not Safe for Children)
Iron Snaffle Icon.png Iron Snaffle
Iron Tortoise Shell Icon.png Iron Tortoise Shell
Ironworks Promissory Note Icon.png Ironworks Promissory Note
Irrelevant Potsherd Icon.png Irrelevant Potsherd
Isari-Style Dried Fish Icon.png Isari-Style Dried Fish
Isari-style Dried Fish Icon.png Isari-style Dried Fish
Isembard's Note Icon.png Isembard's Note
Isembard's Notes Icon.png Isembard's Notes
Ishgardian Astrology: A Comprehensive Theory Icon.png Ishgardian Astrology: A Comprehensive Theory
Ishgardian Cuisine Icon.png Ishgardian Cuisine
Ishgardian Steel Nails Icon.png Ishgardian Steel Nails
Island Coconut Icon.png Island Coconut
Isolator Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Isolator Component Materials (Key Item)
Ist Legion Incendiary 37 Icon.png Ist Legion Incendiary 37


J'khebica's Orchestrion Cylinder Icon.png J'khebica's Orchestrion Cylinder
Jade Heartstone Icon.png Jade Heartstone
Jadeite Adornment Icon.png Jadeite Adornment
Jagged Crystal Icon.png Jagged Crystal
Jagged Stone Icon.png Jagged Stone
Jagged Swine Tusk Icon.png Jagged Swine Tusk
Jagil Fillet Icon.png Jagil Fillet
Jamming Device Icon.png Jamming Device
Jar of Lotion Icon.png Jar of Lotion
Jelme's Letter Icon.png Jelme's Letter
Jerked Water Buffalo Icon.png Jerked Water Buffalo
Jessamine (Key Item) Icon.png Jessamine (Key Item)
Jhammel Hide Icon.png Jhammel Hide
Jocea's Signature Icon.png Jocea's Signature
Juicy La Noscean Oranges Icon.png Juicy La Noscean Oranges
Juicy Oranges Icon.png Juicy Oranges
Jungle Coeurl Skin Icon.png Jungle Coeurl Skin


Kacchapa Shell Icon.png Kacchapa Shell
Kakalai's Love Note Icon.png Kakalai's Love Note
Karakul Blood Icon.png Karakul Blood
Kazagg Chah's Blood Icon.png Kazagg Chah's Blood
Ked Wing Icon.png Ked Wing
Kedtrap Petal Icon.png Kedtrap Petal
Kelp Stalks Icon.png Kelp Stalks
Kholusian Driftwood Icon.png Kholusian Driftwood
Kholusian Iron Ore Icon.png Kholusian Iron Ore
Kholusian Orange Icon.png Kholusian Orange
Kholusian Sage Icon.png Kholusian Sage
Kholusian Sage (Medicinal Herbs) Icon.png Kholusian Sage (Medicinal Herbs)
Kholusian Sage Sachet Icon.png Kholusian Sage Sachet
Kholusian Slag Icon.png Kholusian Slag
Kitchen Scraps Icon.png Kitchen Scraps
Knobbly Cane Icon.png Knobbly Cane
Knotted Sea Pen Icon.png Knotted Sea Pen
Kobold Priest's Helm Icon.png Kobold Priest's Helm
Kobold Report Icon.png Kobold Report
Kohm Khur's Scale Icon.png Kohm Khur's Scale
Kojin Pickles Icon.png Kojin Pickles
Kraken Blood Icon.png Kraken Blood
Krinos Icon.png Krinos
Ksiroda Mudstone Icon.png Ksiroda Mudstone
Ktisis Hyperboreia Guidebook Icon.png Ktisis Hyperboreia Guidebook
Kumbhiraskin Treasure Map Icon.png Kumbhiraskin Treasure Map
Kupa Tree Crystal Icon.png Kupa Tree Crystal
Kupo Nut Icon.png Kupo Nut
Kupo Nut (If Living Is without Nuts) Icon.png Kupo Nut (If Living Is without Nuts)


La Noscean Lilybell Icon.png La Noscean Lilybell
Labeled Package Icon.png Labeled Package
Ladybug Viscera Icon.png Ladybug Viscera
Lake Anemone Seed Icon.png Lake Anemone Seed
Lake Grass Icon.png Lake Grass
Lake Grass Sprouts Icon.png Lake Grass Sprouts
Lake Thyme Icon.png Lake Thyme
Lake Water Icon.png Lake Water
Lakeland Lumber Icon.png Lakeland Lumber
Lakeland Oak Icon.png Lakeland Oak
Lamp Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Lamp Component Materials (Key Item)
Lampshade Icon.png Lampshade
Lancite Icon.png Lancite
Landlubber's Best Mate Icon.png Landlubber's Best Mate
Landtrap Petal Icon.png Landtrap Petal
Lantern Crystal Icon.png Lantern Crystal
Lantern Oil Icon.png Lantern Oil
Larboard Hull Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Larboard Hull Component Materials (Key Item)
Larboard Wing Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Larboard Wing Component Materials (Key Item)
Larboard Wing Control Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Larboard Wing Control Component Materials (Key Item)
Large Anzu Egg Icon.png Large Anzu Egg
Large Box of Crystals Icon.png Large Box of Crystals
Large Burlap Sack (A Dance with Snakes) Icon.png Large Burlap Sack (A Dance with Snakes)
Large Burlap Sack (A Meating Long Overdue) Icon.png Large Burlap Sack (A Meating Long Overdue)
Large Burlap Sack (Stirring up Trouble) Icon.png Large Burlap Sack (Stirring up Trouble)
Large Chestnut Icon.png Large Chestnut
Large Feed Bag Icon.png Large Feed Bag
Large Granite Rock Icon.png Large Granite Rock
Large Grilled Trout Icon.png Large Grilled Trout
Large Pollen Cluster Icon.png Large Pollen Cluster
Large Raw Sapphire Icon.png Large Raw Sapphire
Large Sack (Dreams of Venom) Icon.png Large Sack (Dreams of Venom)
Large Sack (Eggspotting) Icon.png Large Sack (Eggspotting)
Large Sack (Seeds of Change) Icon.png Large Sack (Seeds of Change)
Large Shipments Icon.png Large Shipments
Large Warmwater Trout Icon.png Large Warmwater Trout
Lathe Gearwheel Icon.png Lathe Gearwheel
Lavender Incense Icon.png Lavender Incense
Lavish Envelope Icon.png Lavish Envelope
Lavish Lunchpot Icon.png Lavish Lunchpot
Lea Monde Valens Icon.png Lea Monde Valens
Lea Monde Valens (In Bad Taste) Icon.png Lea Monde Valens (In Bad Taste)
Leafman Foliage Icon.png Leafman Foliage
Leather-bound Tome Icon.png Leather-bound Tome
Leather Bag Icon.png Leather Bag
Leather Bag (A Self-improving Man) Icon.png Leather Bag (A Self-improving Man)
Leather Buried Treasure Map Icon.png Leather Buried Treasure Map
Leather Coinpurse Icon.png Leather Coinpurse
Leather Collar Icon.png Leather Collar
Leather Reins Icon.png Leather Reins
Leather Satchel Icon.png Leather Satchel
Leather Treasure Map Icon.png Leather Treasure Map
Leia's Egg Icon.png Leia's Egg
Lengthy Aetheric Rope Icon.png Lengthy Aetheric Rope
Leoformic Acid Icon.png Leoformic Acid
Leonine Icon.png Leonine
Letter Icon.png Letter
Letter Lettuce Icon.png Letter Lettuce
Letter from Bi Bi Icon.png Letter from Bi Bi
Letter from Sweetnix Icon.png Letter from Sweetnix
Letter from Wiscard Icon.png Letter from Wiscard
Letter from the Elder Icon.png Letter from the Elder
Letter of Contrition Icon.png Letter of Contrition
Letter of Introduction Icon.png Letter of Introduction
Letter of Introduction (In Search of Alphinaud) Icon.png Letter of Introduction (In Search of Alphinaud)
Letter to Alderan Icon.png Letter to Alderan
Letter to Baderon Icon.png Letter to Baderon
Letter to Belmont Icon.png Letter to Belmont
Letter to Bricelt Icon.png Letter to Bricelt
Letter to Drest Icon.png Letter to Drest
Letter to Gegeruju Icon.png Letter to Gegeruju
Letter to Geimlona Icon.png Letter to Geimlona
Letter to Ghin Gin Icon.png Letter to Ghin Gin
Letter to Goberin Icon.png Letter to Goberin
Letter to Guildmaster Geva Icon.png Letter to Guildmaster Geva
Letter to Guston Icon.png Letter to Guston
Letter to Handeloup Icon.png Letter to Handeloup
Letter to Haurchefant Icon.png Letter to Haurchefant
Letter to Hihira Icon.png Letter to Hihira
Letter to Hilda Icon.png Letter to Hilda
Letter to House Balyk Icon.png Letter to House Balyk
Letter to House Durendaire Icon.png Letter to House Durendaire
Letter to Isaudorel Icon.png Letter to Isaudorel
Letter to Jijiroon Icon.png Letter to Jijiroon
Letter to Kikipu Icon.png Letter to Kikipu
Letter to Kokosamu Icon.png Letter to Kokosamu
Letter to Lamberteint Icon.png Letter to Lamberteint
Letter to Landenel Icon.png Letter to Landenel
Letter to Leofric Icon.png Letter to Leofric
Letter to Lydirlona Icon.png Letter to Lydirlona
Letter to Maral Icon.png Letter to Maral
Letter to Mauh Lihzeh Icon.png Letter to Mauh Lihzeh
Letter to Mauh Lihzeh (Second) Icon.png Letter to Mauh Lihzeh (Second)
Letter to Miah Molkot Icon.png Letter to Miah Molkot
Letter to Miounne Icon.png Letter to Miounne
Letter to Momodi Icon.png Letter to Momodi
Letter to Momodi (Dream On) Icon.png Letter to Momodi (Dream On)
Letter to Notched Bone Icon.png Letter to Notched Bone
Letter to Owyne Icon.png Letter to Owyne
Letter to Raya-O-Senna Icon.png Letter to Raya-O-Senna
Letter to Reauverre Icon.png Letter to Reauverre
Letter to Ryssfloh Icon.png Letter to Ryssfloh
Letter to Swygrael Icon.png Letter to Swygrael
Letter to Thaymoth Icon.png Letter to Thaymoth
Letter to Urha Lihzeh Icon.png Letter to Urha Lihzeh
Letter to Wawalago Icon.png Letter to Wawalago
Letter to Wiltswys Icon.png Letter to Wiltswys
Letter to Wymond Icon.png Letter to Wymond
Letter to a Sylph Icon.png Letter to a Sylph
Letter to the Admiral Icon.png Letter to the Admiral
Letter to the Crystarium Merchant Icon.png Letter to the Crystarium Merchant
Letter to the Elder Icon.png Letter to the Elder
Letter to the Elder Icon.png Letter to the Elder
Letter to the General Icon.png Letter to the General
Letter to the High Crucible Icon.png Letter to the High Crucible
Letter to the Homunculi Icon.png Letter to the Homunculi
Letter to the Spinner (Mist) Icon.png Letter to the Spinner (Mist)
Letter to the Spinner (Starlight Savings) Icon.png Letter to the Spinner (Starlight Savings)
Letter to the Spinner (The Goblet) Icon.png Letter to the Spinner (The Goblet)
Letter to the Spinner (The Lavender Beds) Icon.png Letter to the Spinner (The Lavender Beds)
Level Checker Mini Icon.png Level Checker Mini
Lice Comb Icon.png Lice Comb
Life in the Crystarium Icon.png Life in the Crystarium
Light-green Alchemic Concoction Icon.png Light-green Alchemic Concoction
Light Flint Stone Icon.png Light Flint Stone
Lightning-aspected Crystal Icon.png Lightning-aspected Crystal
Lightning-aspected Crystal (Over the Rainbow Crystal) Icon.png Lightning-aspected Crystal (Over the Rainbow Crystal)
Lightning Converger Icon.png Lightning Converger
Lightning Sprite Core Icon.png Lightning Sprite Core
Lightning Sprite Core (The Deathliest Catch) Icon.png Lightning Sprite Core (The Deathliest Catch)
Lightsand Icon.png Lightsand
Lilac-scented Love Letter Icon.png Lilac-scented Love Letter
Lily Button Icon.png Lily Button
Limestone Golem Soulstone Icon.png Limestone Golem Soulstone
Limpet Bomb Icon.png Limpet Bomb
Limpet Bomb Core Icon.png Limpet Bomb Core
Lion Medal Icon.png Lion Medal
Liquid Hot Magma Icon.png Liquid Hot Magma
List of Demands Icon.png List of Demands
Live Lightning Spark Icon.png Live Lightning Spark
Live Ruby Shrimp Icon.png Live Ruby Shrimp
Living Soulstone Icon.png Living Soulstone
Lizardsbane Oil Icon.png Lizardsbane Oil
Loaghtan Shoulder Icon.png Loaghtan Shoulder
Log Assessor's Ledger Icon.png Log Assessor's Ledger
Lohmani Red Icon.png Lohmani Red
Lohmani Rosso Icon.png Lohmani Rosso
Lohmani Rosso (Full Belly, Happy Heart) Icon.png Lohmani Rosso (Full Belly, Happy Heart)
Long Antelope Horn Icon.png Long Antelope Horn
Long Ash Log Icon.png Long Ash Log
Longmirror Water Icon.png Longmirror Water
Looking Grass Icon.png Looking Grass
Lorathia's Letter of Introduction Icon.png Lorathia's Letter of Introduction
Lost Ea Icon.png Lost Ea
Lost Treasure of Amdapor Icon.png Lost Treasure of Amdapor
Lost Treasure of Pharos Sirius Icon.png Lost Treasure of Pharos Sirius
Lost Treasure of the Stone Vigil Icon.png Lost Treasure of the Stone Vigil
Lost Treasure of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft Icon.png Lost Treasure of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Lovely Flowers Icon.png Lovely Flowers
Lovingly Wrapped Parcel Icon.png Lovingly Wrapped Parcel
Low-quality Copper Ore Icon.png Low-quality Copper Ore
Lowland White Icon.png Lowland White
Lubric Solution Icon.png Lubric Solution
Lucky Star Icon.png Lucky Star
Lucky Toy Icon.png Lucky Toy
Lumber Note No. 1 Icon.png Lumber Note No. 1
Lumber Note No. 2 Icon.png Lumber Note No. 2
Lumber Note No. 3 Icon.png Lumber Note No. 3
Luminion Core Icon.png Luminion Core
Luminous Crystal Icon.png Luminous Crystal
Lumpy Envelope Icon.png Lumpy Envelope
Lunar Orbs Icon.png Lunar Orbs
Luncheon Toad's Poison Gland Icon.png Luncheon Toad's Poison Gland
Luquelot's Letter Icon.png Luquelot's Letter
Lustering Beet Icon.png Lustering Beet
Lustering Jewel Icon.png Lustering Jewel
Lusty Carrot Icon.png Lusty Carrot


Machine Lifeform Wreckage Icon.png Machine Lifeform Wreckage
Maelstrom Explosives Icon.png Maelstrom Explosives
Maelstrom Field Potion Icon.png Maelstrom Field Potion
Maelstrom Rations Icon.png Maelstrom Rations
Maelstrom Restorative Icon.png Maelstrom Restorative
Maelstrom Supplies Icon.png Maelstrom Supplies
Magicked Bauble Icon.png Magicked Bauble
Magicked Blade Icon.png Magicked Blade
Magicked Dizi Icon.png Magicked Dizi
Magicked Seed Icon.png Magicked Seed
Magicked Stone Icon.png Magicked Stone
Magitek Cannon Barrel 51 Icon.png Magitek Cannon Barrel 51
Magitek Component Icon.png Magitek Component
Magitek Converter 49 Icon.png Magitek Converter 49
Magitek Field Generator Manual Icon.png Magitek Field Generator Manual
Magitek Gyroscope 41 Icon.png Magitek Gyroscope 41
Magitek Oscillator 50 Icon.png Magitek Oscillator 50
Magitek Part Icon.png Magitek Part
Magitek Photocell Icon.png Magitek Photocell
Magitek Transceiver Icon.png Magitek Transceiver
Magma Bloom Icon.png Magma Bloom
Magnetite Icon.png Magnetite
Main Storage Vault Key Icon.png Main Storage Vault Key
Majestic Carrot Icon.png Majestic Carrot
Makeshift Bomb Icon.png Makeshift Bomb
Makeshift Bomb (Broken Steel, Broken Men) Icon.png Makeshift Bomb (Broken Steel, Broken Men)
Makeshift Bombs Icon.png Makeshift Bombs
Makeshift Fragment Bomb Icon.png Makeshift Fragment Bomb
Mammet-filled Coffer Icon.png Mammet-filled Coffer
Mammet Coffer Icon.png Mammet Coffer
Mammet Heart Icon.png Mammet Heart
Mammoth Carcass Icon.png Mammoth Carcass
Mammoth Hide Icon.png Mammoth Hide
Manacle Key Icon.png Manacle Key
Manusya Flower Icon.png Manusya Flower
Manusya Statuette Icon.png Manusya Statuette
Marcasite Icon.png Marcasite
Marcette's Medicine Icon.png Marcette's Medicine
Marchioness's Marcher Icon.png Marchioness's Marcher
Mare's Tail Root Icon.png Mare's Tail Root
Mark II Limpet Bomb Core Icon.png Mark II Limpet Bomb Core
Mark II Smart Bombs Icon.png Mark II Smart Bombs
Mark XLII Grenade Icon.png Mark XLII Grenade
Mark XLII Grenades (Explosive Profits) Icon.png Mark XLII Grenades (Explosive Profits)
Mark XLII Grenades (It Can Be Cruel Sometimes) Icon.png Mark XLII Grenades (It Can Be Cruel Sometimes)
Mark XLII Grenades (The Ananta Maid's Tail) Icon.png Mark XLII Grenades (The Ananta Maid's Tail)
Mark XLIX Plating Icon.png Mark XLIX Plating
Mark of the Red Swallow Icon.png Mark of the Red Swallow
Marked Bark Icon.png Marked Bark
Market Receipt Icon.png Market Receipt
Marl Icon.png Marl
Marmot Blood Icon.png Marmot Blood
Martineau's Findings Icon.png Martineau's Findings
Marvelous Mineral Icon.png Marvelous Mineral
Massive Urolith Core Icon.png Massive Urolith Core
Master Thief's Map Icon.png Master Thief's Map
Matamata Matron Claw Icon.png Matamata Matron Claw
Matamata Matron Shell Icon.png Matamata Matron Shell
Materia-enhanced Dagger Icon.png Materia-enhanced Dagger
Matrimonial Band Icon.png Matrimonial Band
Mature Galago Mint Icon.png Mature Galago Mint
Meager Bounty Icon.png Meager Bounty
Meat Icon.png Meat
Meffrid's Charm Icon.png Meffrid's Charm
Meffrid's Recommendation Icon.png Meffrid's Recommendation
Melia Branch Icon.png Melia Branch
Meol Chunk Icon.png Meol Chunk
Merlwyb's Letter of Introduction Icon.png Merlwyb's Letter of Introduction
Message in a Large Bottle Icon.png Message in a Large Bottle
Message in a Medium Bottle Icon.png Message in a Medium Bottle
Message in a Small Bottle Icon.png Message in a Small Bottle
Metal Mold Icon.png Metal Mold
Miacid Tail Meat Icon.png Miacid Tail Meat
Microchu Leaflet Icon.png Microchu Leaflet
Microchu Vine Icon.png Microchu Vine
Military-grade Ceruleum Engine Component Icon.png Military-grade Ceruleum Engine Component
Milkroot Icon.png Milkroot
Milky Vitriol Icon.png Milky Vitriol
Milky White Salve Icon.png Milky White Salve
Millioncorn Seedling Icon.png Millioncorn Seedling
Mined Crystals Icon.png Mined Crystals
Minfilia's Dagger Icon.png Minfilia's Dagger
Miniature Mallow Icon.png Miniature Mallow
Mining Lantern Icon.png Mining Lantern
Mint Chocolate Icon.png Mint Chocolate
Miounne's Letter Icon.png Miounne's Letter
Misplaced Letter Icon.png Misplaced Letter
Missing Persons List Icon.png Missing Persons List
Mist Lilies Icon.png Mist Lilies
Mistbeard's Coffer Icon.png Mistbeard's Coffer
Mnyiri Liver Icon.png Mnyiri Liver
Mnyiri Livers Icon.png Mnyiri Livers
Moca Leaf Icon.png Moca Leaf
Mock Ancient Text Icon.png Mock Ancient Text
Moglinglaive Icon.png Moglinglaive
Mogson's Basket Icon.png Mogson's Basket
Mogstew Icon.png Mogstew
Mol Sword Icon.png Mol Sword
Moldy Pumpkin Cookie (Key Item) Icon.png Moldy Pumpkin Cookie (Key Item)
Mole Pup (Key Item) Icon.png Mole Pup (Key Item)
Mollusk Fossil Icon.png Mollusk Fossil
Mollusk Fossil (Set in Stone) Icon.png Mollusk Fossil (Set in Stone)
Momodi's Letter Icon.png Momodi's Letter
Mongrel Blood Icon.png Mongrel Blood
Moogle Masterpiece Icon.png Moogle Masterpiece
Moon Daisy Icon.png Moon Daisy
Moon Jellyfish Icon.png Moon Jellyfish
Moonfire Faire Rubbish Icon.png Moonfire Faire Rubbish
Moongrass Icon.png Moongrass
Moonrise (Key Item) Icon.png Moonrise (Key Item)
Moraby Oyster Icon.png Moraby Oyster
Morbol Bile Icon.png Morbol Bile
Morbol Bile (Event) Icon.png Morbol Bile (Event)
Morbol Bilebomb Icon.png Morbol Bilebomb
Morbol Gall Icon.png Morbol Gall
Mord's Arsefluff Icon.png Mord's Arsefluff
Mord Souq Merchandise Icon.png Mord Souq Merchandise
Moss-covered Stone Icon.png Moss-covered Stone
Moss Fungus Cap Icon.png Moss Fungus Cap
Moss Fungus Leg Icon.png Moss Fungus Leg
Moss Fungus Leg (Magic Is Love, Magic Is Life) Icon.png Moss Fungus Leg (Magic Is Love, Magic Is Life)
Mossling Clump Icon.png Mossling Clump
Mossling Clump (Beating the Heat) Icon.png Mossling Clump (Beating the Heat)
Mossy Tree Icon.png Mossy Tree
Mountaineer's Ladder Icon.png Mountaineer's Ladder
Mountaineer's Lamp Icon.png Mountaineer's Lamp
Mousse Slime Icon.png Mousse Slime
Mozuku Icon.png Mozuku
Mrga Flower Icon.png Mrga Flower
Much-better-than-usual Grass Icon.png Much-better-than-usual Grass
Muddy Potsherd Icon.png Muddy Potsherd
Muddy Purse Icon.png Muddy Purse
Muddy Spring Water Icon.png Muddy Spring Water
Muddy Water (Key Item) Icon.png Muddy Water (Key Item)
Mudpuppy Liver Icon.png Mudpuppy Liver
Mudpuppy Steak Icon.png Mudpuppy Steak
Mudpuppy Tail Meat Icon.png Mudpuppy Tail Meat
Mudstone (Soothing the Sting) Icon.png Mudstone (Soothing the Sting)
Mugworts Icon.png Mugworts
Mulled Wine Icon.png Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine (Towards the Firmament) Icon.png Mulled Wine (Towards the Firmament)
Mun-Tuy Bean Delivery Icon.png Mun-Tuy Bean Delivery
Mun-Tuy Sauce Icon.png Mun-Tuy Sauce
Mushroom Powder Icon.png Mushroom Powder
Muu Shuwuu Egg Icon.png Muu Shuwuu Egg
Muud Suud Broth Icon.png Muud Suud Broth
Muud Suud Horn (Key Item) Icon.png Muud Suud Horn (Key Item)
Muud Suud Tallow Icon.png Muud Suud Tallow
My Beloved Icon.png My Beloved
Myotragus Sirloin Icon.png Myotragus Sirloin
Myrrh Incense Burner Icon.png Myrrh Incense Burner
Mysterious Dried Goods Icon.png Mysterious Dried Goods
Mysterious Fragment Icon.png Mysterious Fragment
Mysterious Parchment Icon.png Mysterious Parchment
Mystic Gem Icon.png Mystic Gem
Mythril Heart's Battleaxe Icon.png Mythril Heart's Battleaxe
Mythril Knife Icon.png Mythril Knife
Mythril Rosary Icon.png Mythril Rosary


Nabaathite Ore Icon.png Nabaathite Ore
Nail Shrimp Icon.png Nail Shrimp
Naldiq and Vymelli Missive Icon.png Naldiq and Vymelli Missive
Namazu Master's Bell Icon.png Namazu Master's Bell
Namazu Neck Bell Icon.png Namazu Neck Bell
Namazu Roast Icon.png Namazu Roast
Nameless Red Fruit Icon.png Nameless Red Fruit
Nanalai's Payment Icon.png Nanalai's Payment
Nanka Eggs Icon.png Nanka Eggs
Nanka Flesh Icon.png Nanka Flesh
Napalm Claw Icon.png Napalm Claw
Narasimha Hide Icon.png Narasimha Hide
Narbrooi Leaf Icon.png Narbrooi Leaf
Narrow Road through the Deep Grass Icon.png Narrow Road through the Deep Grass
Nashu's Delight Icon.png Nashu's Delight
Nayoshi's Rod Icon.png Nayoshi's Rod
Nectar-water Icon.png Nectar-water
Nectarine Icon.png Nectarine
Needle-nose Pincers Icon.png Needle-nose Pincers
Nemoh's Chocolate Icon.png Nemoh's Chocolate
Nerve Drops Icon.png Nerve Drops
Nerve Tissue Icon.png Nerve Tissue
New Grimoire Icon.png New Grimoire
New White Mage's Boots Icon.png New White Mage's Boots
New White Mage's Circlet Icon.png New White Mage's Circlet
New White Mage's Culottes Icon.png New White Mage's Culottes
New White Mage's Gloves Icon.png New White Mage's Gloves
New White Mage's Robe Icon.png New White Mage's Robe
Newly Spun Diremite Web Icon.png Newly Spun Diremite Web
Nhaama Desert Sand Icon.png Nhaama Desert Sand
Nibbled Iron Carrot Icon.png Nibbled Iron Carrot
Nigh-empty Waterskin Icon.png Nigh-empty Waterskin
Nightkin (Item) Icon.png Nightkin (Item)
Nitrobrew Icon.png Nitrobrew
Nix Leg Icon.png Nix Leg
Node Nacelle Icon.png Node Nacelle
Noisome Nugget Icon.png Noisome Nugget
Noraxia's Corpse Icon.png Noraxia's Corpse
Note Concerning Airships Icon.png Note Concerning Airships
Note Concerning Kholusian Stew Icon.png Note Concerning Kholusian Stew
Note Concerning Novelty Dishes Icon.png Note Concerning Novelty Dishes
Note Concerning Vaindreau's State When Found Icon.png Note Concerning Vaindreau's State When Found
Note Concerning Voeburt Muffins Icon.png Note Concerning Voeburt Muffins
Note Concerning Where Vaindreau was Found Icon.png Note Concerning Where Vaindreau was Found
Note Concerning an Airship Flying Low Icon.png Note Concerning an Airship Flying Low
Note Concerning the Gondola Icon.png Note Concerning the Gondola
Note Concerning the Living Conditions in Kholusia Icon.png Note Concerning the Living Conditions in Kholusia
Note Concerning the State of Business in Eulmore Icon.png Note Concerning the State of Business in Eulmore
Note Concerning the State of Eulmore's Defenses Icon.png Note Concerning the State of Eulmore's Defenses
Note Concerning the Trolley Icon.png Note Concerning the Trolley
Note about Stinging Invertebrates Icon.png Note about Stinging Invertebrates
Note about a Toxic Cultivar Icon.png Note about a Toxic Cultivar
Note about the Morbol Marquis Icon.png Note about the Morbol Marquis
Note to Rorojaru Icon.png Note to Rorojaru
Nourishing Gift Icon.png Nourishing Gift
Novv's Clutchmark Icon.png Novv's Clutchmark
Noxious Fruit Icon.png Noxious Fruit
Nu Mou Blanket Icon.png Nu Mou Blanket
Numbcap Spores Icon.png Numbcap Spores
Numbing Powder Icon.png Numbing Powder
Nymeia Lilies Icon.png Nymeia Lilies
Nymeia Lilies (Flower Mill) Icon.png Nymeia Lilies (Flower Mill)
Nymeia Lily (Planting the Seed) Icon.png Nymeia Lily (Planting the Seed)
Nymeia Lily Bulb Icon.png Nymeia Lily Bulb
Nymeia Potpourri (Key Item) Icon.png Nymeia Potpourri (Key Item)


Oblong Fossil Icon.png Oblong Fossil
Obscenely Large Carrot Icon.png Obscenely Large Carrot
Observation Log Icon.png Observation Log
Occupied Body Bag Icon.png Occupied Body Bag
Ochu Seed Icon.png Ochu Seed
Odd Leather Satchel Icon.png Odd Leather Satchel
Oddly Smooth Branch Icon.png Oddly Smooth Branch
Odin Report Icon.png Odin Report
Odqan Fragment Icon.png Odqan Fragment
Offering of Food Icon.png Offering of Food
Oily Gilded Eggs Icon.png Oily Gilded Eggs
Oily Order Slip Icon.png Oily Order Slip
Old-Growth Othardian Pine Log Icon.png Old-Growth Othardian Pine Log
Old Hammer Icon.png Old Hammer
Old Offering Icon.png Old Offering
On Aetheric Convergence Icon.png On Aetheric Convergence
On Verdant Pond Icon.png On Verdant Pond
On the Properties of Aspect Conversion Icon.png On the Properties of Aspect Conversion
Onyx Brandewine Icon.png Onyx Brandewine
Operation: Crucible Down Report Icon.png Operation: Crucible Down Report
Operation Crucible Down Report Icon.png Operation Crucible Down Report
Optistone Shard Icon.png Optistone Shard
Orastone Shard Icon.png Orastone Shard
Order Slip Icon.png Order Slip
Order of Choir Surplices Icon.png Order of Choir Surplices
Ore Fragment Icon.png Ore Fragment
Ore Sample (Do They Ore Don't They) Icon.png Ore Sample (Do They Ore Don't They)
Ore Sample (That's Why They Call It Fool's Gold) Icon.png Ore Sample (That's Why They Call It Fool's Gold)
Orland's Armor Icon.png Orland's Armor
Orland's Sabatons Icon.png Orland's Sabatons
Orn Kite Feather Icon.png Orn Kite Feather
Orobon Liver (Event) Icon.png Orobon Liver (Event)
Oroniri Kumis Icon.png Oroniri Kumis
Oroniri Lamp Oil Icon.png Oroniri Lamp Oil
Oroniri Leather Bag Icon.png Oroniri Leather Bag
Oschon Roselle Icon.png Oschon Roselle
Oschon Roselles Icon.png Oschon Roselles
Ossuary Index Icon.png Ossuary Index
Othardian Orange Juice Icon.png Othardian Orange Juice
Othardian Pine Log Icon.png Othardian Pine Log
Outer Keystone Icon.png Outer Keystone
Overgrown Crystal Icon.png Overgrown Crystal
Oversized Apples Icon.png Oversized Apples
Oversized Gilded Eggs Icon.png Oversized Gilded Eggs
Oversized Tideclam Icon.png Oversized Tideclam
Oversoul Rags Icon.png Oversoul Rags
Oyster Meat Icon.png Oyster Meat


Pack of Mushrooms Icon.png Pack of Mushrooms
Package for Marcette Icon.png Package for Marcette
Package for Uhm Ala Icon.png Package for Uhm Ala
Package for the Dutiful Sisters Icon.png Package for the Dutiful Sisters
Package from Beatin Icon.png Package from Beatin
Package from H'naanza Icon.png Package from H'naanza
Package from Severian Icon.png Package from Severian
Package to Horizon Icon.png Package to Horizon
Packed Lunch Icon.png Packed Lunch
Packed Meal Icon.png Packed Meal
Packed Meal (The Hunger Pangs) Icon.png Packed Meal (The Hunger Pangs)
Padjali Missive Icon.png Padjali Missive
Pails of Fresh Sheep's Milk Icon.png Pails of Fresh Sheep's Milk
Pair of Timeworn Yoshimitsu Icon.png Pair of Timeworn Yoshimitsu
Palm Wine Icon.png Palm Wine
Paper Lantern Icon.png Paper Lantern
Paper Lantern Crate Icon.png Paper Lantern Crate
Paper Scrap Icon.png Paper Scrap
Parade Flyer Icon.png Parade Flyer
Paralyna Icon.png Paralyna
Paralytic Powder Icon.png Paralytic Powder
Parchment Sliver Icon.png Parchment Sliver
Partially Charred Wood Chunks Icon.png Partially Charred Wood Chunks
Partially Crystallized Root Icon.png Partially Crystallized Root
Partially Crystallized Trunk Icon.png Partially Crystallized Trunk
Passerine Nests Icon.png Passerine Nests
Payment for Farside Sprouts Icon.png Payment for Farside Sprouts
Peach-scented Scarf Icon.png Peach-scented Scarf
Peach Blossom Confetti Icon.png Peach Blossom Confetti
Peach Blossom Perfume Icon.png Peach Blossom Perfume
Peach Blossom Petals Icon.png Peach Blossom Petals
Pearl of the Darkness Icon.png Pearl of the Darkness
Pearl of the Labyrinth Icon.png Pearl of the Labyrinth
Pearl of the Tower Icon.png Pearl of the Tower
Peculiar Herb Icon.png Peculiar Herb
Peeling Bark Icon.png Peeling Bark
Peiste Molt Icon.png Peiste Molt
Peiste Poison Icon.png Peiste Poison
Peisteskin Treasure Map Icon.png Peisteskin Treasure Map
Pelican Egg Icon.png Pelican Egg
Pelican Meat Icon.png Pelican Meat
Pelican Poison Icon.png Pelican Poison
Pepper Bomb Icon.png Pepper Bomb
Perfect-Smelling Petals Icon.png Perfect-Smelling Petals
Perfect Gentian Icon.png Perfect Gentian
Perfect Pip of the Protector Icon.png Perfect Pip of the Protector
Perfumed Letter Icon.png Perfumed Letter
Perilla Leaf Icon.png Perilla Leaf
Perky Paissa (Key Item) Icon.png Perky Paissa (Key Item)
Permafrost Icon.png Permafrost
Permission for Passage Icon.png Permission for Passage
Petrified Birch Log Icon.png Petrified Birch Log
Pheasant Feather Icon.png Pheasant Feather
Phooka Blood Icon.png Phooka Blood
Phooka Pelt Icon.png Phooka Pelt
Phurble Blood Icon.png Phurble Blood
Phurble Tonic Icon.png Phurble Tonic
Picture of Bathing Leafmen Icon.png Picture of Bathing Leafmen
Picture of Gathered Leafmen Icon.png Picture of Gathered Leafmen
Pile of Stones Icon.png Pile of Stones
Pilfered Provisions Icon.png Pilfered Provisions
Pilfered Weapon Icon.png Pilfered Weapon
Pine Lumber Scraps Icon.png Pine Lumber Scraps
Pink Flower Icon.png Pink Flower
Pink Sapphire Icon.png Pink Sapphire
Pip of the Protector Icon.png Pip of the Protector
Piping Hot Soup Icon.png Piping Hot Soup
Pirate Grog Icon.png Pirate Grog
Pitch-black Ink Icon.png Pitch-black Ink
Pixie Spyglass Icon.png Pixie Spyglass
Pixie Treasure Icon.png Pixie Treasure
Plain Envelope Icon.png Plain Envelope
Plantation Pumpkin Icon.png Plantation Pumpkin
Platinum Archon Card Icon.png Platinum Archon Card
Plea to Bloeidin Icon.png Plea to Bloeidin
Pleasant-Smelling Petals Icon.png Pleasant-Smelling Petals
Pliant Melia Branch Icon.png Pliant Melia Branch
Plot-relevant Gloves Icon.png Plot-relevant Gloves
Plump Honeybee Icon.png Plump Honeybee
Poached Hide Icon.png Poached Hide
Poached Pelt Icon.png Poached Pelt
Poison-coated Gravel Icon.png Poison-coated Gravel
Poison-soaked Gravel Icon.png Poison-soaked Gravel
Poison Urn Fragment Icon.png Poison Urn Fragment
Poisoned Meat Icon.png Poisoned Meat
Poisonous Mushroom Spores Icon.png Poisonous Mushroom Spores
Poisonous Sap Icon.png Poisonous Sap
Polished Culet Icon.png Polished Culet
Polished Horn Necklace Icon.png Polished Horn Necklace
Polished Rod Icon.png Polished Rod
Polished Sword Icon.png Polished Sword
Pommel Ore Icon.png Pommel Ore
Pomwort Icon.png Pomwort
Porcelain Fragment Icon.png Porcelain Fragment
Porous Volcanic Rock Icon.png Porous Volcanic Rock
Porxie Familiar (Key Item) Icon.png Porxie Familiar (Key Item)
Possibly Unclassified Plant Icon.png Possibly Unclassified Plant
Pot Stopper Icon.png Pot Stopper
Pot of Linseed Oil Icon.png Pot of Linseed Oil
Potent Dream Algae Icon.png Potent Dream Algae
Potent Liquor Icon.png Potent Liquor
Potent Potion Icon.png Potent Potion
Potent Tincture Icon.png Potent Tincture
Potion Cocktail Icon.png Potion Cocktail
Powdered Crystal Icon.png Powdered Crystal
Practice Crate Icon.png Practice Crate
Practice Spear Icon.png Practice Spear
Prasiolite Icon.png Prasiolite
Precious Potsherd Icon.png Precious Potsherd
Precious Scrap Icon.png Precious Scrap
Precision Explosive Icon.png Precision Explosive
Preservative Tonic Icon.png Preservative Tonic
Preserving Agent Icon.png Preserving Agent
Presumably Special Thief's Map Icon.png Presumably Special Thief's Map
Presumably Special Treasure Map Icon.png Presumably Special Treasure Map
Price List Icon.png Price List
Pride of Vymelli Icon.png Pride of Vymelli
Prince's Kiss Icon.png Prince's Kiss
Prism Lake Crystal Icon.png Prism Lake Crystal
Prism Lake Water Icon.png Prism Lake Water
Prismatic Ore Icon.png Prismatic Ore
Pristine Clay Icon.png Pristine Clay
Pristine Coral Icon.png Pristine Coral
Pristine Crate Icon.png Pristine Crate
Pristine Oak Branch Icon.png Pristine Oak Branch
Pristine Oak Log Icon.png Pristine Oak Log
Pristine Salamander Oil Icon.png Pristine Salamander Oil
Pristine Talos Core Housing Icon.png Pristine Talos Core Housing
Pristine Vegetable Seeds Icon.png Pristine Vegetable Seeds
Pristine Water Icon.png Pristine Water
Promise of Payment Icon.png Promise of Payment
Promising Salvage Icon.png Promising Salvage
Promissory Note Icon.png Promissory Note
Prophetic Stone Icon.png Prophetic Stone
Propulsion Engine Component Materials (Key Item) Icon.png Propulsion Engine Component Materials (Key Item)
Protective Gift Icon.png Protective Gift
Psammead Leg Icon.png Psammead Leg
Psammead Silk Icon.png Psammead Silk
Psammead Silk (Aim High) Icon.png Psammead Silk (Aim High)
Psychosuppressive Rope Icon.png Psychosuppressive Rope
Pudding Slop Icon.png Pudding Slop
Pukno Poki's Charm Icon.png Pukno Poki's Charm
Pumpkin Lantern Icon.png Pumpkin Lantern
Pumpkin Lanterns Icon.png Pumpkin Lanterns
Pungent Flower Icon.png Pungent Flower
Pungent Ginger Poultice Icon.png Pungent Ginger Poultice
Pungent Lamp Oil Icon.png Pungent Lamp Oil
Pungent Sack Icon.png Pungent Sack
Pungent Solution Icon.png Pungent Solution
Pure Latex Icon.png Pure Latex
Puricon Icon.png Puricon
Purified Water Icon.png Purified Water
Putrid Stomach Icon.png Putrid Stomach


Qestiri Vellum Icon.png Qestiri Vellum
Qiqirn Firewater Icon.png Qiqirn Firewater
Qitana Ravel Mural Copy Icon.png Qitana Ravel Mural Copy
Qitari Fertilizer Icon.png Qitari Fertilizer
Quarrying Maul Icon.png Quarrying Maul
Quartermaster's Log Icon.png Quartermaster's Log
Quavering Kitten (Key Item) Icon.png Quavering Kitten (Key Item)
Queer Leaflet Icon.png Queer Leaflet
Questionable Cookie Icon.png Questionable Cookie
Quickweed Icon.png Quickweed


Rabbit's Tail Fleece Icon.png Rabbit's Tail Fleece
Rack of Lamb Icon.png Rack of Lamb
Raiment Bundle Icon.png Raiment Bundle
Rainbowlip Oyster Icon.png Rainbowlip Oyster
Raincatcher Nectar Icon.png Raincatcher Nectar
Rak'tika Aloe Icon.png Rak'tika Aloe
Rak'tika Jade Icon.png Rak'tika Jade
Rammbroes's Letter Icon.png Rammbroes's Letter
Rancid Eft Meat Icon.png Rancid Eft Meat
Ranger Weapons Icon.png Ranger Weapons
Rare Flowers Icon.png Rare Flowers
Rat Sack Icon.png Rat Sack
Raubahn's Package Icon.png Raubahn's Package
Ravaged Corpse Icon.png Ravaged Corpse
Raw Callais Icon.png Raw Callais
Raw Gravel Icon.png Raw Gravel
Raw Loaghtan Icon.png Raw Loaghtan
Raw Meat Icon.png Raw Meat
Raw Nashachite Icon.png Raw Nashachite
Raw Orobon Icon.png Raw Orobon
Raxa-lined Box Icon.png Raxa-lined Box
Reach Green Icon.png Reach Green
Reach Greens Icon.png Reach Greens