Archaeoskin Treasure Map

Archaeoskin Treasure Map Icon.pngArchaeoskin Treasure Map  Key Item
Key Item
A timeworn archaeoskin map revealing the location of an unknown treasure.

※Level 55 recommended.

Acquisition Uses
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Miscellaneous Acquisition
  Received after Deciphering a Timeworn Archaeoskin Map.
Map Locations

Archaeoskin Treasure Map Treasure Map Icon.png
Potential Drops:
 Main Command 3 Icon.png Experience x11,544
 Gil Icon.png Gil x1,993-5,979
 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Poetics x10-30
 Draconian Potion of Dexterity Icon.png Draconian Potion of Dexterity x4-6
 Draconian Potion of Intelligence Icon.png Draconian Potion of Intelligence x5-6
 Draconian Potion of Mind Icon.png Draconian Potion of Mind x5-6
 Draconian Potion of Strength Icon.png Draconian Potion of Strength x6
 Draconian Potion of Vitality Icon.png Draconian Potion of Vitality x4
 X-Ether Icon.png X-Ether x5
 X-Potion Icon.png X-Potion x5-6
 Unidentifiable Ore Icon.png Unidentifiable Ore x1
 Archaeornis Leather Icon.png Archaeornis Leather x2-4
 Dark Chestnut Lumber Icon.png Dark Chestnut Lumber x1-2
 Enchanted Hardsilver Ink Icon.png Enchanted Hardsilver Ink x1-4
 Enchanted Mythrite Ink Icon.png Enchanted Mythrite Ink x1
 Exquisite Buttons Icon.png Exquisite Buttons x1
 Growth Formula Epsilon Icon.png Growth Formula Epsilon x2-4
 Hardsilver Nugget Icon.png Hardsilver Nugget x1-3
 Hi-Elixir Icon.png Hi-Elixir x2-3
 Holy Cedar Lumber Icon.png Holy Cedar Lumber x3
 Holy Rainbow Cloth Icon.png Holy Rainbow Cloth x2-5
 Mythrite Ingot Icon.png Mythrite Ingot x2
 Mythrite Nugget Icon.png Mythrite Nugget x4-5
 Mythrite Rivets Icon.png Mythrite Rivets x2-5
 Pneumite Icon.png Pneumite x1
 Rainbow Cloth Icon.png Rainbow Cloth x2-5
 Ramie Cloth Icon.png Ramie Cloth x2
 Ramie Thread Icon.png Ramie Thread x1-5
 Rush Grass Icon.png Rush Grass x1
 Titanium Nugget Icon.png Titanium Nugget x1-3
 Titanium Rivets Icon.png Titanium Rivets x1-5
 Unhidden Leather Map Icon.png Unhidden Leather Map x1
 Wyvern Leather Icon.png Wyvern Leather x1-2
 Yeti Fang Icon.png Yeti Fang x2-5
 Fire Crystal Icon.png Fire Crystal x70-210
 Ice Crystal Icon.png Ice Crystal x70-210
 Wind Crystal Icon.png Wind Crystal x70-210
 Earth Crystal Icon.png Earth Crystal x70-210
 Lightning Crystal Icon.png Lightning Crystal x70-210
 Water Crystal Icon.png Water Crystal x70-210