Leather Treasure Map

Leather Treasure Map Icon.pngLeather Treasure Map  Key Item
Key Item
A timeworn leather map revealing the location of an unknown treasure.
※Level 40 recommended.
Stack: 1
Acquisition Uses
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Miscellaneous Acquisition
  Received from Deciphering a Timeworn Leather Map.
Map Locations

Leather Treasure Map Treasure Map Icon.png
Potential Drops:
 Gil Icon.png Gil x1,261-1,353
 Aetherial Linen Hat Icon.png Aetherial Linen Hat
 Aetherial Boarskin Crakows Icon.png Aetherial Boarskin Crakows
 Aetherial Heavy Steel Armor Icon.png Aetherial Heavy Steel Armor
 Aetherial Linen Tights Icon.png Aetherial Linen Tights
 Aetherial Linen Robe Icon.png Aetherial Linen Robe
 Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands Icon.png Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands
 Aetherial Toadskin Duckbills Icon.png Aetherial Toadskin Duckbills
 Lotus Leaf Icon.png Lotus Leaf x1
 Aldgoat Leather Icon.png Aldgoat Leather x4
 Animal Hide Icon.png Animal Hide x1
 Boar Hide Icon.png Boar Hide x1-2
 Boar Leather Icon.png Boar Leather x4
 Faded Copy of The Only Path Icon.png Faded Copy of The Only Path x1
 Hard Leather Icon.png Hard Leather x1-2
 Iron Ingot Icon.png Iron Ingot x2
 Linen Yarn Icon.png Linen Yarn x2
 Ahriman Tears Icon.png Ahriman Tears x1
 Moonstone Icon.png Moonstone x1
 Mythril Ingot Icon.png Mythril Ingot x2
 Oak Lumber Icon.png Oak Lumber x4
 Peiste Leather Icon.png Peiste Leather x2
 Steel Ingot Icon.png Steel Ingot x4
 Steel Rivets Icon.png Steel Rivets x5
 Undyed Linen Icon.png Undyed Linen x4
 Walnut Lumber Icon.png Walnut Lumber x1-2
 Woolen Yarn Icon.png Woolen Yarn x1
 Horn Glue Icon.png Horn Glue x1
 Silver Ingot Icon.png Silver Ingot x1
 Siltstone Whetstone Icon.png Siltstone Whetstone x1-2
 Hi-Ether Icon.png Hi-Ether x3
 Hi-Potion of Mind Icon.png Hi-Potion of Mind x4
 Hi-Potion of Intelligence Icon.png Hi-Potion of Intelligence x3-4
 Hi-Potion of Dexterity Icon.png Hi-Potion of Dexterity x4
 Hi-Potion of Strength Icon.png Hi-Potion of Strength x3
 Fire Shard Icon.png Fire Shard x30
 Lightning Shard Icon.png Lightning Shard x30-90
 Water Shard Icon.png Water Shard x30
 Wind Shard Icon.png Wind Shard x30-60
 Ice Shard Icon.png Ice Shard x30


1st wave 2nd wave 3rd wave Pattern
Territorial Wolf Territorial Jackal x2 Territorial Hound x3 Pattern A