Luminous Crystal

Luminous Crystal Icon.pngLuminous Crystal  Key Item
Key Item
A concentrated elemental charge has left this crystal in a temporarily brightened state.
Stack: 99
Acquisition Uses
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Dropped by Monsters
Name Levels Location
Earth Sprite 17-21 Drybone
Earth Sprite 23-27 Drybone
Wandering Wisp 40-44 Whitebrim
Wind Sprite 18-22 Nine Ivies
Wind Sprite 22-26 Nine Ivies
Used in Levequest (10)
Levequest Level
Amateur Hour 45
An Imp Mobile 40
Blinded by the Wight 25
Blood in the Water (20) 20
Double Dose of Impin' 25
Dress for Aggress 35
Fishing off the Company Pier 35
Mortal Munchies 20
The Creeps from Work 20
The Third Prize Is that You're Slain 25