Toadskin Treasure Map

Toadskin Treasure Map Icon.pngToadskin Treasure Map  Key Item
Key Item
A timeworn toadskin map revealing the location of an unknown treasure.
※Level 50 recommended.
Stack: 1
Acquisition Uses
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Miscellaneous Acquisition
  Created after Deciphering a Timeworn Toadskin Map.
Map Locations

Toadskin Treasure Map Treasure Map Icon.png
Potential Drops:
 Gil Icon.png Gil x1,569-4,983
 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Poetics x5
 Aetherial Cobalt Haubergeon Icon.png Aetherial Cobalt Haubergeon
 Aetherial Electrum Wristlets Icon.png Aetherial Electrum Wristlets
 Aetherial Felt Robe Icon.png Aetherial Felt Robe
 Aetherial Tourmaline Ring Icon.png Aetherial Tourmaline Ring
 Aetherial Turquoise Ring Icon.png Aetherial Turquoise Ring
 Aetherial Cobalt Sabatons Icon.png Aetherial Cobalt Sabatons
 Aetherial Tortoiseshell Scale Mail Icon.png Aetherial Tortoiseshell Scale Mail
 Aetherial Cobalt Gauntlets Icon.png Aetherial Cobalt Gauntlets
 Chocobo Feather Icon.png Chocobo Feather x4-5
 Cobalt Plate Icon.png Cobalt Plate x2
 Cobalt Rivets Icon.png Cobalt Rivets x2-3
 Dart Frog Icon.png Dart Frog x2
 Electrum Ingot Icon.png Electrum Ingot x5
 Elm Lumber Icon.png Elm Lumber x1-2
 Enchanted Electrum Ink Icon.png Enchanted Electrum Ink x3-5
 Iron Plate Icon.png Iron Plate x4-5
 Mahogany Lumber Icon.png Mahogany Lumber x3
 Moonstone Icon.png Moonstone x1
 Morbol Saliva Icon.png Morbol Saliva x1
 Mythril Ingot Icon.png Mythril Ingot x3
 Oak Branch Icon.png Oak Branch x1
 Pudding Flesh Icon.png Pudding Flesh x1
 Rosewood Lumber Icon.png Rosewood Lumber x3
 Rush Grass Icon.png Rush Grass x1-9
 Sandworm Fang Icon.png Sandworm Fang x1-5
 Silver Ingot Icon.png Silver Ingot x1-4
 Shark Oil Icon.png Shark Oil x1-4
 Steel Plate Icon.png Steel Plate x1-5
 Undyed Felt Icon.png Undyed Felt x2-3
 Undyed Woolen Cloth Icon.png Undyed Woolen Cloth x2-4
 Tiny Bulb Icon.png Tiny Bulb x1
 Cordial Icon.png Cordial x5
 Hi-Ether Icon.png Hi-Ether x4
 Hi-Potion of Intelligence Icon.png Hi-Potion of Intelligence x5
 Hi-Potion of Mind Icon.png Hi-Potion of Mind x3-5
 Hi-Potion of Strength Icon.png Hi-Potion of Strength x3
 Mega-Potion Icon.png Mega-Potion x4
 Hi-Potion of Dexterity Icon.png Hi-Potion of Dexterity x4
 Hi-Potion of Vitality Icon.png Hi-Potion of Vitality x4
 Ice Shard Icon.png Ice Shard x70
 Earth Shard Icon.png Earth Shard x70-210
 Fire Shard Icon.png Fire Shard x70-210
 Lightning Shard Icon.png Lightning Shard x70-210
 Water Shard Icon.png Water Shard x70