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Level 65
Since ancient times have these tusked quadrupeds native to the arid Near East been utilized in both war and trade—endeavors that saw many of the creatures introduced to the mountains of Gyr Abania, where they thrived under the care of skilled Ananta beastmaids. [1]
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The Azim Steppe - Bardam's Mettle - The Rise of Bardam the Brash - Bardam's Hunt  65 Aggressive.png
Garula uses the following moves and mechanics:

Heave: A conal dodgeable AoE centered on the tank.

Crumbling Crust: Summons four circular AoEs around the boss in an apparently random fashion. They don't appear until the cast bar finishes and only last a short while, so expect to get hit.

Rush: Garula's most dangerous mechanic, this is a tracking line AoE that deals more damage the closer you are to the boss. For best results run to the edge of the arena away from the Garula to reduce the damage. At melee range expect it to do enough damage to instantly kill.

War Cry: Damages everything within a certain range of it.

Steppe Yamaa: One of the two NPC monsters around the edge of the arena, these are untargetable. After being damaged by one of the boss' AoEs it will use its own version of Rush that simply charges across the arena and does a moderate amount of damage.

Steppe Sheep: Just like the Yamaa, but it uses Lullaby, a circular sleep AoE centered on itself.

Couerl: As the fight goes on Coeurls will enter the arena. More research will be needed to see their name and what they do when hit by Garula.

Earthquake: An AoE instant-cast stun. It uses this later in the fight following War Cry to make it harder to dodge the other critters.

Essentially the hardest part of this fight is just making sure to move as far away as possible for Rush. While you can try to minimize the number of critters that attack by purposely moving Garula to avoid them, the massive range of War Cry makes this unfeasible.

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