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Guide:The Striking Tree (Extreme)

Ramuh Promo.png

Phase One (100% — 66%)

Introductory Mechanics

Seven large, blue circles will appear throughout the battlefield. ThreeCaution Icon.png will target (and follow) random players, and fourCaution Icon.png will target a position on the field at random. Lightning will strike these points soon after.

Damage dealt to players is based on two factors:

  1. How many circles the player is in
  2. How many static orbs are lingering on the field

Spreading out just enough that no players are caught within more than one circle (even if the cirlces are overlapping) will ensure that damage is relatively low provided that static orbs do not pile up throughout the fight.

When the lightning strikes, the water bordering the arena will electrify and deal massive damage to anyone standing in it.

Lightning strikes that were not aimed at specific players will leave behind glowing orbs on the battlefield. Damage dealt by Ramuh's abilities will be increased by every orb that is on the field. If a player touches one of these orbs, it will disappear and that player will be given a stack of the status Electroconductivity, which by itself does nothing. Three stacks of Electroconductivity will convert this status to Surge Protection, which is crucial to dealing with Ramuh's Shock Strike and Rolling Thunder abilities. Every orb after this, however, will put Static Condensation stacks on the player, causing their healing received to be reduced by 25% for each stack. Each of these statuses lasts one minute from the time they are acquired.
Shock Strike
Massive AOE damage centered on the main tank which can be reduced by the Surge Protection buff. This will form the basic tank swapping mechanic of the fight, one tank will hold Ramuh while the other collects their three orbs and provokes. This process alternates and repeats throughout the fight.
Chaos Strike
Two players will be marked with target reticules, and shortly after will be bound. After a few more moments, the Chaos status will take effect and both players will become enthralled, increasing their damage taken and causing them to walk towards Ramuh. Unless the Chaos status is removed by striking the players with Thunderstorm, they will be killed by the next Thunderspark. Remember, damage from thunderstorms overlaps, so these players should only be within one blue circle. An easy way to deal with this mechanic is to set up a waypoint and hierarchy of responsibility, enabling both targeted players to easily meet in the same spot and for the party to know at a glance who is best suited to break them out.
Melee-ranged AOE centered on Ramuh that deals moderate damage, but will one-shot anyone under the seduction debuff.

Battle Strategy

The principle challenge in this fight is the management of static orbs left by Thunderstorms. Orbs must be consumed by the tanks at intervals frequent enough to avoid dying to Shock Strike, but not so frequent that players affected by Rolling Thunder (a mechanic in the final phase) cannot overcome it. Most wipes in the Striking Tree (Extreme) can be traced back to poor orb management, so it is imperative that players understand the rhythm required late in the fight and fall into it as early on as possible.