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Shock Strike

Shock Strike Icon.pngShock Strike

Deals lightning damage to target and all enemies nearby it with a potency of 400 for the first enemy, and 50% less for all remaining enemies.

Shares a recast timer with Mountain Buster.

Acquired: Blue Mage Icon 1.png Blue Mage (Lv. 50)
Affinity: Blue Mage Icon 1.png BLU
Mob Notes: Shock Strike, never so imposing as when cast by Ramuh, calls down a bolt from the heavens. Though measurements are difficult to come by, its power is thought to far exceed that of levinbolts found in nature─indeed, it more closely resembles a warhammer crashing to the earth.
Potency: The mathematical base strength of an ability.400
Cast: The amount of time it takes from pressing an ability, to when the ability activates.Instant
Recast: The amount of time it takes from using an ability, to being able to use it again.60s
Cost: The cost associated with the use of the ability.400 MP
Range: The range of an ability, measured between player and target, in yalms.25y
Radius: Targeted AoE (epicenter: afflicted target; angle: 360°)3y
Damage Type: Magic (Lightning)
Rank: ★★★★★
Spell No.: #47

Acquired from Duty (2)
Duty Level
The Striking Tree (Extreme) 50
The Striking Tree (Hard) 50
Acquired from Mob (1)
Name Levels Location
Ramuh (Enemy) 50 Zoneicon.png The Striking Tree
Ramuh (Enemy) 50 Zoneicon.png The Striking Tree