How to Catch an Automaton

Sidequest2 Icon.pngNew Lv. 80   How to Catch an Automaton
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png310
Informationicon.png Description
The decisive dwarf regards you with the steely determination of someone who's about to ask a favor.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Use the hempen sack to capture a weakened dwarven automaton.
  • Deliver the dwarven automaton to the decisive dwarf.
Issuing NPC: Decisive Dwarf: Kholusia - The Duergar Mountains - Boiled Owl Bridge (x:34.6, y:18.1)
Type: YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse
Repeatable: Weekly
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngDwarves of a Beard Freshened
Required Items
Hempen Sack (How to Catch an Automaton) Icon.png Automaton-filled Sack Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:How to Catch an Automaton
NPCs Involved: Doomsaying DwarfDour Dwarf
Items Involved: Hempen Sack (How to Catch an Automaton)Automaton-filled Sack

Decisive Dwarf in Kholusia - The Duergar Mountains - Boiled Owl Bridge (x:34.6, y:18.1)
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Doomsaying Dwarf in Kholusia - The Duergar Mountains - Komra (x:34.6, y:18.1)
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Dour Dwarf in Kholusia - The Duergar Mountains - Boiled Owl Bridge (x:34.6, y:18.1)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Decisive Dwarf in Kholusia - The Duergar Mountains - Boiled Owl Bridge (x:34.6, y:18.1)
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Oh, it's you. I've been meaning to apologize─for my behavior at the meeting.

For all my bluster, I had nothing to offer. You made me see the hypocrite that I was, and I'm determined to do better.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't struggling, though...

We need more automata to help us rebuild, you see, and I thought that we could repurpose the ones we've got guarding the village.

But when I went to shut one down, the blasted thing tried to bash my head in. Barely escaped with my beard, I tell you. Whoever programmed them did their job a little too well...

You're supposed to be a mighty warrior, though, ain't that right? Think you could subdue an ironbeard for me, just to show how it's done? If I could see it once, I reckon I could deal with them by myself.
What will you say?
Just watch and learn. Oh, all right...
I'm in your debt. Here, take this sack. You can slip it over an ironbeard to keep it subdued after you've knocked it around enough.
How fares the peddling? Extremely well! The Eulmorans can't get enough of our rare and wondrous wares.
In spite of myself, I have to say that things are coming along nicely. Who would've thought that we could achieve so much by working together instead of bickering?
In case you weren't sure, the ironbeards patrol the area just west of the village. I'll be watching─from a safe distance.
Bugger my beard, you took care of the automaton so quickly, I would've missed it if I'd blinked!

Thanks for bringing this thing back, and for the lesson as well. I reckon I've got the trick of it now.

I've also come to realize something: there ain't no action so noble as one that you take for another.

I'll keep that close to my heart, and strive to be someone who strives for others, just like you.

By the way, the chief came looking for you while you were outside the village. It seemed important, so go and see what he wants, eh?

Have you gone to see the chief yet? It seemed important, so go and see what he wants, eh?

Ah, it's you again. Thanks to you, we've now got a good lot of automata helping us out, but we could still do with more.

If you're not too busy, do you think you could retrieve another ironbeard for us? Rest assured you won't be doing it alone this time─I'm going to retrieve one too.

When we're done, let's meet back here. Happy deactivating!
There're still some among us who don't understand the work we're doing. But like you won us over, we can win them over too.
Sometimes, someone will come over and tell me off. “The hells you thinking, playing around with bits of those machines? It's downright creepy!” they'd say.
I don't let it discourage me, though. This is what I've chosen to do, and I'm going to keep doing it, rain, hail, or doom.
Ugh, of all the times to get a cramp... You go on ahead─I'll be on my way as soon as I can... <grunt>
Whew... It was rough going even with your example, but I managed to shut down an automaton in the end. How about you?

Great! With these two additional units on duty, I'll be able to spend more time drink─

Er...I mean, I'll be able to spend more time doing...things. That automata can't do. For the rebuilding. Yes, yes, that's it!

...Ahem. Thanks to you, I've found something that I can do for Komra. But as helpful as you are, it wouldn't do to rely on you forever. No, from this point on, I want to make sure I can get by on my own when the time comes.

There might be others who could use a hand, though, so you ought to talk to the chief. Thanks again, and be seeing you!

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