Hunt: Okina

Hunticon.pngOkina  ELITE: RANK S
Name: Okina x 1
Location: The Ruby Sea
Gil XP Allied Seals Centurio Seals
Gil Icon.png0 Expicon.png0 Allied Seal Icon.png0 Centurio Seal Icon.png100
Poetics Allegory Revelation Sacks of Nuts
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png100 Allagan Tomestone of Allegory Icon.png30 Allagan Tomestone of Revelation Icon.png0 Sack of Nuts Icon.png0
“Have you heard tale of Okina, the giant striped ray? Drunken pirates insist that the wavekin devours whales, but this is an embellishment--otherwise known as an outright lie. Okina eats only krill."

"The tiny shrimp gather to feed on the husks of shellfish, and when the seas teem with their numbers, that is when Okina appears, riding on the spring tide."

"But though the great ray does not prey on whales, its cavernous mouth can swallow careless hunters whole. Be sure not to slip in the ebb and flow of the shallows.”
— Wlveva
Spawn Conditions
Kill 200 Yumemi. Spawns from 12pm at Full Moon.

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