Hunt: Skogs Fru

Hunticon.pngSkogs Fru
Name: Skogs Fru x 1
Location: Middle La Noscea
Gil XP Allied Seals Centurio Seals
Gil Icon.png5,000 Expicon.png0 Allied Seal Icon.png100 Centurio Seal Icon.png0
Poetics Goetia Phantasmagoria Sacks of Nuts
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png0 Allagan Tomestone of Goetia Icon.png0 Allagan Tomestone of Phantasmagoria Icon.png0 Sack of Nuts Icon.png0
The ravening queen of ladybugs, Skogs Fru's natural voracity for pests has taken an unnatural turn. Not content with emptying the fields of pollen carriers and soil tillers, the adamantine-shelled Skogs Fru has adopted a new diet consisting of chocobos and their riders.
Spawn Conditions
Wanted Poster

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