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Logging: The Chisel

Botanist Icon 1.pngLogging: The Chisel
Kholusia - The Bright Cliff - The Chisel (27.8-32.7) (Unspoiled Mature Tree)
Logging Node
The Chisel-Logging.png
Random Bonuses:

  Max GP ≥ 685 ➜ Gathering Attempts/Integrity +2~

Kholusia Logging Nodes:
Logging: Sharptongue Drip
Logging: Stonegazer
Logging: The Bright Cliff
Logging: Venmont Yards
Last Verified: Patch 5.41
Slot Item   Gathering Information Location Requirements
6 Rarefied White Oak Log Icon.png This item can be gathered as a collectable.Rarefied White Oak Log
Botanist icon.png
Node Level/Type: 75 Unspoiled (8 AM/PM)
Gathering Level: 73
Perception Bonus: HQ Icon.png ≥ N/A
The Bright Cliff - The Chisel (27.8-32.7)