Logging: Virdjala

Botanist Icon 1.pngLogging: Virdjala
The Fringes - Virdjala  (34-28) (Mature Tree)
Logging Node
The Fringes Logging Nodes:
Logging: Dimwold
Logging: East End
Logging: Pike Falls
Last Verified: Patch 5.5
Slot Item   Gathering Information Location Requirements
5 Fire Crystal Icon.png Fire Crystal
Node Level/Type: 75
Gathering Level: 26
Perception Bonus:Chance of obtaining multiple items. ≥ 95
The Fringes
Virdjala  (34-28)
7 Rehabilitation Aid Materials Icon.png This item can be traded as a custom delivery.Rehabilitation Aid Materials
Botanist icon.pngMiner icon.png
Node Level/Type: 75
Gathering Level: 73
Perception Bonus: HQ Icon.png ≥ N/A
The Fringes
Virdjala  (34-28)