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While most materia is obtained via Spiritbonding, certain additional materia are available in PvP.

See Spiritbond for more information about obtaining materia.

To unlock materia melding, the prerequisite quest Waking the Spirit must be completed. To meld, one must have (i) the equipment being melded with an available "slot" for melding; (ii) the materia to be melded; (iii) a catalyst (such as Grade 3 Carbonized Matter) of equal or higher grade; and (iv) sufficient levels in the applicable Disciples of the Hand job. If one does not meet the level requirement, it is also possible to Request Meld from a player who does or use the services of special NPCs to attach the materia. Additional restrictions on how many materia can be melded, and how high a certain stat can be augmented, depend on the gear being melded itself. The in-game melding screen will document the chance of success (dependent on the grade of materia and how many melds the item already has), and whether, if successful, the item will accept the proposed stat augmentation.

Materia by Level

Item Stats
  Aurelia Kiss Materia I Icon.pngAurelia Kiss Materia I Poison Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Battledance Materia III Icon.pngBattledance Materia III Tenacity &0000000000000006000000+6
  Battledance Materia II Icon.pngBattledance Materia II Tenacity &0000000000000004000000+4
  Battledance Materia IV Icon.pngBattledance Materia IV Tenacity &0000000000000009000000+9
  Battledance Materia I Icon.pngBattledance Materia I Tenacity &0000000000000002000000+2
  Battledance Materia VI Icon.pngBattledance Materia VI Tenacity &0000000000000040000000+40
  Battledance Materia V Icon.pngBattledance Materia V Tenacity &0000000000000012000000+12
  Bison Hoof Materia I Icon.pngBison Hoof Materia I Stun Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Cactuar Foot Materia I Icon.pngCactuar Foot Materia I Slow Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Chocobo Down Materia I Icon.pngChocobo Down Materia I Heavy Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Coeurl Eye Materia I Icon.pngCoeurl Eye Materia I Blind Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Cracked Materia III Icon.pngCracked Materia III
  Cracked Materia II Icon.pngCracked Materia II
  Cracked Materia IV Icon.pngCracked Materia IV
  Cracked Materia I Icon.pngCracked Materia I
  Craftsman's Command Materia III Icon.pngCraftsman's Command Materia III Control &0000000000000003000000+3
  Craftsman's Command Materia II Icon.pngCraftsman's Command Materia II Control &0000000000000002000000+2
  Craftsman's Command Materia IV Icon.pngCraftsman's Command Materia IV Control &0000000000000004000000+4
  Craftsman's Command Materia I Icon.pngCraftsman's Command Materia I Control &0000000000000001000000+1
  Craftsman's Command Materia VI Icon.pngCraftsman's Command Materia VI Control &0000000000000010000000+10
  Craftsman's Command Materia V Icon.pngCraftsman's Command Materia V Control &0000000000000007000000+7
  Craftsman's Competence Materia III Icon.pngCraftsman's Competence Materia III Craftsmanship &0000000000000005000000+5
  Craftsman's Competence Materia II Icon.pngCraftsman's Competence Materia II Craftsmanship &0000000000000004000000+4
  Craftsman's Competence Materia IV Icon.pngCraftsman's Competence Materia IV Craftsmanship &0000000000000006000000+6
  Craftsman's Competence Materia I Icon.pngCraftsman's Competence Materia I Craftsmanship &0000000000000003000000+3
  Craftsman's Competence Materia VI Icon.pngCraftsman's Competence Materia VI Craftsmanship &0000000000000016000000+16
  Craftsman's Competence Materia V Icon.pngCraftsman's Competence Materia V Craftsmanship &0000000000000011000000+11
  Craftsman's Cunning Materia III Icon.pngCraftsman's Cunning Materia III CP &0000000000000003000000+3
  Craftsman's Cunning Materia II Icon.pngCraftsman's Cunning Materia II CP &0000000000000002000000+2
  Craftsman's Cunning Materia IV Icon.pngCraftsman's Cunning Materia IV CP &0000000000000004000000+4
  Craftsman's Cunning Materia I Icon.pngCraftsman's Cunning Materia I CP &0000000000000001000000+1
  Craftsman's Cunning Materia VI Icon.pngCraftsman's Cunning Materia VI CP &0000000000000008000000+8
  Craftsman's Cunning Materia V Icon.pngCraftsman's Cunning Materia V CP &0000000000000006000000+6
  Dexterity Materia III Icon.pngDexterity Materia III Dexterity &0000000000000004000000+4
  Dexterity Materia II Icon.pngDexterity Materia II Dexterity &0000000000000002000000+2
  Dexterity Materia IV Icon.pngDexterity Materia IV Dexterity &0000000000000007000000+7
  Dexterity Materia I Icon.pngDexterity Materia I Dexterity &0000000000000001000000+1
  Dexterity Materia VI Icon.pngDexterity Materia VI Dexterity &0000000000000025000000+25
  Dexterity Materia V Icon.pngDexterity Materia V Dexterity &0000000000000015000000+15
  Earth Materia III Icon.pngEarth Materia III Earth Resistance &0000000000000004000000+4
  Earth Materia II Icon.pngEarth Materia II Earth Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Earth Materia IV Icon.pngEarth Materia IV Earth Resistance &0000000000000006000000+6
  Earth Materia I Icon.pngEarth Materia I Earth Resistance &0000000000000001000000+1
  Earth Materia VI Icon.pngEarth Materia VI Earth Resistance &0000000000000012000000+12
  Earth Materia V Icon.pngEarth Materia V Earth Resistance &0000000000000009000000+9
  Fire Materia III Icon.pngFire Materia III Fire Resistance &0000000000000004000000+4
  Fire Materia II Icon.pngFire Materia II Fire Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Fire Materia IV Icon.pngFire Materia IV Fire Resistance &0000000000000006000000+6
  Fire Materia I Icon.pngFire Materia I Fire Resistance &0000000000000001000000+1
  Fire Materia VI Icon.pngFire Materia VI Fire Resistance &0000000000000012000000+12
  Fire Materia V Icon.pngFire Materia V Fire Resistance &0000000000000009000000+9
  Funguar Shriek Materia I Icon.pngFunguar Shriek Materia I Sleep Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Gatherer's Grasp Materia III Icon.pngGatherer's Grasp Materia III GP &0000000000000003000000+3
  Gatherer's Grasp Materia II Icon.pngGatherer's Grasp Materia II GP &0000000000000002000000+2
  Gatherer's Grasp Materia IV Icon.pngGatherer's Grasp Materia IV GP &0000000000000004000000+4
  Gatherer's Grasp Materia I Icon.pngGatherer's Grasp Materia I GP &0000000000000001000000+1
  Gatherer's Grasp Materia VI Icon.pngGatherer's Grasp Materia VI GP &0000000000000008000000+8
  Gatherer's Grasp Materia V Icon.pngGatherer's Grasp Materia V GP &0000000000000006000000+6
  Gatherer's Guerdon Materia III Icon.pngGatherer's Guerdon Materia III Gathering &0000000000000005000000+5
  Gatherer's Guerdon Materia II Icon.pngGatherer's Guerdon Materia II Gathering &0000000000000004000000+4
  Gatherer's Guerdon Materia IV Icon.pngGatherer's Guerdon Materia IV Gathering &0000000000000006000000+6
  Gatherer's Guerdon Materia I Icon.pngGatherer's Guerdon Materia I Gathering &0000000000000003000000+3
  Gatherer's Guerdon Materia VI Icon.pngGatherer's Guerdon Materia VI Gathering &0000000000000015000000+15
  Gatherer's Guerdon Materia V Icon.pngGatherer's Guerdon Materia V Gathering &0000000000000010000000+10
  Gatherer's Guile Materia III Icon.pngGatherer's Guile Materia III Perception &0000000000000005000000+5
  Gatherer's Guile Materia II Icon.pngGatherer's Guile Materia II Perception &0000000000000004000000+4
  Gatherer's Guile Materia IV Icon.pngGatherer's Guile Materia IV Perception &0000000000000006000000+6
  Gatherer's Guile Materia I Icon.pngGatherer's Guile Materia I Perception &0000000000000003000000+3
  Gatherer's Guile Materia VI Icon.pngGatherer's Guile Materia VI Perception &0000000000000015000000+15
  Gatherer's Guile Materia V Icon.pngGatherer's Guile Materia V Perception &0000000000000010000000+10
  Heavens' Eye Materia III Icon.pngHeavens' Eye Materia III Direct Hit Rate &0000000000000006000000+6
  Heavens' Eye Materia II Icon.pngHeavens' Eye Materia II Direct Hit Rate &0000000000000004000000+4
  Heavens' Eye Materia IV Icon.pngHeavens' Eye Materia IV Direct Hit Rate &0000000000000009000000+9
  Heavens' Eye Materia I Icon.pngHeavens' Eye Materia I Direct Hit Rate &0000000000000002000000+2
  Heavens' Eye Materia VI Icon.pngHeavens' Eye Materia VI Direct Hit Rate &0000000000000040000000+40
  Heavens' Eye Materia V Icon.pngHeavens' Eye Materia V Direct Hit Rate &0000000000000012000000+12
  Ice Materia III Icon.pngIce Materia III Ice Resistance &0000000000000004000000+4
  Ice Materia II Icon.pngIce Materia II Ice Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Ice Materia IV Icon.pngIce Materia IV Ice Resistance &0000000000000006000000+6
  Ice Materia I Icon.pngIce Materia I Ice Resistance &0000000000000001000000+1
  Ice Materia VI Icon.pngIce Materia VI Ice Resistance &0000000000000012000000+12
  Ice Materia V Icon.pngIce Materia V Ice Resistance &0000000000000009000000+9
  Intelligence Materia III Icon.pngIntelligence Materia III Intelligence &0000000000000004000000+4
  Intelligence Materia II Icon.pngIntelligence Materia II Intelligence &0000000000000002000000+2
  Intelligence Materia IV Icon.pngIntelligence Materia IV Intelligence &0000000000000007000000+7
  Intelligence Materia I Icon.pngIntelligence Materia I Intelligence &0000000000000001000000+1
  Intelligence Materia VI Icon.pngIntelligence Materia VI Intelligence &0000000000000025000000+25
  Intelligence Materia V Icon.pngIntelligence Materia V Intelligence &0000000000000015000000+15
  Lightning Materia III Icon.pngLightning Materia III Lightning Resistance &0000000000000004000000+4
  Lightning Materia II Icon.pngLightning Materia II Lightning Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Lightning Materia IV Icon.pngLightning Materia IV Lightning Resistance &0000000000000006000000+6
  Lightning Materia I Icon.pngLightning Materia I Lightning Resistance &0000000000000001000000+1
  Lightning Materia VI Icon.pngLightning Materia VI Lightning Resistance &0000000000000012000000+12
  Lightning Materia V Icon.pngLightning Materia V Lightning Resistance &0000000000000009000000+9
  Mind Materia III Icon.pngMind Materia III Mind &0000000000000004000000+4
  Mind Materia II Icon.pngMind Materia II Mind &0000000000000002000000+2
  Mind Materia IV Icon.pngMind Materia IV Mind &0000000000000007000000+7
  Mind Materia I Icon.pngMind Materia I Mind &0000000000000001000000+1
  Mind Materia VI Icon.pngMind Materia VI Mind &0000000000000025000000+25
  Mind Materia V Icon.pngMind Materia V Mind &0000000000000015000000+15
  Piety Materia III Icon.pngPiety Materia III Piety &0000000000000003000000+3
  Piety Materia II Icon.pngPiety Materia II Piety &0000000000000002000000+2
  Piety Materia IV Icon.pngPiety Materia IV Piety &0000000000000006000000+6
  Piety Materia I Icon.pngPiety Materia I Piety &0000000000000001000000+1
  Piety Materia VI Icon.pngPiety Materia VI Piety &0000000000000040000000+40
  Piety Materia V Icon.pngPiety Materia V Piety &0000000000000011000000+11
  Quickarm Materia III Icon.pngQuickarm Materia III Skill Speed &0000000000000006000000+6
  Quickarm Materia II Icon.pngQuickarm Materia II Skill Speed &0000000000000004000000+4
  Quickarm Materia IV Icon.pngQuickarm Materia IV Skill Speed &0000000000000009000000+9
  Quickarm Materia I Icon.pngQuickarm Materia I Skill Speed &0000000000000002000000+2
  Quickarm Materia VI Icon.pngQuickarm Materia VI Skill Speed &0000000000000040000000+40
  Quickarm Materia V Icon.pngQuickarm Materia V Skill Speed &0000000000000012000000+12
  Quicktongue Materia III Icon.pngQuicktongue Materia III Spell Speed &0000000000000006000000+6
  Quicktongue Materia II Icon.pngQuicktongue Materia II Spell Speed &0000000000000004000000+4
  Quicktongue Materia IV Icon.pngQuicktongue Materia IV Spell Speed &0000000000000009000000+9
  Quicktongue Materia I Icon.pngQuicktongue Materia I Spell Speed &0000000000000002000000+2
  Quicktongue Materia VI Icon.pngQuicktongue Materia VI Spell Speed &0000000000000040000000+40
  Quicktongue Materia V Icon.pngQuicktongue Materia V Spell Speed &0000000000000012000000+12
  Savage Aim Materia III Icon.pngSavage Aim Materia III Critical Hit &0000000000000006000000+6
  Savage Aim Materia II Icon.pngSavage Aim Materia II Critical Hit &0000000000000004000000+4
  Savage Aim Materia IV Icon.pngSavage Aim Materia IV Critical Hit &0000000000000009000000+9
  Savage Aim Materia I Icon.pngSavage Aim Materia I Critical Hit &0000000000000002000000+2
  Savage Aim Materia VI Icon.pngSavage Aim Materia VI Critical Hit &0000000000000040000000+40
  Savage Aim Materia V Icon.pngSavage Aim Materia V Critical Hit &0000000000000012000000+12
  Savage Might Materia III Icon.pngSavage Might Materia III Determination &0000000000000004000000+4
  Savage Might Materia II Icon.pngSavage Might Materia II Determination &0000000000000003000000+3
  Savage Might Materia IV Icon.pngSavage Might Materia IV Determination &0000000000000006000000+6
  Savage Might Materia I Icon.pngSavage Might Materia I Determination &0000000000000001000000+1
  Savage Might Materia VI Icon.pngSavage Might Materia VI Determination &0000000000000040000000+40
  Savage Might Materia V Icon.pngSavage Might Materia V Determination &0000000000000012000000+12
  Strength Materia III Icon.pngStrength Materia III Strength &0000000000000004000000+4
  Strength Materia II Icon.pngStrength Materia II Strength &0000000000000002000000+2
  Strength Materia IV Icon.pngStrength Materia IV Strength &0000000000000007000000+7
  Strength Materia I Icon.pngStrength Materia I Strength &0000000000000001000000+1
  Strength Materia VI Icon.pngStrength Materia VI Strength &0000000000000025000000+25
  Strength Materia V Icon.pngStrength Materia V Strength &0000000000000015000000+15
  Treant Root Materia I Icon.pngTreant Root Materia I Bind Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Vitality Materia III Icon.pngVitality Materia III Vitality &0000000000000004000000+4
  Vitality Materia II Icon.pngVitality Materia II Vitality &0000000000000002000000+2
  Vitality Materia IV Icon.pngVitality Materia IV Vitality &0000000000000008000000+8
  Vitality Materia I Icon.pngVitality Materia I Vitality &0000000000000001000000+1
  Vitality Materia VI Icon.pngVitality Materia VI Vitality &0000000000000025000000+25
  Vitality Materia V Icon.pngVitality Materia V Vitality &0000000000000015000000+15
  Water Materia III Icon.pngWater Materia III Water Resistance &0000000000000004000000+4
  Water Materia II Icon.pngWater Materia II Water Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Water Materia IV Icon.pngWater Materia IV Water Resistance &0000000000000006000000+6
  Water Materia I Icon.pngWater Materia I Water Resistance &0000000000000001000000+1
  Water Materia VI Icon.pngWater Materia VI Water Resistance &0000000000000012000000+12
  Water Materia V Icon.pngWater Materia V Water Resistance &0000000000000009000000+9
  Wind Materia III Icon.pngWind Materia III Wind Resistance &0000000000000004000000+4
  Wind Materia II Icon.pngWind Materia II Wind Resistance &0000000000000002000000+2
  Wind Materia IV Icon.pngWind Materia IV Wind Resistance &0000000000000006000000+6
  Wind Materia I Icon.pngWind Materia I Wind Resistance &0000000000000001000000+1
  Wind Materia VI Icon.pngWind Materia VI Wind Resistance &0000000000000012000000+12
  Wind Materia V Icon.pngWind Materia V Wind Resistance &0000000000000009000000+9

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