Mining: Habisphere Control

Miner Icon 1.pngMining: Habisphere Control
Azys Lla - Beta Quadrant - Habisphere Control (36.4-15.1) (Legendary Mineral Deposit)
Mining Node
Habisphere Control-Mining.png
Possible Bonuses:

  Gathering ≥ 790 ➜ Gathering Attempts +2

Azys Lla Mining Nodes:
Mining: Beta Quadrant
Mining: Cooling Station
Mining: Hyperstellar Downconverter
Mining: The Aqueduct
Last Verified: Patch 5.08
Slot Item   Gathering Information Location Requirements
2 Red Alumen Icon.png This item can be gathered as a collectable.Red Alumen
Miner icon.pngExplorationicon.png
Node Level/Type: 60 Legendary (10 AM/PM)
Gathering Level: 60 ★
Perception Bonus: HQ Icon.png ≥ 516
Azys Lla
Beta Quadrant - Habisphere Control (36.4-15.1)
Tome of Geological Folklore - Abalathia's Spine