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Last Known Location:

The Churning Mists - Asah (x:20, y:25.6)
Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Zenith


Zone Sublocation Coordinates Map
The Churning Mists Moghome (x:28.6, y:35.4) Map
The Churning Mists Moghome (x:26.1, y:33.7) Map
The Churning Mists The Lost Landlord (x:16.6, y:32.8) Map
The Churning Mists Asah (x:20, y:25.6) Map

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Moghan was the first sky moogle encountered by the Warrior of Light upon the hero's ascent into the Churning Mists. Right hand to the notoriously idle Chieftain Moglin, Moghan oft finds himself severely overworked and sorely underappreciated. In an attempt to teach his master a well-deserved lesson, Moghan tricked Moglin into a trial-by-combat with the Warrior of Light and his companions. Alas, the scheme was laid bare, and the red-handed moogle could do naught but watch as his daily workload was tripled as means of punishment.

So long has Moghan suffered in the employ of the chieftain that he jokingly claims he has forgotten his own age.

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