Mol Tribe

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The Mol Tribe is a small tribe of devout worshippers of the elder gods—Azim and Nhaama. The Mol will consult with their deities (via an udgan conduit) before making any tribe-related decisions, from the direction of their next migration, to the beasts they will hunt each day for food. They are currently based in Mol Iloh and led by Temulun Khatun and her granddaughter Cirina. The cloth of the Mol Tribe is typically a deep red.
Members: Bujeg, Buqatai, Caragai, Caur, Cirina, Cotan, Diligent Mol Warrior, Dorbei, Jenkshi, Ligdan, Maqali, Mol Merchant & Mender, Nigen, Sukegei, Temulun, Ujin
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