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Mob19 Icon.pngNhaama  DEITY

Nhaama, The Dusk Mother, is the Auri goddess of the moon believed to have warred with Azim, the Dawn Father, in time immemorial. To settle their conflict, Nhaama is said to have created the Auri Xaela as soldiers to fight a proxy war against the Auri Raen created by Azim. However, the Raen and Xaela are said to have put aside their differences and learned to love one another, leading the gods to depart the mortal world and bequeath it to Their creations.

Oroniri tradition adds onto this, believing that Azim and Nhaama became lovers, but could not be together as they are the sun and moon.

The Nhaama Desert is named for the Dusk Mother, and the Dusk Throne was constructed in Her image. She is generally venerated by all tribes, most notably by the Dotharl Tribe and the Kagon Tribe, the latter of whom revile Azim as an evil god and refuse to walk in the light of day.
Pantheon: Auri Gods
Title: The Dusk Mother
Goddess of: The Moon
Gender: Female
Patron of: Auri Xaela
Depiction: A beautiful Auri woman with black horns.
  • Nhaama was misspelled "Nhama" in official materials prior to the release of Encyclopaedia Eorzea. It was also unclear, at first, that the Dusk Mother and Nhaama were one and the same prior to this.
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