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Race: Au Ra
Auri creation myth tells of a Dawn Father and a Dusk Mother from whom all Au Ra are descended. The Raen once believed their veins to run thick with the blood of the former—their brilliant white scales and iron wills serving as proof of this divine lineage.[1]

The forebears of the Raen left behind their homeland to settle across Othard. They were received with hatred and hostility by other races in the early years until a prominent warlord of Yanxia, impressed with their valor, forged an alliance with the strange race and took them on as retainers. Before long, the Raen had assumed a prominent role as warriors in service of countless great warlords. Some ventured across the sea to Hingashi, where they earned a reputation as legendary swordmasters. [2]

Unlike their sister clan, the Xaela, who bloody the land with their endless tribal conflict, many Raen have embraced a life of tranquility and solitude, long abandoning the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors to settle the deep valleys of Othard's mountainous eastern reaches and the depths of the Ruby Sea. Only on rare occasions will one emerge from the valley mists and ocean depths to seek adventure in realms afar.[1]

Distribution: Yanxia (Doma), Hingashi (Kugane), The Ruby Sea (Sui-no-Sato)[2]

Physical Attributes:
The Au Ra are unique among Eorzea's races in the extreme height disparity observed between genders. While male Au Ra can reach towering heights of over eighty ilms, females are short and slight, averaging no more than sixty. Their hardened skin and scaled tails, too, distinguish them clearly from other races. They take great pride in the majestic horns that protrude from the sides of their head, which also serve to enhance their hearing and sense of spatial perception.[2]

It's difficult for an Auri tail or horn to be removed, and they grow continuously until they reach a certain size and stop growing. If they're damaged, whether it be a fall or in battle, the horns will slowly regrow until they reach that maximum point again. The horns are hollow, and the vibration of sound within the horns aides the Au Ra in hearing. Their hearing is about as good as the average Hyur, but they process sound through vibrations of the air within their horns.

Surnames occupy a special position in Eastern culture—an honor afforded only to aristocrats, warlords, and the warrior class. Many are derived from the names of weapons or military ranks, as symbols of their martial prowess, with examples including "Buhen," "Yatsurugi," and "Obinata." Though not officially recognized, many members of the subordinate classes sport self-bestowed epithets which are often—but not always—derived from their profession or place of origin. Auri given names are taken from the natural world, with male names generally inspired by strong, uncontrollable forces (mountains, seas, animals, or the elements) and female names chosen from plants, seasons, animals, and similarly beautiful and elegant things.[2]

The Raen have fully assimilated to the cultures of Doma and Hingashi, and live faithfully according to the regions' traditions. Perhaps owing to their heritage and the status they gained in the service of their warlords, they place particular importance on hierarchy and the master-servant relationship.[2] Those Raen who live beneath the Ruby Sea in the village of Sui-no-Sato have a unique culture, even among their clan. They are isolationist, seldom leaving the comfort of their home save to gather supplies, and are ruled by the Ruby Princess, a monarch who resides in a palace separate from the village—Shisui of the Violet Tides.

Starting Statistics
Strength +19
Vitality +19
Dexterity +22
Intelligence +20
Mind +23