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Stocky and squat of stature, the Lalafell are by far the most diminutive of Eorzea's races. Typically maintaining a youthful appearance even in advancing years, a Lalafell's true age is ofttimes difficult for other races to ascertain. [1]

Originally an agrarian people hailing from the southern islands, the Lalafell gradually migrated to Eorzea over the years in pursuit of trade. In the Fifth Astral Era, they played a key role in the foundation of the city of Nym on Vylbrand, as well as the mystic city of Mhach in the lowlands of Yafaem. When both civilizations fell to the Sixth Umbral Calamity, the Lalafell were forced to seek new homes. The Nymian Lalafell employed their seafaring talents and returned to the south sea isles, while the survivors of Mhach wandered the lands before eventually settling in the wastes of Thanalan. [1]

The Lalafell are primarily composed of two clans: the grassland-dwelling Plainsfolk and the desert-dwelling Dunesfolk, with both tracing their roots to the south sea isles. Though slight differences in physical appearance have emerged over the many generations spent living apart, the two clans harbor no particular resentment for each other, and inter-clan marriages are commonplace, with many Lalafell today possessing both Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk blood. [1]

While placing great importance on familial bonds, the Lalafell are by no means exclusionary. This is manifest in the cordial relations they enjoy with their fellow races, and the success they have achieved as a race of traders and merchants. Though their singularly business-minded nature can lead to them being perceived as greedy and calculating, few can find it in their hearts to truly dislike the Lalafell, with their inherently bright and jovial nature. As such, examples of Lalafell being persecuted by other races are few and far between. [1]

As befitting their status as a race of traders, the Lalafell were unsurprisingly among the first to adopt and master the common tongue of the Hyur. Nevertheless, it is said that the old Lalafellin tongue is still spoken today on their island homes to the south. [1]

A distinctive element of traditional Lalafellin garb is the scarf, which also serves an eminently practical function—it can be unfurled to serve as a signal flag on the wide seas or vast deserts, allowing a Lalafell to stand out beyond his or her modest stature. They are also known to favor relaxed, loose-fitting garments that conceal their naturally rotund builds. [1]

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