Main Command 3 Icon.pngDunesfolk
Race: Lalafell
The sons of fallen Mhach concealed themselves in the remote outlands for a time, before venturing into Thanalan in caravans propped on the backs of great beasts of burden. Living a nomadic existence in the sandy wastes, they came to be called by the name they bear today. It was the Dunesfolk who founded the great civilization of Belah'dia, which would later splinter into Sil'dih and Ul'dah, the latter of which prospers still today. Practical by nature and swift to put ideas into action, their temperament is well-suited to seizing business opportunities, and it is little surprise that they played such a great role in building Ul'dah into the bustling center of trade and commerce it is today. [1]

Distribution: Thanalan (Ul'dah) [1]

Physical Attributes:
The degree to which the Dunesfolk have adapted to their surroundings can be seen in their tanned skin, able to withstand the harsh rays of the sun that beat down on Thanalan, and their eyes, clear as glass with pupils covered by a thin membrane to keep out the sand. Many are blessed with an aptitude for magic, with Dunesfolk accounting for numerous accomplished thaumaturges as well as high-ranking members of the Order of Nald'thal clergy. Dunesfolk miners also rival the Roegadyn in their numbers and accomplishments, making up for their lack of brute strength with resourcefulness and the ability to delve into the narrowest tunnels. [1]

Dunesfolk names are, at a clance, similar to those of their Plainsfolk cousins, but closer examination reveals subtle-but-sure differences in their rhyming schemes. Male Dunesfolk names follow an "AAB-CCB" pattern, as seen in "Lolorito Nanarito", while female Dunesfolk, such as "Momodi Modi", conform to an "AAB-AB" scheme. As a whole, Lalafellin names are notable different in both spelling and pronunciation from those of other races, owing in part to the old Lalafellin tongue containing only five distinct vowels: a, e, i, o, and u. [1]

While many are familiar with the Dunesfolk custom of attaching a small orb to the forehead as a symbol of their guardian deity, it is less well-known that this practice dates back to—and serves to honor—their ancestors, the sorcerers of Mhach. Another unique Dunesfolk practice is that of feeding their children cups of herb tea infused with miniscule portions of diluted snake and scorpion venom. As such, Dunesfolk raised in traditional households often display a remarkable resistance to certain poisons. [1]

Starting Statistics
Strength +19
Vitality +18
Dexterity +21
Intelligence +22
Mind +23

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