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Clans: Highlanders & Midlanders
On the First: Hume
Modest of build and stature, the Hyur can lay claim to being the single most populous race in all of modern Eorzea, where they make up a prominent share of the populace in each of the realm's great city-states. [1]

The Hyur arrived in Eorzea prior to the First Astral Era, when they were but one undistinguished race among many. Three great migratory waves later, the Hyur had spread from the northernmost reaches of Ilsabard to all corners of the realm, expanding their presence and influence to become Eorzea's predominant race, a position they maintain to this very day. [1]

As they settled in new frontiers, the Hyur often found themselves in conflict—even outright war—with the native peoples of those lands. Still, none can deny that the knowledge, technology, and ideas they brought with them have served as the driving force behind the rapid spread of culture and civilization in Eorzea. [1]

The Hyur of Eorzea comprise two clans: the Midlanders, who settled in the realm's low-lying regions, and the Highlanders, who claimed the high mountains as their home. This does not, however, represent the entirety of the Hyuran people. Outside of Eorzea, Hyur can be found in Ilsabard in the north, Othard to the east, and even as far as the New World, their manifold clans and houses as innumerous as the stars in the night sky. [1]

The Hyur boast myriad languages and cultural backgrounds rooted in their respective places of origin. On the other hand, lacking a single, overarching culture, and universal Hyuran sense of cultural identity is tenuous at best. Perhaps owing to this, the Hyur are wont to value personal freedom more so than the other races, distinguishing themselves in wide range of disciplines with little concern for tradition or heredity. As such, they can be viewed by other races as overzealous and unprincipled. [1]

In times of eld, countless tongues and dialects were spoken regularly by the various peoples of Eorzea. As migration and cultural exchange became more common, a universal language arose, easing the burden of communication between different peoples. This language, which came to be known as the common tongue, is now spoken by the vast majority of the realm's residents. It is believed that Hyuran priests also played a vital role in the creation of the Eorzean alphabet at the end of the Fourth Astral Era, though the precise details are lost to history. [1]

The standard attire of Hyuran adventurers is fashioned from cotton fabrics reinforced with leather for a simply yet traditional design. The Hyur also favor leather thighboots, often said to be a vestige from the days of yore when their ancestors crossed the snow-swept plains and harsh peaks of central Ilsabard. [1]

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