Main Command 3 Icon.pngPlainsfolk
Race: Lalafell
Seen in the greatest numbers on Vylbrand, the Plainsfolk trace their history to the maritime traders who settled in Limsa Lominsa to deal in pillaged and plundered wares. In the years to follow, they were joined by their families, who would become pioneers of the greater La Noscea region. While their descendants today are predominantly farmers, there are those who turned to shipping and fishery in those years when skirmishes with the kobolds stalled further exploration of the island. Today, the Plainsfolk represent a significant part of the Lominsan populace, and are known for their relaxed, comfortable lifestyle. [1]

Distribution: La Noscea (Limsa Lominsa), the isles of the southern seas [1]

Physical Attributes:
Averaging some thirty-five ilms in height, the Lalafell are by far the smallest of Eorzea's races. What they lack in physical strength, however, they more than make up for in swiftness of reflexes and sharpness of mind. Underestimating a Lalafell has been a costly mistake for more than a few men. Hair of grassy and earthen colors is common among Plainsfolk, with dubious theories claiming that these hues evolved to camouflage their bearers from the sight of the fearsome vultures that roam the skies above their island home. [1]

Lalafellin names are made up of a given name and a "courtesy name" bestowed upon reaching adulthood. The latter is not a family name, but rather unique to the individual. Lalafellin names trace their origins to songs and poems in the old tongue, and are ruled by rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Male Plainsfolk names, such as "Alka Zolka," feature an AB-CB rhyming scheme, while female names, such as "Mimomo Mimo," are ABB-AB. [1]

On their island homeland to the south, the Plainsfolk lived as farmers, residing in thatched-roof houses connected by subterranean tunnels modeled after ant colonies. Their gardening and horticultural skills knew no peer, and it was in this capacity that they shined as pioneers of new and therefore-unbroken lands. Making the most of their light and compact bodies, they traveled remarkable distances in simple-yet-sturdy canoes, developing their own unique seafaring and navigational methods, which they employ to great success as fishermen and maritime traders even today. [1]

Starting Statistics
Strength +19
Vitality +19
Dexterity +23
Intelligence +22
Mind +20

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