Main Command 3 Icon.pngHellsguard
Race: Roegadyn
Few in number but burning with the fierce pride of warriors, the Hellsguard make their home in the desolate reaches of Abalathia's Spine. Their name is derived from the fiery peaks amidst which they founded their village—mountains of flame which they believe to be the gates to the underworld itself. [1]

Distribution: Abalathia's Spine (The Farreach) [1][2]

Physical Attributes:
Blessed with the same bulk and brute strength as their Sea Wolf cousins, the Hellsguard can be distinguished by the color of their skin, which often takes on reddish hues akin to molten rock. Many Hellsguard partake in ascetic firewalking, training from a young age to bring out their latent mystical talents. It is doubtless due to this age-old tradition that the Hellsguard have produced so many great mages, in addition to the fearsome sword and axe-wielding warriors for which their kind are best known. [1]

In contrast to Sea Wolves, the Hellsguard have adopted names rooted in the common tongue, that they might be more easily remembered and addressed by other races, in particular the masters they serve as sellswords. Names consist of two words, with male names typically derived from the natural world ("Tall Mountain") and female names often taken from flora ("Blue Lily"). Surnames are rare, perhaps owing to their fierce individuality of those that chose to leave their home behind. Though few in number, there remain some who still speak the old tongue. [1]

With vegetation scarce in their mountain home, the Hellsguard believe in letting nothing edible go to waste, and have traditionally shown little interest in culinary developments or delicacies. As such, simple dishes such as smoked raptor are preferred. [3] Their preferred attire shows a similar propensity for rugged functionality, and consists predominantly of unadorned clothing fashioned from animal skins. The influence of the unforgiving climes they call home on their culture is readily apparent, as they value reticence and perseverance above all virtues. [1] The Hellsguard regard the alchemical trade as sacrilegious sorcery that spurns the Twelve. [4] The halberd was an invention of the Hellsgaurd marauders, who first used them to repel mounted units. [5]

Starting Statistics
Strength +20
Vitality +23
Dexterity +18
Intelligence +20
Mind +22