Sea Wolves

Main Command 3 Icon.pngSea Wolves
Race: Roegadyn
Descendants of a pirate clan long feared as the scourge of the Northern Empty, the Sea Wolves hail from the northern islands. Though many live there still today, a not-insignificant number left the homeland seven centuries ago, eventually settling in Vylbrand. There, they established the maritime city-state of Limsa Lominsa, which prospered and took its place as one of Eorzea's six great city-states. True to their seafaring roots, many Sea Wolves have made their mark as pirates, sailors, and fishermen. Most famous of them all is none other than Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, Admiral of Limsa Lominsa. [1]

Every child has heard frightening bedtime tales of fearless, bloodthirsty vikings who would stalk the five seas in their longboats, mercilessly reaving and pillaging coastal villages until the shiploads were overflowing with plunder, and the villages with their bastards. Several hundred years ago, this was most certainly an accurate description of the Sea Wolf clan; however now, only a fraction of those characteristics remain. They still are recognized by their remarkable gait and girth, booming voices, and quick tempers, while many follow (albeit loosely) in the steps of their ancestors and exceed in the art of sailing. [2]

Distribution: La Noscea (Limsa Lominsa), Aerslaent and other isles of the northern seas [1]

Physical Attributes:
Giants among Eorzea's races, Roegadyn males average some eighty-four to ninety ilms, while even females reach an imposing seventy-five to eighty-seven ilms. Their entire bodies—arms, legs, even the neck—are thick with muscle and sinew, and minstrels often liken their limbs to mighty tree trunks. Roegadyn hair is thick and hard, with some individuals showing a natural wave. They take pride in their locks, and have developed a tradition of unique braids and weaves. [1]

Though Sea Wolf names can be mystifying at a glance to the layman observer, they follow clear patterns rooted in the old Roegadyn tongue. Given names are compounds of two words, the first an adjective or verb, and the second a noun. In the case of females, the second word is almost invariably chosen from among the traditional set of Swys (Sister), Thota (Daughter), Wyda (Willow), Geim (Jewel), Wyb (Woman), Rael (Doe), Lona (Gatherer), and Bryda (Bride). Sea Wolf surnames are patronymics: to the name of one's father is the suffix -syn (meaning "son") or -wyn ("daughter"). To take a well-known example, Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn's name breaks down as Merl (sea) + wyb (woman), Bloe (blue) + fhis (fish) + wyn (daughter), roughly translating to "Sea Wife, daughter of Blue Fish." [1]

Unsurprisingly, Sea Wolves favor fish and other fruits of the sea, prepared with simple and unpretentious seasonings. They make ample use of salt, which has the added benefit of serving as a preservative on long ocean voyages, and are known for a wide variety of cured foods. Sea Wolves are noted connoisseurs of ale and wine, which they prefer to the more easily perishable water, and many have made a name for themselves as brewers of potent potables. [1]

Starting Statistics
Strength +22
Vitality +23
Dexterity +19
Intelligence +18
Mind +21
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