Main Command 3 Icon.pngHighlanders
Race: Hyur
Descendants of a people who followed the stars to the mountains of Gyr Abania in the wake of the Sixth Umbral Calamity, the Highlanders founded the city-state of Ala Mhigo, a bastion of military might until its fall to the Garlean invasion two decades agone. Many stayed behind, and now live a toilsome life under the yoke of their imperial masters, while those that fled their homeland now live as refugees in Eorzea. Their numbers are greatest in the Shroud and greater in Thanalan, where their presence has resulted in no small degree of social strife. Among the refugees are those who have put their considerable martial talents to use as sellswords and gladiators. [1]

Distribution: Gyr Abania (Ala Mhigo), Thanalan (Little Ala Mhigo) [1]

Physical Attributes:
Highlanders are noticeably taller and more muscular than Midlanders, with full-grown men reaching towering heights of nigh eighty ilms. Some posit that the impressive Highlander physique is the fruit of countless generations spent residing in harsh, unforgiving mountain climes, where the air is thin and each day a struggle for survival. Though some discount this theory, none can deny that the physical prowess of the Highlanders greatly outstrips that of their Midlander cousins. [1]

Like Midlanders, Highlander names have their origins in words of the common tongue. One difference of note is the prevalence of violent-sounding surnames, rooted in the epithets and monikers earned on the battlefields of war-torn Gyr Abania. Given names display the influence of Northern dialects, often bearing more than a passing resemblance to those of the Roegadyn Sea Wolf clan. "Bastard son of a Sea Wolf" is an insult often hurled at Highlanders in tavern brawls, not infrequently with painful consequences for the fool who uttered it. [1]

With a spiritual tradition dating back to times of yore, Highlanders are known to sport wood-carved talismans woven into their underclothes, and votive tattoos adorning their bodies. [1] They adhere to the doctrine of the Twelve, and are devout followers of Rhalgr, the Destroyer. Ancient Highlander practices of tattooing and tooth filing are very much alive today. [2] Because of their violent culture, male Highlanders traditionally shave off their eyebrows, give themselves scars, or pull out their teeth to intimidate opponents on the battlefield. [3]

While some find Highlander aesthetic sensibilities crude, one cannot deny their uniqueness and the manner in which they evoke the unadulterated strength of nature. Such ruggedness can also be seen in their preferred fare—Highlanders often dine on simply yet impressive dishes such as massive aldgoat steaks, seared perfectly to seal in the natural juices. Overcooking is taboo in Highlander kitchens, to the degree that some consider them raw meat eaters. [1] They are also known for animal husbandry, as Highlanders spent countless years domesticating sheep during the Age of Endless Frost. [1]

Men and women of the Highlander clan are often trained in the arts of combat from childhood. [4] Of late, Highlanders have become an increasingly rare sight in Eorzea, their number represented almost exclusively by those who fled Ala Mhigo after its fall, and now work in other city-states as mercenaries and sellswords. [2]

Starting Statistics
Strength +23
Vitality +22
Dexterity +20
Intelligence +18
Mind +20

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