Information provided is based on an in-development build of FFXIV: Endwalker and content in the final version is subject to change!
Red text indicates changes to skills, a red background indicates new skills.

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Trait Acquired Effect
All Fours Icon.png
All Fours
Rogue Icon 3.png Lv. 14 Reduces damage taken when falling.
Fleet of Foot Icon.png
Fleet of Foot
Rogue Icon 3.png Lv. 20 Increases movement speed.
Adept Assassination Icon.png
Adept Assassination
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 56 Upgrades Assassinate to Dream Within a Dream.
Shukiho Icon.png
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 62 Increases Ninki Gauge by 5 upon successfully landing certain weaponskills or completing certain combos.
Enhanced Shukuchi Icon.png
Enhanced Shukuchi
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 64 Resets the recast timer for Shukuchi upon executing Katon, Raiton, or Hyoton on most targets.
Enhanced Mug Icon.png
Enhanced Mug
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 66 Increases Ninki Gauge by 40 upon successfully landing Mug.
Enhanced Shukuchi II Icon.png
Enhanced Shukuchi II
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 74 Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Shukuchi.
Maximum Charges: 2
Enhanced Kassatsu Icon.png
Enhanced Kassatsu
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 76 Upgrades Katon and Hyoton to Goka Mekkyaku and Hyosho Ranryu while under the effect of Kassatsu.
Shukiho II Icon.png
Shukiho II
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 78 Increases Ninki Gauge by 10 upon successfully completing a combo with Aeolian Edge or Armor Crush.

Removed: Shadow Fang bonus.

Shukiho III Icon.png
Shukiho III
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 84 Increases Ninki Gauge by 15 upon successfully completing a combo with Aeolian Edge or Armor Crush.
Melee Mastery Icon.png
Melee Mastery
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 84 Increases the potency of Spinning Edge to 230, Gust Slash to 150, and Bhavacakra to 300.
Enhanced Meisui Icon.png
Enhanced Meisui
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 88 Increases the potency of Bhavacakra to 400 while under the effect of Meisui.
Duration: 30s
Enhanced Raiton Icon.png
Enhanced Raiton
Ninja Icon 3.png Lv. 90 Grants Forked Raiju Ready upon executing Raiton.
Duration: 15s