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Passage of Arms

Passage of Arms Icon.pngPassage of Arms

Increases block rate by 100% and creates a designated area in a cone behind you in which party members will only suffer 85% of all damage inflicted.

Duration: 18s
Effect ends upon executing another action or moving (including facing a different direction).

Cancels auto-attack upon execution.

Acquired: Paladin Icon 1.png Paladin (Lv. 70)
Cast: The amount of time it takes from pressing an ability, to when the ability activates.Instant
Recast: The amount of time it takes from using an ability, to being able to use it again.120s
Radius: Rear-facing cone spells (epicenter: player; angle: -90°)8y

Reward from Quests (1)
Quest Level
Raising the Sword 70