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Pyros Piranu

Beastiary Icon.pngPyros Piranu  Zoneicon.png
Level 50
Element Fire
Mutation Mutated monsters change into a completely different genus and sometimes change elements.
Pyros Piranu.png
Species Description:
This Far Eastern relative to the orobon owes its name to its slack-jawed and slow-witted appearance. Originally called “angu uo” in the local tongue, the word for this “imbecilic fish” was eventually shortened to the present “ango.”[1]
Genus Description:
A close relative to the orobon, ogrebons spend the majority of their lives buried beneath the sediment gathered on the beds of rivers and lakes, leaving only their illicia - a pair of fleshy, antenna-like organs - unhidden. The illicia end in luminescent sacs which are commonly mistaken for eyes, but in fact serve as bait to lure smaller wavekin to the ogrebon who, only then, will emerge from reclusion to swallow its prey whole. [2]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Eureka Pyros - West Flamerock (24.0-7.9)
  Miscellaneous Dutyicon.pngThe Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros
 Fire50 Aggressive.png
Mutates during the night (6 PM—6 AM) into a Goosefish and changes element to Water.
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