Reaver Coeurl

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Jungle Coeurl
Level 56
Reaver Coeurl.png
This large carnivorous cat-like creature has two large whiskers protruding from its face. So far, very few have been found throughout Eorzea, but one thing is for certain those that remain are fierce predators indeed. Native to the regions of the Near East, these predatory quadrupeds are unrivaled in their savagery. A coeurl subdues its prey by unleashing electrical shocks from the two whip-like appendages that frame its fang-lined jaws. The feral specimens encountered in Eorzea descend from escaped war beasts once trained on a remote island at the mouth of the Rothlyt Sound known as the Pearl. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Western La Noscea - The Isles of Umbra (16.3-34.6)
  Questinvolvementicon.pngPirates of Shallow Water
 56 Aggressive.png
Quests (1)
Name Level Starter Type
Pirates of Shallow Water &000000000000005600000056 Broken Mountain Job Quest
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