Sea of Ash 2

Airship XP Icon.pngSea of Ash 2
Subaquatic Deployment Sector
Discovered via North Isle of Zozonan
Possible Rewards
Item Quantity
Ice Crystal Icon.png Ice Crystal
Ice Shard Icon.png Ice Shard
Cocobolo Lumber Icon.png Cocobolo Lumber 1
Cassia Log Icon.png Cassia Log 21-28
Abroader Otter Icon.png Abroader Otter 1
Astral Moraine Icon.png Astral Moraine
Cedar Log Icon.png Cedar Log
Dark Chestnut Log Icon.png Dark Chestnut Log 20-25
Sandteak Log Icon.png Sandteak Log
White Ash Log Icon.png White Ash Log
Zelkova Log Icon.png Zelkova Log 22
Miracle Apple Log Icon.png Miracle Apple Log
Torreya Log Icon.png Torreya Log
Battledance Materia VII Icon.png Battledance Materia VII
Sector: F
Required Rank: 57
Ceruleum Cost: 6
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
EXP: 522,300