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Sightseeing Log: The Path of Knowing

The Path of Knowing Image.png 058   The Path of Knowing
Sightseeing Log
"From high atop the Dravanian hinterlands, I looked out upon the realm in all her twisted beauty.
There I saw a sight that will be sung of for as long as songs are sung."
This colossal bridge was once a bustling artery for researchers, students, and curators commuting to and from the Great Gubal Library. Its stone pillars suffered significant damage when the Calamity reshaped the land, causing a portion of the walkway to crumble and collapse.
Must jump to the Vista from the path up above.
Screenshot showing where to jump from (left circle) and where you need to land (right circle.)
Emote: Lookout Emote Icon.png Lookout
Expansion: Heavensward
Sightseeing Log - HW058-Complete.png

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