Slithy Zolool Ja

Mamool Ja Icon.pngSlithy Zolool Ja  MinibossIcon.pngZoneicon.png
Mamool Ja
Mamool Ja Mage
Level Range 50-50
Job(s) THM
Mamool Ja Mercenaries, hired since the Calamity, have taken a foothold in La Noscea and are showing a suspicious interest in the Arcanists' Guild. Could it be that they're looking into summoning for some nefarious purpose, or are they merely trying to broaden their horizons?
Zone Level Drops Notes
Upper La Noscea - The Wanderer's Palace (Hard) (12,6)   Aggressive.png
Uses the following moves.
  • Fire: Fire damage to the tank.
  • Groundburst: AoE damage to a random party member. Instant cast.
  • Firespit: Heavy fire damage to the tank.
  • Sacred Standard: Summons 4 standards around the battlefield that give buffs or debuffs when entered. There will be a blue, green, red, and purple standard, one will inflict Heavy, another inflicts Fire Resistance Down (very dangerous), one grants Damage Up (Beneficial for DPS to grab this, both to buff themselves and to prevent the boss from buffing himself), and one will toggle Toad status, either inflicting it if normal, or removing it if toaded. The first time it is used, only the Heavy, Fire Resistance Down, and Damage Up totems will spawn. Figure out which one is the Damage Up totem, and the missing color will always be the Toad totem.
  • Standard Retrieval: Recalls his standards, and any Damage Up totems that are still up will give him a stack of Damage Up.
  • Toad: Inflicts the Toad status on a player, preventing them from taking any actions for the duration. Removed by the green standard, or waiting it out.
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