Steel against Steel

Featurequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 70   Steel against Steel
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png1,186
Guaranteed Rewards
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Informationicon.png Description
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Speak with Sophie.
  • Speak with the prospective client in Twinpools.
  • Speak with the prospective client in Twinpools.
  • Speak with Cato Mammula in Ishgard.
  • Speak with Radovan in Revenant's Toll.
  • Defeat Vitus quo Messalla!
Issuing NPC: Sophie
Type: Disciple of War Job Quests
Unlocks: Gunblades of the PatriotsSidequest1 Icon.png
Class: Gunbreaker
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngOf Defectors and Defenders
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Steel against Steel
NPCs Involved: SophieProspective ClientCato MammulaRadovan
  • Sophie is beginning to wonder if Radovan will ever return.
  • Following Radovan's disappearance, you and Sophie have decided to wait for him to make his way back to Ishgard of his own accord. Thankfully, the danger that faced Cato Mammula appears to have passed, as the Alaudae have not been seen since, although the defector from Garlemald remains in hiding. Meanwhile, Sophie has grown restless, so she suggests asking the Temple Knights if they have any assignments to keep her occupied.
  • In the time it has taken you to arrive, Sophie has already spoken to the Temple Knights regarding work for bodyguards, even going so far as accepting an assignment. An anonymous client is waiting for you in a remote part of western Coerthas, though you will have to meet them in person to learn what the job entails.
  • You are soon made to regret meeting the mysterious client in the middle of nowhere when it turns out to be a trap laid by the leader of the Alaudae, Vitus quo Messalla. He has abandoned his mission to assassinate Cato Mammula for a greater prize: your head. The former pilus prior seeks to curry favor with the Emperor by killing the bane of Garlemald and thereby reclaim his place among the elite. Vitus's magitek restraints have rendered you and Sophie utterly defenseless, and when he charges to deliver the killing blow, you are only saved at the last moment by the surprise arrival of Radovan, who parries with his gunblade before freeing you. When the Alaudae are ordered to attack, Radovan produces a small device supplied by Cato Mammula and uses it to activate the magitek collars fitted to the prisoners turned soldiers, temporarily paralyzing them. Vitus responds by slaying his own men, and prepares to face the three of you alone. Despite being outnumbered, the master of the Garlean gunblade pushes your party to the brink of defeat, and after Radovan and Sophie exhaust their aether reserves to create a life-saving barrier, you are finally able to best Vitus in single combat.
  • After a hard-fought battle, Radovan reveals that ever since his departure during your last assignment he had been tracking the Alaudae. Once he had discovered that they were pursuing you, the Warrior of Light, Radovan sought out their original target, Cato Mammula, and asked him to create a device that could activate the magitek collars. The two seem to have put aside their differences and reached an understanding, a stark contrast to the incident in which Radovan threatened to kill Mammula. Your mentor reveals that he never had any intention of physically harming the engineer, but went too far in his intimidation. However, it was at that moment he noticed the Alaudae were watching from afar and seized the opportunity to give the impression he had parted ways with you and Sophie. He remained out of sight but close by, monitoring their movements and discovering Vitus's plan to lure you into a trap. Now that the Alaudae have been eliminated, you return to Ishgard to share the day's events with Mammula, whose life is no longer in danger.
  • Cato is delighted to hear that he can now begin work on the ceruleum heating system he has promised to build with Garlond Ironworks, and offers his gratitude to the party, including Radovan. Now that the mission can be considered a success, Radovan acknowledges that the time for you to accompany him and Sophie on bodyguard assignments is over. While they are grateful for all you have done, they recognize that there are others who would benefit from your strength and guidance. However, they wish to make one more journey with you─this time to Revenant's Toll, where Radovan hopes to find others with whom to share the art of the gunblade.
  • Radovan and Sophie are pleased by the warm and lively atmosphere of Revenant's Toll, and are eager to settle into their new surroundings. With the vast number of adventurers passing through its gates, this seems like the ideal place for Radovan to find candidates to be trained as gunbreakers. Having proven yourself a worthy successor to the legacy of his clan, Radovan bids you farewell as you set out to follow your own path, gunblade at the ready.

※The next gunbreaker quest will be available from Radovan once you have met the following requirements: ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “Shadowbringers.” ※ You must have completed the role quest “To Have Loved and Lost.”

For better or worse, the Alaudae are nowhere to be seen. Reese and the others seem to think they've abandoned their mission and gone back to Garlemald, which I highly doubt. For them, failure simply isn't an option.
But what I want to know is, where is Radovan!? I've a good mind to pack up and leave him here! Or at least, find somewhere warmer to wait for him.
If there's one thing I can't bear, it's standing about doing nothing, especially somewhere as bitterly cold as this. I know─let's go and ask the Temple Knights if they have any work for us!
What took you so long? I've already been and spoken to them. Anyway, there's a client looking for protection, but they wish to remain anonymous.
We're supposed to meet them in a place called Twinpools, which is in western Coerthas, apparently.
Seeing as we have nothing better to do, we may as well go and find out what they want. It should pass the time until Radovan comes back, if nothing else!
My prayers have been answered! I was beginning to think the Temple Knights had forgotten about me.
I do hope you will forgive my need for secrecy. The nature of my request is very sensitive, you see. Now, if you would be so kind as to follow me.
Ungh! I can't...break free!
Wriggle all you want, little fly. Nothing escapes my web.
Ah, but 'twould be a shame for you to die without knowing the name of the spider who ensnared you. I am Vitus quo Messalla, commander of the Alaudae.
When we came to collect that old goat who had strayed from the herd, I never expected to find a prowling lion. Or should I say “Warrior of Light”?
There are many in Garlemald who would be delighted were I to present your corse. And I doubt that restoring me to pilus prior will suffice. No, legatus would be far more fitting. “Vitus van Messalla” has such a wonderful ring to it...
Yes... So close I can almost taste it. Your tale ends here!
Radovan! Where the bloody hells have you been!?
Tracking the Alaudae. That's how I knew they'd come after you, Forename!
Prisoner 1441, if I am not mistaken. First, you refuse my kind offer, then you have the audacity to escape. And now this. Whatever I am to do with you?
You're not the only one with a few tricks up his sleeve, Vitus.
When we first encountered the Alaudae, I noticed the collars they were wearing. I had one myself not so long ago. This must be your way of “maintaining discipline.”
I took one of them to Mammula, who engineered a device similar to yours. How ironic that the very collars you are so fond of could be turned against you.
Worthless dogs.
Of course, I never needed the Alaudae or those magitek traps to slay the likes of you. But I prefer to leave nothing to chance.
No matter. We will just have to settle this the old-fashioned way. Speaking of which, where did you find those...antiques?
If you think they can compare to a Garlean gunblade, you are wrong. Very wrong...
As much as I wish to fight him alone, there is more at stake here than my pride. We must rid the world of this beast, once and for all!
Forename, Sophie! Follow my lead!
I never thought I'd live to see the day that Vitus quo Messalla met his match. You are a better gunbreaker than I ever was.
And for what it's worth, I'm sorry for all the trouble I've put you both through.
You're sorry!? I should bloody well hope so too, you great oaf! What were you thinking, threatening Mammula like that? Not to mention leaving us to escort him to Ishgard!
When Forename found me and Mammula, I noticed the Alaudae watching us from a nearby cliff top.
I thought it was strange that they'd pass up the opportunity to attack us, so I made it appear as though I'd abandoned you and started following them in secret. I discovered that their primary target was now the Warrior of Light, not Cato Mammula.
Their scouts saw you on the way to Camp Dragonhead and reported it to Vitus, who then called off the ambush to see for himself if the information was valid. Powerful as he was, he would never show his hand unless he was certain of victory, so he waited to make his move.
One thing I did know for certain is that even if the three of us fought together, we wouldn't stand a chance against the full might of the Alaudae. That was when I decided to consult our fugitive engineer.
We talked into the early hours of the morning until we reached an understanding, and he agreed to construct the magitek control device. In order for the plan to work, I would have to remain hidden until the very last moment, even from the two of you.
But I thought you needed time alone to think about what you'd done?
The remorse I felt for dishonoring myself was no act. When I realized Mammula's identity, I wanted to confront him about Bozja, but I needed to get him away from you and Reese. I never had any intention of killing him. All I wanted was for him to admit to his crimes.
But it still gave me a sick sense of satisfaction to see him on his knees, defeated. That is when I knew I'd betrayed the ideals of the gunbreaker, that I had abandoned my honor. I want to thank you for guiding me back to the true path.
With Vitus gone, any remaining members of the Alaudae are free of his control and are likely to be treated as fugitives running from the Empire. In any case, I think it is safe for Mammula to come out of hiding now.
Though I may never forgive Mammula for what he has done, he strives to atone for his sins, as I do mine. It is not for me to judge him.
For all his talk about honor, Radovan can be a right sneaky bastard when it suits him. I'll have to keep my eye on him!
Allow me to express my gratitude for vanquishing the Alaudae, which I understand was due in no small part to Radovan's marvelous idea involving the magitek collars. I am glad to hear the device I cobbled together functioned as intended.
Yes, we couldn't have done it without your help.
Vitus alone pushed the three of us to our limits. Had the Alaudae joined the fight, things would've ended very differently. We owe you our lives.
All things considered, it was the least I could do. A remarkably simple matter, in fact, compared to my next endeavor, the installation of Ishgard's ceruleum heating system.
While I may never be able to adequately repay the kindness I have been shown, I must begin somewhere. Until we meet again.
Forename, since I first met you, I knew you had the potential to become a gunbreaker. As the only one of my clan to escape the destruction of Bozja Citadel, I thought the art of the gunblade would die with me.
Now that I have passed on all I know to you, my successor, I feel that there is little for you to gain from taking on assignments with us.
Yes, we can hardly expect the Warrior of Light to spend valuable time assisting us with our money-making schemes.
Before we part ways, however, there is one last place I would like to visit with you. I hear that a great many adventurers who hope to make a name for themselves head to Revenant's Toll. I imagine there will be plenty to keep us busy.
But more than anything, I am hoping to find others to whom I can impart the teachings of my clan. Once people see you with your gunblade strapped to your back, I'm sure it'll pique their curiosity. So, will you come with us?
It seems like a funny location for a town, but it certainly is lively.
I must confess, we would've struggled to find the place without you.
Yes, when I first heard about a remote settlement populated almost entirely by adventurers and the like, I was expecting it to be a lot more lawless and chaotic. Knife fights over card games, that sort of thing. What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be!
With a little luck, I'll find candidates to train as gunbreakers. Although it goes against the traditions of my clan to teach outsiders, meeting you has proved to me that we were being overly cautious.
You see, the gunblade is forged for one purpose: to protect. We feared that its techniques would fall into the hands of those who seek to oppress and conquer, such as the Garleans and the Allagans before them.
Centuries of being beset by enemies on all sides taught us to fear and mistrust those not of our clan. That is why we kept our art such a closely guarded secret.
But when you came to our rescue that day, you acted without a thought for your own safety to aid those in need. This is the true essence of the gunbreaker.
You have your own ideals to protect, your own promises to keep. Go forth, Forename, and follow your path, wherever it may lead.

Battle Dialogue[edit]

Do hold still while I take your head, little lion. I would make a present of it to the Emperor himself!
As for your friends, I am more than happy to hack them to pieces!
When I told you he rivals Gaius van Baelsar, that was no exaggeration! Watch out, Forename. It's you he's after!
You savages could never hope to master a technique such as this!
Impudent wretches! How dare you keep me from my prize!
I should have known the Warrior of Light would not fall so easily.
He's after Sophie! Stop him!
I have enjoyed our little game, but the time has come to end it.
This...does not look good.
Sophie! Help me form a barrier!
We made it... But that took everything we had.
All spent, little flies? Now, Warrior of Light, there is no one left to save you!
It's up to you, Forename. Show him the true strength of a gunbreaker!
You have defied me long enough!
I...will do what I can...
Finally, we are alone! Let us fight, steel against steel.
Impressive, but no match for Garlean magitek. Have at you!
So stubborn... Why do you deny your true purpose?
You exist only to further my legacy! Now die!
Perhaps it is time to see death...from the other side.
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