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Temple Knights

Organizations Icon.pngTemple Knights
The Temple Knights of Ishgard are a military force under the direct authority of the Holy See. They are responsible for the defense of national interests, as well as maintaining public order. [1]

Temple Knights provide humanitarian aid in addition to military services in order to serve and protect the Ishgardian Orthodox Church and its followers. They also regularly conduct joint operations with the forces of noble houses (such as Lord Haurchefant’s House Fortemps), as well as the inquisition. [1]

Any able-bodied Ishgardian citizen can, through one of several methods, be accepted into the Temple Knights. For example, those who triumph in a grand tournament may be welcomed into their ranks. Alternatively, the recommendation of an influential noble or Temple Knight may suffice. That being said, to join the Temple Knights is no guarantee of knighthood; most must serve as squires for some time before earning their spurs. [1]

Beneath the Lord Commander's jurisdiction are the Temple Knights Minister of Coin, the Temple Knights Hospitalier Captain, the Order of the Friars Templar, the Order of the Knights Dragoon, and various commanders. [1]

Members: Alberic, Aymeric, Bothered Bowman, Handeloup, Hildeth, Ishgardian Sentry, Loanne, Lucia, Marcelain, Quomonrentin, Temple Knight, Temple Knight Gateguard, Tenterhooked Temple Knight, Trembling Temple Knight
The Temple Knights derive their name from the historical Knights Templar, a Roman Catholic military order famous for their role in the Crusades.
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