NPC Icon.pngTenzan

Zone(s): Kugane - Pier 2 - Pier 2 Ferry Docks (9.2-10.1)
Affiliation: Kugane
Occupation: Customs OfficerLocal Guide

A visitor to Kugane, I take it? Is there aught you require?



Additional Dialogue
What do you do here?

I am Tenzan, a customs officer of this port, charged by the lord bugyo to ensure that no forbidden articles enter our lands. Though ours is an open port, it does not mean one can bring in whatsoever one desires. If you wish to conduct business here, you must do so within the bounds of our laws. Those who attempt to import goods deemed a threat to our nation's security will be placed in Sekiseigumi custody and dealt with severely. If you would see your own shores again, consider yourself warned.

What kind of place is this?

That you stand here means you should already know this, but I shall humor you nonetheless. Kugane is a port city situated upon Shishu, the westernmost island of Hingashi. Amidst a policy of national isolation, it has the distinction of being the sole port open to the outside world. As all foreign trade is focused here, we custom officers are kept constantly busy, but we cannot afford to be remiss. Without exception, all foreign vessels are required to undergo inspection here, at pier number two.

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