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The Cieldalaes

Mob19 Icon.pngThe Cieldalaes  ARCHIPELAGO

The Cieldalaes are a small group of islands in the Rhotano Sea, not far from the southern tip of Vylbrand. The habitability of the area differs from island to island, with some seen as luxurious getaways[1], while others serve as stopovers for pullers[2] or even host isolated prisons[3]. An expanse of water on the fringe of the archipelago is known to be perpetually covered in a thick mist within which there is said to be an island waiting to smash into jetsam any ship foolish enough to enter. Since the Calamity, however, it is said that the mist will lift under certain conditions.[4]
Location: Rhotano Sea
Realm: Eorzea
World: Hydaelyn
In the year 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era, the newly-reformed Grand Companies utilized two islands of the archipelago for joint training exercises. Turtleback Island, a small, flat expanse served an arena to prove soldiers against large enemies in low-maneuverability situations. Locke's Lie, a large island with rocky terrain, tested a unit's ability to swiftly locate and dispatch a large number of foes in a short time.
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