The Harbor Herald


The foremost paper in Limsa Lominsa, reporting on matters of pertinence and currency to seafarers. From the haughty bluster of pirates to far-reaching developments in foreign diplomacy, The Harbor Herald never fails to put into port with the day's haul of fresh tidings. Based in the hub of trade upon the five seas, no other paper can claim the same wealth of knowledge in international affairs.

Article Issue
The Maelstrom in Ishgard 1
Adventurers in a Maelstrom &00000000000000020000002
My Little Chocobo (Article) &00000000000000030000003
Maelstrom in Motion &00000000000000040000004
My Little Chocobo Makeover? &00000000000000050000005
Garleans in the Vale &00000000000000060000006
Imperial Invasion &00000000000000070000007
The Cieldalaes to See Combat &00000000000000080000008
Wandering Minstrel Arrested &00000000000000090000009
Final Reckoning Nigh &000000000000001000000010