The Museum Is Closed

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 Lv. 45   The Museum Is Closed
Grand Company-Saint Coinach's Find-Levequest-Header.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Seals
Expicon.png9,936 Flame Seal Icon.png311
Informationicon.png Description
Is it overmuch to ask a creature demonic to respect the treasures of the past? I say that it is not, and the beasts that defile artifacts at Saint Coinach's Find deserve our lash. In the name of the Foreign Brigade and in pursuit of knowledge, guard the artifacts store and dispatch the unruly visitors.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Report to Mor Dhona.
  • Defeat the enemies while protecting your charge
    • Allagan Artifact: 3/3
    • Foul River Hapalit: 0/1
    • Lightning Sprite: 0/2
    • Hippogryph Pup: 0/2
    • Lake Nix: 0/1
The Immortal Flames Foreign Brigade
The Immortal Flames Flag.pngUnity.png
Issuing NPC: Eidhart
Mor Dhona - North Silvertear - Saint Coinach's Find (30.7-12.1)
Classes: Disciples of MagicDisciples of War
Type: Grand Company
Guildleve: Unity
Duration: 20m
Location: Saint Coinach's Find
NPCs Involved: Allagan Artifact
Mobs Involved: Foul River HapalitHippogryph PupLake NixLightning Sprite
Animus Book (1)
Book of Skyfire II
Requires the rank of Chief Sergeant.
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