The Myth Takes Form

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 80   The Myth Takes Form

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Qeshi-Rae: The Crystarium - The Baldaquin - Ballistics (x:11.2, y:8.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: The Crystarium → The Amaro Launch

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071221.png75Shedding Light on the MythSidequest1 Icon.png Shedding Light on the Myth (Level 75)
Crystarium Deliveries Icon.png
Facet of Gathering (MIN, BOT) (Level 80)

Facet of Gathering Esteem Level 5

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Gatherer's Guerdon Materia VIII
Gatherer's Guerdon Materia VIII
Gatherer's Guile Materia VIII
Gatherer's Guile Materia VIII
Gatherer's Grasp Materia VIII
Gatherer's Grasp Materia VIII
001041.png The Lost World
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Qeshi-Rae is eager to set out on a journey.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Qeshi-Rae at Scree.
  • Gather black aethersand HQ Icon2.png at Scree.
  • Deliver the black aethersand HQ Icon2.png to Qeshi-Rae.
  • Use the glamour dispeller at the designated location.
  • Speak with Qeshi-Rae at the Crystalline Mean.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071221.png80For Every Child a StarSidequest1 Icon.png For Every Child a Star (Level 80)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Black Aethersand
Glamour Dispeller
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • Qeshi-Rae is eager to set out on a journey.
  • Based on the results of Yalana's analysis, you have determined that the samiel makes its home in Kholusia. Furthermore, it employs a magick not unlike glamours to hide itself from predators. Armed with this information, you and your fellow Samiel Search Squad members set forth for the mountainous part of Kholusia known as Scree, there to lift the veil on the creature once and for all.
  • Upon arriving in Kholusia, Qeshi-Rae directs you to gather a substance called black aethersand, which she will use to prepare a special powder to dispel the samiel's illusion.
  • You deliver the black aethersand to Qeshi-Rae, who immediately uses it to make the glamour dispeller. All that remains is to release the powder from the nearby vantage point, an honor you have been tasked with.
  • As the glamour dispeller is borne away by the wind, you and your companions watch in awe as a herd of samiel manifests into view. The area, it would seem, is the hulking creatures' sanctuary. Thus do you lay to rest the mystery of these elusive ancient beasts. As you savor the moment, the creatures detect your presence, and Qeshi-Rae suggests giving them some space and returning to the Crystarium, satisfied that you have achieved enough for one day.
  • Though you have found the samiel, much work remains to protect the creatures and their habitat, and Yalana and Mao-Ladd pledge their cooperation to the cause. Sad though it is, Qeshi-Rae announces the disbandment of the Samiel Search Squad, but she hopes that you will visit again with information on any resources of interest you may come upon, that she may sneak off to find them herself.

You're here. Good! Now we may set forth!
Chief... I believe it's customary to tell people where they're going, and why.

Permit me, Forename. Based on my analysis of the skin, we've identified the samiel's primary habitat.

There were traces of salt, you see, and I surmised that, for reasons yet unknown to us, this particular creature has made a journey across the seas.

The question, then, is whence did it come? It did not take long to determine that Kholusia is the only location remaining suited to sustaining megafauna.
What's more, we understand now, my friend! We understand how the samiel has managed to elude us for so long!

Again, the secret lies in the skin. It contains the selfsame matter that makes up crystals, formed in such a way as to resemble glamour prisms!

Hailing from the Exarch's homeland, these marvelous objects can be used to cast illusions. Illusions, Forename!
To conceal something of that size takes a prodigious amount of magic. Truly, the samiel is an amazing beast!
So, the plan is to find their habitat and dispel their illusion.

For this, we'll need to prepare a special powder, whose main ingredient happens to also be found in Kholusia. How very neat!

I'll share the details after we arrive at our destination: the mountainous, rocky part of Kholusia aptly named Scree. Come, we have a meeting with the samiel!
Without the specimen you recovered for us, we never would've learned that the samiel came from across the seas.
So this is where they live... There might even be one standing right over our heads right now, and we wouldn't realize!
So, the main ingredient I mentioned earlier─it's a substance called black aethersand, and it can be found in this area.

If you can gather the stuff for me, I will use it to prepare the dispelling powder.

In the meantime, we'll search the area for the samiel's domain. I'm coming for you, my pretty... Hehehehe...
We may not be able to see the samiel, but by now we've an idea of the signs to look for.
All we need then is the black aethersand with which to make the glamour dispeller. Happy harvesting, Forename!
I wonder, why were we able to see the samiel that time in Il Mheg? There wasn't anything in particular that we did...
So, how fares the search? Do you have the black aethersand for me?

Yes, this is sufficiently pure stuff, and an ample amount of it besides. I'll prepare the dispelling powder at once!

It's ready! I must say, I never thought the little bit of alchemy I dabbled in would ever come in handy... Of course, I couldn't have made it at all without the fine ingredient you brought me, Forename.

During your short time with us, you've proven yourself eminently capable, and we could use someone like you in the facet. Might you be persuaded to officially join our ranks?
What will you say?
Place an answer Here

I'd be honored.
Place an answer Here

I'm needed elsewhere.
Place an answer Here
Oh, you would? Truth be told, I didn't actually expect you to accept. And while your answer makes my day, I wouldn't dream of claiming you all for myself. I'm liable to make lots of enemies.

It's no secret that you're a man in demand. Always running to and fro, helping this person and that. Yet you manage to spare the time for us. It's more than we deserve, and we're truly grateful.

But of course you are. Your many talents would be wasted in one place.

There is a beauty in wild beasts─a pureness born of the unshackled lives they lead. You exude the same air as them, Forename. And I hope you never lose it.
But come, we have work to do. We believe the samiel is nearby, and I want you to do the honors. Release the powder from yonder vantage point, and all shall be revealed!
What are you waiting for? Go on and give the powder to the winds!
We found more claws and other evidence nearby. We're confident this is the right place.
We're close, Forename. I can feel it. The creature may be able to fool our eyes, but we still have our other senses.

All those reports of muggy gusts and mystery puddles─I believe they can be explained by the samiel.

<gasp> There!
Haha! Amazing! They're even bigger than I thought!
They truly exist! You were right, Chief! You were right all along!
Of course I was! But even I wasn't expecting to find an entire herd, and with young besides! The island must be their sanctuary, away from the volatility of the mainland!
Curious that the herd can function without seeing one another. They must have some means of communication. Via cries inaudible to our ears, perhaps?
Assuming they ordinarily remain hidden, why do you suppose the creature in Il Mheg showed itself to us?
Hmmm... A good question.
This is merely a hypothesis, but that beast, I believe, was smitten.
In the midst of courtship, in other words. In order to win over a female, I imagine that it must exhibit itself. Show that it's healthy and strong.
So it engages in reckless acts to gain the attention of the opposite sex! Just like people!
Wait... Does that mean there was another samiel nearby at the time? And what do you suppose they do when mating? Would they reveal themselves as well?
Another good question. Considering their massive frames, perhaps they take to the water. But whatever the answer is, rest assured we'll find it soon enough, along with many others.

Finding the samiel was only the beginning, my friends. Exciting days of study and research await us! Ahahahaha!

Oh dear, it seems we've been noticed.

We should give them some space. Animals with young can be unpredictable, and it would be an impediment to our work were they to grow wary of us.
Come, my friends, let's return to the Crystarium. I daresay we've achieved enough for one day.
To behold the samiel in the flesh was moving beyond words. Were it not for you, we may well have remained ignorant of their existence.
The little ones were adorable, were they not? I hope they'll grow up big and strong!
Brief though it was, I'll never forget my first sight of the samiel. I can't wait to begin our study of the creature in earnest!
Study is all well and good, Chief, but I'll remind you not to neglect your other duties at the facet.
Yes, yes, I know, I know.
Well, Yalana, judging by your own excitement, it seems you enjoy it no less than any of us.
Of course I enjoy it! It's not often one gets the chance to study such an ancient life-form. There's so much we stand to learn, from their metabolism to their behavior to their society...
When light swallowed up the world, it not only decimated innumerable species outright. It wreaked havoc on the balance of nature, which led to the extinction of yet more species.

That's to say, all life that has survived is a miracle, Forename. Yours. Mine. And of course, the samiel's.

I was born after the Flood, like most folk. We know only what exists now, and little and less of what came before.

But I believe, Forename. I believe that, one day, life will return to where light now rules. That the world will return to the way it once was.
And so I labor to conserve the precious resources we still have. For the lives that will blossom on the morrow will arise from the seeds of today.

We'll study the samiel and protect their habitat, that they might still roam these lands in a thousand years and beyond.

Of course, we can't do this without Yalana and Mao and their brilliant minds!
Hmph, already trying to foist more work on us, I see.
But against my better have my cooperation, Chief. After all, without me keeping watch, you'd go off gallivanting again given half a chance!
You can count on me as well! I for one am keen to see what other mysteries can be attributed to the samiel!
Well, Forename, under your fine leadership, the Samiel Search Squad has fulfilled its purpose. Sad though it is, it's time for us to disband.
I don't doubt that you'll remain busy with your myriad other pursuits, but I hope you won't forget about us. Should you come into aught of interest on your adventures, be sure to let me know so I can sneak off to find it!
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