Triple Triad

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Triple Triad is a card game popularized by the Manderville Gold Saucer, wherein players make clever use of their deck’s composition to defeat their opponents.

Getting Started

As part of the overall Manderville Gold Saucer, unlocking the ability to play Triple Triad requires completing the LV15 quest It Could Happen to You, thus gaining access to the establishment. Near the entrance is an area called the Card Square, where the Triple Triad Master will offer the quest Triple Triad Trial. Completing this quest unlocks the game and provides a player with their first five cards—items which must be used from the inventory to be added to a player's card list.

Deck Building

From the character menu, select Gold Saucer. In this window are two tabs dealing with Triple Triad.

Card List A reference list of cards the player has obtained—their stats, art, and lore.
Card Decks Holds up to five pre-made sets of five cards that a player will use when engaging in a challenge.

The unlock quest will provide a player's "starter deck," but as a their card list grows, they may choose to keep not only a deck of their strongest cards, but specialized decks that offer an advantage under certain additional rule sets.

Card Rarity and Restrictions

A card's power is gauged by a rarity description from one to five stars.


As a player's card list grows, they are allowed to wield a higher number of powerful cards in a single deck.

Cards Unlimited Limited to 1
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary

Playing Triple Triad

The Basics

Triple Triad is a card game played between two opponents on a 3 x 3 grid using five-card decks. A player initially has claim of any card they play, but a card can be captured by playing a card adjacent to it that, when the values on the relevant sides of the cards are compared, possesses a higher value. Playing a card with a lower value will not result losing claim of the card. Which ever player begins the match will play 5 cards, while their opponent will play 4. When a card is captured, it is counted among the opponent's deck until it is reclaimed or the match ends. Which ever player has claim over the most cards once the nine spaces on the board are filled is deemed the winner; if both players still possess five cards (regardless to whom they originally belonged), the match is a draw. All captured cards are returned to their original owners at the game's conclusion.

Advanced Rules

There are two rule categories of additional rules that may be added to a match.

Rules that active in a given location that the match is played; they are chosen at random with the daily reset (though certain locations may favor certain rule sets).
Rules that activated by the players themselves; NPCs have their own chosen rules that a challenger must abide by, but players may specify their own rules (or lack thereof) when challenging one another.

Each category may contain maximum of two advanced rules.

All Open

A player's full deck is visible to their opponent during the match.

Three Open

Two cards are selected from a player's deck and hidden from their opponent until played.


A secondary capture mechanic—if a card is played in such a way that two (or more) of its numbers match those of adjacent cards, all cards containing matches are captured.


A secondary capture mechanic—if a card is played in such a way that two (or more) of its numbers, when compared to those of adjacent cards, add up to the same total, all cards with matching sums are captured.


While not a rule itself, matches that contain the Same or Plus rules automatically contain combo as a tertiary capture mechanic—if a card is captured under either condition, that card is compared to all the cards around it as if those cards were just played, as well. Any cards weaker than those captured are also captured, and the process repeats. A lucky combo can potentially capture the entire board.

Sudden Death

If a match results in a Draw, the five cards each player currently has claimed will become their new deck and the match begins again. If enough Sudden Death rounds occur, the game will eventually concede the Draw.


Pre-made decks are banned; five cards will be randomly selected from each player's Card List.


Players must play their cards in the same sequence that their decks are ordered.


Players must play their cards in a sequence chosen randomly by the system.


The primary capture mechanic is inverted so that lower numbers capture higher ones.

Fallen Ace

The usually invulnerable A becomes vulnerable to a 1.


Each time a card with a type is placed onto the board (Primal, Beastman, etc.), all cards of that type in play receive +1 to each of their values. (Caps at A)


Each time a card with a type is placed onto the board (Primal, Beastman, etc.), all cards of that type in play receive -1 to each of their values. (Caps at 1)


At the beginning of a match, one card from each player's deck is given to the other player for the duration of the game.


A rule will be selected at random and applied to the match.

Card Collecting

For a complete card list, see Category:Triple Triad Card.

Cards can be obtained in many ways:

Booster Packs

Bronze Triad Card
Silver Triad Card
Gold Triad Card
Platinum Triad Card
Behemoth Card
Coblyn Card
Delivery Moogle Card*
Goobbue Card
Magitek Death Claw Card*
Liquid Flame Card*
Pudding Card
Scarface Bugaal Ja Card
Spriggan Card
Amalj'aa Card
Ixal Card
Kobold Card*
Lahabrea Card*
Minfilia Card
Sylph Card
Tataru Taru Card*
Urianger Card
Baderon Tenfingers Card
Cid Garlond Card
Gerolt Card
Hoary Boulder and Coultenet Card*
Momodi Modi Card
Mother Miounne Card
Ultima Weapon Card
Warrior Of Light Card*
Zidane Tribal Card*
Cecil Harvey Card*
Firion Card*
Lahabrea Card
Lightning Card*
Nanamo Ul Namo Card
Shiva Card
Tidus Card*
Ultima Weapon Card
* Card is only obtainable from this booster pack.

Triple Triad Challenge (Players vs. NPC)

For a complete list of playable NPCs, see Category:Triple Triad Player.

In addition to challenging one another, players may challenge NPCs in hopes of earning cards as rewards from them. Match Rules will be chosen by the NPC in addition to the current Regional Rules. The power of their cards varies greatly from NPC to NPC, but you can gauge their relative strength based on the Fee and (more accurately) the Reward. The above referenced list shows a list of all NPCs that can be challenged to a game of Triple Triad, automatically sorted by dificulty.