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Unfinished Business

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 62   Unfinished Business

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Tsukikage: The Ruby Sea - Rasen Kaikyo - Shoal Rock (x:20.5, y:8.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Onokoro

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png62Alisaie's StonesMainquest1 Icon.png Alisaie's Stones (Level 62)
071341.png62Pulling Double BootyFeaturequest1 Icon.png Pulling Double Booty (Level 62)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 62)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Koppranickel Earrings of Healing
Koppranickel Earrings of Casting
Savage Might Materia V
Savage Might Materia V
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Tsukikage is ready to talk trade.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071221.png62The Girl with the Pearl RingSidequest1 Icon.png The Girl with the Pearl Ring (Level 62)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Tsukikage's Letter
East Aldenard Trading Company Contract
Soaring Shark Fins
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • Tsukikage is ready to talk trade.
  • Tsukikage tells you of how members of the Confederacy are not allowed in Kugane. Instead of going there in person to negotiate with Kikimo, he would like for you to deliver a letter which outlines his preferred terms and conditions. He, however, does not have the aforementioned missive on his person, and asks that you accompany him to the nearby guardroom. Go with him and receive the letter.
  • You follow Tsukikage to the guardroom and he hands you the letter. Make your way to Pier #1, where Kikimo is likely to be and deliver it to her.
  • You deliver Tsukikage's missive to Kikimo at Pier #1 in Kugane. After quickly scanning it, the East Aldenard Trading Company representative tells you she would be happy to accept the conditions he has outlined in the document. She then goes on to say that if the Confederacy manages to procure a few other luxury items from the Ruby Sea in addition to those listed in the captive ship's inventory, she would be willing to pay them handsomely. She then hands you a letter of her own containing a contract for Tsukikage to look over and sign. See that it makes it to the Confederacy treasurer.
  • You return with Kikimo's contract in hand and seek out Tsukikage. He is pleased to hear that not only did she accept his terms but offered the Confederacy additional coin in exchange for obtaining luxury items exclusive to the Ruby Sea─the fins of a soaring shark, teardrop pearls, and the shell of a decade-old turtle. Eager to begin, Tsukikage starts to divvy up the work, but before he can finish Hansaku rushes off to procure the fins. Worried he has gotten ahead of himself, Tsukikage asks that you go after him.
  • You find Hansaku, who is cowering under the gaze of his quarry. As the soaring shark moves to attack, you step in and put an end to it. Taking its fins, you then turn to help Hansaku, who appears to be extremely shaken by this encounter.
  • As you talk to him, the color slowly begins to return to Hansaku's face and you know he has recovered. Disappointed with his performance, he tells you to bring the fins you obtained back to headquarters before dashing off ahead of you.
  • You hand the fins to Tsukikage, who now has everything he needs. It seems all that is left for him to do is deliver the goods and receive payment. Having been banned from Kugane, however, it remains to be seen how exactly he intends to do just that...

Ah, Forename. How lucky I am to have caught you. I would like to open negotiations with Mistress Kikimo, but members of the Confederacy are not exactly welcome in Kugane.

You, however, are not subject to the same constraints as us and I would ask that you deliver a letter to her on my behalf. If you would kindly accompany me to our guardroom just atop those stairs, I can give it to you right now.
In the meantime, I shall go and take care of our honest merchant friends. Forename, I hope you work your usual magic and bring us back some more good news!
Quest Accepted
Well, if it is not the very man who put the wind back in our sails!

Enclosed in this envelope is a paper that outlines all of our conditions and preferences.

If there is anything Mistress Kikimo would like to amend or add, assure her that the Confederacy is open to negotiations.
Master Surname, you are returned. What brings you back so soon?

Ah, yes. Let me have a look. Hahaha! This is a deal I can hardly say no to!

Tell Master Tsukikage we will fully agree to the conditions outlined in this letter.

Assuming he is willing, I would also like to ask him to obtain certain items for us besides those listed here. We would, of course, compensate him accordingly.

There are a plethora of luxury goods that can only be attained in the Ruby Sea. Since the imperials have begun placing their embargoes, a lot of these things have become difficult to acquire.

Here. I have prepared a contract for Master Tsukikage to review and sign. Please, see that it makes it to him. As always, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
We must ensure that these negotiations are successful. If they were to fall through, we may find ourselves marching toward financial disaster.
Forename, I am glad to see you are returned. How did the meeting with Mistress Kikimo go?

According to this contract, she has agreed to all of our terms regarding the loot and has even offered us an opportunity to earn extra coin.

This, my friend, is what I call a job well done.

Now, let us see. On the side, she would have us procure the shell of a decade-old turtle, teardrop pearls, and soaring shark fins.
Hm. All of these are expensive commodities that cannot be obtained in Kugane─or anywhere outside of the Ruby Sea, for that matter. Hahaha! Mistress Kikimo certainly knows how to play her cards.
Chief, I'll go and get them for you!
A very generous offer, Hansaku, but sending you to search for everything alone will take far too much time. Let us divide the work. You can retrieve the soaring shark fins, I will find the turtle shell, and Suzume, you secure the teardrop pearls.
Understood! I shall make for Shoal Rock right away!
<sigh> There he goes again. He ran off without even bothering to confirm how many fins we would have him bring back. The man is completely incompetent!
There is no need to be so hard on him, Suzume. While perhaps a touch overzealous, he is simply looking to prove his worth to us. It is only natural, seeing as he narrowly escaped death at the hands of his former shipmates.
Each and every one of us here comes from a similarly difficult past. I do not see why we should treat him any different.
...An interesting notion has just struck me. Mayhap the reason our dear Hansaku is so enthusiastic about procuring items is because he is attempting to avoid something─or rather, someone.
...You mean to imply that the fake merchants were members of his former crew!?

Indeed. He has been rather skittish of late, and it would explain why he did not escort Forename to us when they first met.

Coming face-to-face with your former crew under the best of circumstances can be trying. When you hold a blade to their throat and force them to pay the tithe...well, then you become a marked man for life.
S-So Hansaku was once shipmates with those...those lowlifes!?
Suzume, what's wrong? You are starting to turn pale.
N-Nothing. Nothing is wrong, sir. I am simply disgusted that one of our very own, however insignificant to our organization they might be, has had dealings with such vulgar men. I...I must be going now if I am to gather our teardrop pearls.

Hm. I wonder what has gotten into Suzume. Whatever Hansaku's past, he is a Confederate now. Besides, we tied stones around his ex-crewmates' necks and threw them into the sea. I see no reason for her to be so upset.

<sigh> I suppose that is a mystery best solved later. Forename, please do me a favor and go check on Hansaku for me, will you?

The boy is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, and has a tendency to land himself in trouble.
Welcome back, Forename. I trust negotiations went smoothly?
Thanks to you meeting with the chief, not only did I receive a generous sum of koban but I think I may have even moved up a few pegs in the Confederacy.
People say there is no such thing as a bargain. They are wrong. So long as you keep your eyes and ears peeled, you are sure to come across one sooner or later.

Forename! Thank the kami you came when you did. I-I was about to be fish food!

...So the chief saves me from certain death, yet again. <sigh> Somehow I always manage to bungle up every job I'm given. What a complete and utter fool I am!

Well, I suppose all that matters in the end is that we obtained the fins. I shall return to headquarters and inform the others. I'll meet you back there.
I am glad you made it back. Hansaku told us everything. Thank you, Forename. It seems my fears were warranted.

These fins─they are all in near-perfect condition. They will no doubt surpass even Mistress Kikimo's high expectations.

Now that we have everything, let us deliver the goods to our client without any further ado.
I shall prepare one of our ships and begin stocking it, then.

Very good, Suzume.

...Although she tries hard to hide it, Suzume is far less cheerful than usual. Is she all right, I wonder?

She is probably just exhausted from her search for pearls.

...Chief, if members of the Confederacy are barred from entering the port city, how exactly are we supposed to meet with our client?
Quest Completed
I do not see why the chief keeps him around. Hansaku is completely useless! Even you must realize it, too?
I was the only one who came back empty-handed and it certainly has not left a good impression on the chief, much less Suzume. Hurry and deliver the fins to them, please. I cannot stand their disappointed stares for a moment longer!
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