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There are 4 Chronicles of a New Era quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
Surpassing the Samurai &000000000000007000000070 Bunchin Chronicles of a New Era
The Fifth Lord &000000000000007000000070 Seiryu Chronicles of a New Era
The Fire-bird Down Below &000000000000007000000070 Bunchin Chronicles of a New Era
Tortoise in Time &000000000000007000000070 Bunchin Chronicles of a New Era

There are 30 Kojin Quest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
A Real Pearler &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Much at Steak &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
You Blow It Up &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Under Wraps &000000000000006000000060 Kabuto Kojin Quest
True-blue &000000000000006000000060 Kabuto Kojin Quest
Tonight We Dine in Shells &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
The Value of Silence &000000000000006000000060 Kabuto Kojin Quest
The Hot-blooded Kojin &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Tentacles of Trade &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Tale of Roe &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Sand-sifting Specialist &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Pleasure Doing Business &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Pickles of Partnership &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
No, Not the Boo Box &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Misdelivered &000000000000006000000060 Kabuto Kojin Quest
A Test of Courage &000000000000006000000060 Kabuto Kojin Quest
Little Kojin Lost &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Krilled to Pieces &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Holy Mother of Pearl &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Heaven-sent &000000000000006000000060 Vexed Villager Kojin Quest
Forever Blowing Bubbles &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Flotsam and Jetsam &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Disciplinary Action &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Deep Turquoise Sea &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Confused Courier &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Clammed Up &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Buoyant Bounty &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Best Served Foul &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
Anala-lyze This &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest
You Have the Rite &000000000000006000000060 Zukin Kojin Quest

There are 49 Sidequest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
Knocking on Heaven's Door &000000000000006100000061 Hamakaze Sidequest
On the Shoulders of Giants &000000000000006100000061 Kyusei Sidequest
A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience &000000000000006100000061 Sumitsubo Sidequest
A Dance with Snakes &000000000000006200000062 Kaizan Sidequest
Our Most Venerated Ancestor &000000000000006200000062 Tsuzura Sidequest
Protector of the Small &000000000000006200000062 Hayama Sidequest
Pulling Double Booty &000000000000006200000062 Hansaku Sidequest
Stranded &000000000000006200000062 Perplexed Confederate Sidequest
The Devil's Cough &000000000000006200000062 Hiun Sidequest
The Girl with the Pearl Ring &000000000000006200000062 Tsukikage Sidequest
The Organ of Sight &000000000000006200000062 Shihoji Sidequest
The Mysterious Assailant &000000000000006200000062 Urokuzu Sidequest
The Palace of Lost Souls &000000000000006200000062 Kurenai Sidequest
The Price of Betrayal &000000000000006200000062 Yusui Sidequest
The Soul's Rememberance &000000000000006200000062 Yana Sidequest
The Sword in the Stone &000000000000006200000062 Slender Kojin Sidequest
Treasure Cove &000000000000006200000062 Kefusan Sidequest
Unfinished Business &000000000000006200000062 Tsukikage Sidequest
Unmeasured Strength &000000000000006200000062 Toro Sidequest
Not Just Any Banquet &000000000000006200000062 Kaioke Sidequest
Pirate Stew &000000000000006200000062 Hirase Sidequest
Ethereal Lights &000000000000006200000062 Hayama Sidequest
In Cold Blood &000000000000006200000062 Hayase Sidequest
First Line of Defense &000000000000006200000062 Kumoji Sidequest
Fight or Flight (Quest) &000000000000006200000062 Aranami Sidequest
In Search of Treasure &000000000000006300000063 Affable Kojin Sidequest
A Dream to Remember &000000000000006300000063 Kansui Sidequest
A Part of Your World &000000000000006300000063 Kurenai Sidequest
A Stroll Along the Seabed &000000000000006300000063 Takotsubo Sidequest
Thrice Cursed &000000000000006300000063 Veteran Fisherman Sidequest
The Two Princesses of Sui-no-Sato &000000000000006300000063 Kurenai Sidequest
A True Kojin of the Blue &000000000000006300000063 Saikoro Sidequest
All Good Deeds &000000000000006300000063 Kagero Sidequest
An Unforgettable Taste &000000000000006300000063 Seizau Sidequest
At the Mercy of Monsters &000000000000006300000063 Abiki Sidequest
Blessings of the Sea &000000000000006300000063 Motogoe Sidequest
The Fight for Survival &000000000000006300000063 Mozu Sidequest
Fathoms Below &000000000000006300000063 Kurenai Sidequest
In Health and in Sickness &000000000000006300000063 Misago Sidequest
The Elixir of Life &000000000000006300000063 Kurenai Sidequest
Fear Her Almighty Waves &000000000000006300000063 Sapphire-haired Girl Sidequest
The Core of Life &000000000000006300000063 Mine Sidequest
The Bond between Brothers &000000000000006300000063 Mahiwa Sidequest
Sink or Swim &000000000000006300000063 Anxious Boy Sidequest
Serpent Troubles &000000000000006300000063 Takotsubo Sidequest
Forgotten Saviors of the Sea &000000000000006300000063 Takotsubo Sidequest
Plunder on High &000000000000006300000063 Zansetsu Sidequest
A Daughter's Love &000000000000006300000063 Sayo Sidequest
Up in Flames &000000000000006300000063 Asari Sidequest

There are 7 Stormblood Main Scenario Quest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
Alisaie's Stones &000000000000006200000062 Hirase Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
Boys with Boats &000000000000006200000062 Tansui Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
Open Water &000000000000006200000062 Soroban Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
The Arrows of Misfortune &000000000000006200000062 Kajika Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
The Last Voyage &000000000000006200000062 Aranami Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
The Solace of the Sea &000000000000006200000062 Afumi Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
Under the Sea &000000000000006200000062 Rasho Stormblood Main Scenario Quest

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