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Ferthi's Projects


  • Updating all Fishing Log pages with the new and improved fishing variables :D


  • Update all Dungeons, Raids, and Trials with miniguides (5.0+ is coming!) and upkeep on their drop tables
  • Maintain the Progression Guides (Heavensward / Stormblood / Shadowbringers / Endwalker)
  • Add items to the Special Vendors so you can figure out where else to get that cool armor set! (eg. Tomestone, Raid, Splendors) and oftentimes their icons b/c those are a pain to bot.
  • Add mechanics to the Common Mechanics page!


  • Reworked the gathering pages with the help of Gahoo and added picture maps for every node. (See all the maps here!)


  • Add all open-world monsters of 5.0!
  • Add all instance monsters of 5.0!
    • Bosses
    • Dungeons
    • Raids
    • Trials
  • Update the skill pages with color and hovertext to easily figure out WTF you're looking at.

Is something missing or out of date? Leave me a message on my talk page!

Upcoming Patch Work (5.55)

Old Gear Updates

New Flowers/Seeds

Ferthi's Sandbox/Tester Pages

Duty Pages Missing Guides

3 missing.

Gathering Pages Missing Maps

None currently, good job!

Mild Testing Shenanigans

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