La Noscea leves complete)[edit]

Bearded Rock Battle

A Beardful of Rats O

A Clean Sale O

Annexing the Rock O

Evil Weevils O

Missing Teeth O

Mole Patrol O

Unsavory Ramifications O

When Bats Cry O

Bearded Rock Field

Mining Bearded Rock O

Heavy Medals O

Logging Bearded Rock O

Teak for Two O

Fishing Bearded Rock O

Vim and Vigor O

Skull Valley Battle

Annexing the Valley O

Burning Down the Houses O

Claws and Wings O

Colonizing the Valley O

Herbicide O

Jellyfish in a Barrel O

Send Them Packing O

The Swarm O

Skull Valley Field

Mining Skull Valley O

Making Muskets out of Molehills O

Logging Skull Valley O

Oak on a Boat O

Fishing Skull Valley O

Blowfish for the Blowhards O

Bloodshore Battle

A Roseling by Any Other Name O

An Imp in Sheep's Clothing O

Annexing the Shore O

Escape from Cell B17 O

Fiend in the Flock O

Sating the Simians O

Save the Lettuce, Save the World O

To Catch a Thief O

Bloodshore Field

Mining Bloodshore O

Make More, Cut Less O

Fighting the Wood Blight O

Going Against the Grain O

Fishing Bloodshore O

Dream a Little Bream O

Cedarwood Battle

Bombs Away O

Escape Artist X

Necrologos: Elemental Thralldom O

Necrologos: Lightsome Verdure O

Necrologos: Lords of Skyey Realms -

Where the Goat Goes O

Where's the Meat O

Yarz on Me O

Cedarwood Field

Mining Cedarwood X

Of Muskets and Men X

Reforesting Cedarwood X

Outfitting the Fleet X

Fishing Cedarwood X

Pulmia's First Course X

Cassiopeia Hollow Battle

Awful Offal O

Crabs in a Barrel -

Escape from Cell D72 O

Necrologos: Inferno O

Necrologos: The Boughs Above O

Orbs for the Ossuary O

Protecting the Pilgrims O

Spooring Spores O

Bald Knoll Battle

Annexing the Knoll O

Dropping Like Flies O

Escape from Cell E05 O

Fearsome Foliage -

Keeping the Peace -

Off With Their Heads X

On the Beating Path X

Slippery Skins -

Wyrston's Herd O

Iron Lake Battle

Annexing the Lake O

Cliff Haranguers -

Great Hoary Toads O

Meating Demand -

Mutton over Mongrels -

Necrologos: The Abased -

Sharing the Load -

Soft Targets O

Unholy Moley O

Black Shroud leves complete (To be added later)[edit]

Bentbranch Battle

An Old Fashioned Exorcism -

Bees vs the Pilgrims O

Clearing the Forest O

Crushing Chiglets O

Light for the Rites O

Moles vs the Pilgrims O

Reforesting Bentbranch O

Spores for the Ceremony O

Bentbranch Field

Mining Bentbranch O

Bones for the Eye O

Logging Bentbranch O

Elm Waterwheels O

Fishing Bentbranch O

Searching for Crayfish O

Emerald Moss Battle

Foresting Emerald Moss O

Fungicide O

Help the Children O

Lack of Humours O

Sapped Saplings O

The Black Rabbit's Ore O

Tricks of the Traders O

Yarzons vs the Pilgrims O

Emerald Moss Field

Mining Emerald Moss O

Ore for the Eye O

Logging Emerald Moss O

Walnut Waterwheels O

Fishing Emerald Moss O

Fighting for Fish O

Tranquil Battle

A Feast Fit for a Queen O

An Enemy in the Orchards O

Forsaken Sacs O

Hidden Behind a Hide O

Impish Intentions O

Leaders of the Pack O

Migrating Crustaceans O

Reforesting Tranquil O

Tranquil Field

Mining Tranquil Paths O

Corpse Cupid O

Logging Tranquil Paths O

Waterlogged O

Fishing Tranquil Paths O

Only the Monke Onke O

Humblehearth Battle

From the Sea to the Trees O

Necrologos: Celeritous Impetus O

Necrologos: In Shadow Bemantled O

Necrologos: Thousandfold Agony O

Reforesting Humblehearth -

The Goodwill Traders O

The Root of the Problem O

Underneath the Shell O

Humblehearth Field

Assaying Humblehearth X

Jade for the Eye X

Logging Humblehearth X

Mahogany Waterwheels X

Preserving Humblehearth X

Salmon Superior X

Mun-Tuy Cellars Battle

Crabs in the Cellar O

My Fey Lady -

Necrologos: The Ever-reaching Claw O

Necrologos: The Moons' Mistress -

Orbs for the Ceremony O

Tracking the Pack O

Undercutting the Competition -

Wizening Up -

Nine Ivies Battle

All Nine Ivies is a Stage O

Efts from Afar O

Fire Fighting -

Necrologos: The Fallen -

Reforesting Nine Ivies O

Slugging it Out -

The All-seeing Eyes -

Tickling Whiskers -

What the Devilet Dons O

Treespeak Battle

A Toad's Taste O

All Treespeak is a Stage O

Blacksand in Hand -

Do Toads Dream X

Necrologos: Rockbound Mists -

Open Season -

Out of its Shell -

Stealing Apples from a Lemur -

Sweet Revenge O

Ul'dah leves complete[edit]

Black Brush Battle

Clearing Black Brush O

Cogwheel Scramble O

Flambert's Forgetfulness O

Something in the Water O

Sprightly Spriggans O

Sucking Blood O

Tunneling Trouble O

Weevil Panic O

Black Brush Fieldcraft

Mining Black Brush O

Get to the Copper O

Logging Black Brush O

Willow Pillars O

Fishing Black Brush O

Curing Greyscale O

Drybone Battle

After the Battle O

Culling All Coblyns O

Popotoes in Peril O

Revenge of the Dodos O

Sand Yarzon Sweep O

Sucking Blood Again O

Treasures of the Smallfolk O

Where the Stone Floats O

Drybone Fieldcraft

Mining Drybone O

Silver Linings O

Logging Drybone O

Ash Pillars O

Fishing Drybone O

Curing the Flux O

Horizon Battle

A Leg Up -

Just One of the Dodos O

Securing Horizon's Edge O

Sweet Vengeance O

The Devilet Inside O

The Lady's Bite O

The Wights' Stuff O

Threading the Needles O

Horizon Field

Assaying Horizon's Edge O

Desperately Seeking Sphenes O

Logging Horizon O

Oak Pillars O

Fish Out of Water X

Fulgurating Fishes X

Nophica's Wells Battle

A Drop in the Pond X

Dodos and Popotoes -

Necrologos: Amongst Leaves Most Green X

Necrologos: Levinshower -

Necrologos: The Light's Corrivals -

Secret of the Sewers X

Securing Nophica's Wells X

Volatile Vitals -

Nophica's Wells Field

Mining Nophica's Wells X

Mythril for Merchants X

Battling the Blight X

Support Our Mines X

Fishing Nophica's Wells X

Piscean Poison X

Nanawa Mines Battle

Antling Invasion -

Corpus Adamance X

Necrologos: Adamantine Wills X

Necrologos: Torn Asunder -

Overtime in the Mines -

Spirited Below X

The Potter's Price -

Tuning In X

Halatali Battle

Bigger Fish to Fry X

Cat Eat Dog X

Desert Defilement X

Juggling Knives -

Necrologos: All Things Must Die -

Preventing the Plague X

Restless be the Damned -

Secrets of the Sultanate -

Stalking the Stalkers -

Broken Water Battle

A Devilet's Best Friend X

A Terrible Thirst X

All Cracked Up X

Dunesfolk for Dinner -

Hiding Under the Beds -

Necrologos: Ranine Reveries -

Netting the Gnats -

Still Wanted: B'Khenna Phoenixfire -

Thwack Ye Mole -

Whipping the Curs X

Faction Leves[edit]

Brotherhood of the Broken Blade lvl 20

Operation: Reave-quest O

Operation: Kobold as Ice O

Operation: Sylph Stalkings O

Brotherhood of the Broken Blade lvl 30

Operation: Supplication Denied O

Operation: Bloody Side Up O

Operation: Reaving Home O

Brotherhood of the Broken Blade lvl 40

Operation: Warm Welcome O

Operation: Scar and Defeather O

Special Mission - Operation: Bloody Scales

Operation: Bloody Scales X

Operation: Under Siege X

Operation: Pulling Fangs X

Special Mission - Operation: Wolfsbane

Operation: Wolfsbane X

Operation: Up, Up, and Away X

Operation: Shuteye X

Azeyma's Shields lvl 20

Wanted: Xha Viqqoh the Nibbler O

Wanted: Palemoon Parazuzu O

Wanted: Rorogun the Tailtamer O

Azeyma's Shields lvl 30

Wanted: B'khenna the Phoenixfire O

Wanted: Ser Aucheforne of the High Tide O

Wanted: Godwin Goodgoat O

Azeyma's Shields lvl 40

Wanted: Coiled Adder O

Wanted: Toadsquatter Femomo O

Wanted: Alvara Sourkiss X

Special Mission - Wanted: Tarbh Uisge

Wanted: Soft Evidence O

Wanted: Violent Verdure X

Wanted: Mammoth and Master X

Horn and Hand lvl 20

Collecting Sea Shells O

Horn and Hand lvl 30

Spoiled Soil O

Something in the Air O

It's the Smell O

A Weighty Problem O

Heat of the Moment O

Horn and Hand lvl 40

Old Money X

Diamonds in the Rough X

Golden Opportunity X

While They're Young X

Special Mission: Poaching the Poacher

Unlike a Rolling Stone O

Looting the Larder O

Hook, Line, and Sinker O