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User talk:Gahoo/Archive 2

Dark Matter[edit]

|Dark Matter is an irrelevant field and should be easily automated within the item template. Items with a physical level of 1-10 are Grade 1, 11-20 are grade 2, and so on. --Lordshadow (talk) 13:33, 16 December 2013 (CST)

Housing in Patch[edit]

Gotta make the housing items appear on the 2.1 patch too somehow. --Lordshadow (talk) 20:52, 16 December 2013 (CST)

Lentils and Chestnuts[edit]

Hey, it looks like SE finally got smart and renamed something we've had an issue with for a while. Lentils and Chestnuts no longer goes by the name 'Lentils & Chestnuts'.. it's fully spelled out to 'and'! So.. we can finally fix that! :D Could you do it, since if I did it there would be some redirects left behind which would need deleting? Hezkezl (talk) 06:41, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Dungeon Stuff[edit]

Do you think we should just revert the dungeon loot back to its original form, before I started fussing around with it (and dragged you into it too)? It worked fine then.. just looked a little lackluster. My wanting to bring it up to par with the new Sells template you made, which differentiates between armor/weapons and items (with the Description bit), alternates between us having the dungeon loot list work (but having Acquisition info be broken), and having it look buggy (like it looked before you fixed it again, but as a consequence of that it broke Acquisition info again).. :\ Hezkezl (talk) 12:12, 9 February 2014 (CST)

Missing F.A.T.E.s[edit]

The F.A.T.E.s "In spite of it all" and "If I only had a soul" is not on the table on page: And I do not seem to be able to edit the table itself to add it. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Newdefect (talkcontribs).

Gallery for Gear Sets[edit]

Just tried to add one for the Alchemist's Set, no worky :( Followed the link that is on every set page, and uploaded a picture.. but it's not showing up / not linked to the page. Link to picture, Link to Alchemist's Set.

Hezkezl (talk) 15:58, 22 April 2014 (CDT)

<3 Sorry I broke it! Guessing it's because of the ' in the name... Your Heavy Darklight Set works, but there's no apostraphe in that one.. :( —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hezkezl (talkcontribs).
That looks like it got mine working :D the pic I uploaded and you renamed is now showing up on Alchemist's Set, good job! Now.. can you add CP and GP (crafting points/gathering points) to the stat listing? >.> Hezkezl (talk) 16:07, 22 April 2014 (CDT)

South Shroud image map[edit]

Might not be applicable for a while/until testing of everything gets finished, but I saw you drew up another map, this time for South Shroud :P Since I was in SS at the time, I decided to run around and see the boundaries for the places. So... HERE! I forget what the place was that you used to make them, so I did the next best thing and made a crappy-colored map :P Hezkezl (talk) 18:36, 9 May 2014 (CDT)

Expert Delivery[edit]

I think Expert Delivery has an item level cap of 70.. I just noticed none of the i80/i90/i100 stuff I have is showing up in the window to exchange for seals. Wanna double-check it and try to add something to the template based off that? Hezkezl (talk) 09:01, 18 May 2014 (CDT)

Piece charts/Drop Table[edit]

How do those pie charts/drop tables work on The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1? Or rather, how to fix them? There was some malformed code on that page so the drops didn't show up in the table, like they do on the other coil turns, but my attempts to fix it don't seem to bare any fruit... --Seedling 03:13, 1 November 2014 (CDT)

Thanks for the CustomRequirement[edit]

Will definitely help :D Didn't realize before, but should've known, that there are sidequests which are only available if you start in a certain zone.. I've noticed some inconsistencies with the Required Quest / Follow-up Quest stuff that we have.. Lodestone says one thing, we show another. Debating on waiting until I can go through myself and verify what it really is, or if I should just put what the Lodestone says.. Hezkezl (talk) 16:46, 14 November 2014 (CST)

Google Docs Page[edit]

I edited your repository with a few things I found that were hidden unless you knew the #'s... Take a look! Should be all on the last page. :D Hezkezl (talk) 04:32, 23 November 2014 (CST)

Updating pie chart on Halatali Hard[edit]

Apparently we had the wrong name for the last boss in Halatali (Hard). Someone went in and changed it, but now the piechart is broken. Can you go in to the google docs that has that in it and change the name? It's supposed to be: Mumepo the Beholden

File List[edit] This should work for showing us Ganiman's old uploaded pictures.. lets you sort by date, and IIRC it's not too hard to just get the file names from them, to use notepad++ on to make a list for charitwo to bot out and delete. Hezkezl (talk) 17:13, 24 March 2015 (CDT)

Item Icons[edit]

Hey, what's the preferred method for obtaining icons for new items? -- Darthnemesis (talk) 19:35, 22 June 2015 (CDT)

Template:NPCLink breaks when NPC page is missing[edit]

I noticed that Template:NPCLink transcludes a huge list of location information if used with an NPC whose page hasn't been created yet (ex: By Your Bootstraps). The problem will resolve itself once the new NPCs are added, but just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you'd like to add a check in the template to prevent it. -- Darthnemesis (talk) 10:48, 25 June 2015 (CDT)

Nevermind T_T[edit]

Thought there was a problem with the quest template, but nevermind! D: (Adding this edit on your talk page in case you get a notification about it, even after I rolled it back, so yeah.. [email protected]) Hezkezl (talk) 23:40, 25 June 2015 (CDT)

New dungeon drops[edit]

Do the Google spreadsheets for boss loot need to be updated manually when new items are added to the loot table? A bunch of old dungeons got AST/DRK/MCH weapons, and I'm not sure how to get them to show up on the pie chart forms. -- Darthnemesis (talk) 00:51, 26 June 2015 (CDT)

Template Updates[edit]

Hey, wanted to bring up a few things related to templates that I can't edit:

  • Template:Jobswitch6 lists Goldsmith as GLD rather than GSM
  • Template:Infobox Item/footer is missing the new jobs
  • Airship voyage rewards could use a box on Template:ARR Infobox Item (I created a basic voyage template just to get the required categories populated)
  • Would it be possible to make a trade template that supports multiple results? Talan gives back two different ingredients when you trade in the NQ Lucis tokens, and now Seika upgrades the Law sword and shield at the same time.

-- Darthnemesis (talk) 06:34, 12 July 2015 (CDT)

Ganibot changes to 3.0 items?[edit]

I just noticed Ganibot apparently doing something to all the 3.0 items, and apparently is losing the Desynth Recipe Primary Skill. (See Agate Ring of Aiming, I edited a few hours earlier.)

Is some kind of restructuring going on?

--Seedling 17:45, 15 September 2015 (CDT)

  • Just a thought, could the bot make some changes regarding item level? Gear should have Required Level and Item Level, while items obtained through gathering should only have Recommended Level (using the ★ system). The current method is to use Item Level, but that also puts the Item Level bar on items that do not appear with it in the game. Recommended Level would be listed in the sidebar, just like Desynthesis Level is now. A few templates would have to be changed to accommodate the change, but it would be a lot clearer then the workaround used now. (People still get it wrong occasionally. Noticed that when someone managed to add fish information before I did.) --Seedling 16:06, 16 September 2015 (CDT)
  • Made some changes to the previous response. There's no need for a new field, the existing Recommended Level fits just fine. --Seedling 14:21, 20 September 2015 (CDT)

Broken PvP Vendor Links[edit]

Batsight Sune-ate was the one page I noticed it on, due to heading there from disqus comments.. Apparently our 'fix' of moving some PvP items to subpages (like Storm Private (Armor Outfitter)/iLevel 100 PvP gear) completely broke the 'Location 1' setting in our dpl.. Before I removed the GEOLink from Template:ARR Infobox NPC sells dpl, it looked like this: Imgur link... Any ideas? :\ I think we're gonna have to head back to putting things on one page/not on subpages, unless you can think of a way to make the page lookup on via BASEPAGENAME.. Hezkezl (talk) 06:38, 4 February 2016 (CST)

Looks like it's fixed now, as the GEOLink is working again. Apparently turning it off and back on again fixed it! :P Nice work. Hezkezl (talk) 09:06, 5 February 2016 (CST)
... Just noticed you edited the NPC's page to use the right NPC Template instead of NPC2.. wow, that really was the problem? T__T Hezkezl (talk) 09:07, 5 February 2016 (CST)


I like it :D Looks perfect to me! Hezkezl (talk) 23:33, 12 February 2016 (CST)

Item Reward Count[edit]

Do you think we should look at using the Template:Icon Test I've been toying around with to show the quantity of an item received from a quest, rather than our current method of having it listed next to the icon? Hezkezl (talk) 22:21, 19 February 2016 (CST)

Quest Journal Category Change[edit]

I just noticed that the Quest Journal now lists Beast Tribes differently than we originally had it... :\ Should we update things? Probably have Charibot do it for us, since there's ~30 quests per tribe that needs updating..

Amalj'aa Quests
Main Quests
Peace for Thanalan
Brotherhood of Ash
Daily Quests
A Shell to Scry On
Borderline Slaughter

Basically, we would change "Amalj'aa Sidequest" (or whatever beast tribe) to either "Amalj'aa Daily Quests", or "Daily Quests" with dpl also narrowing it down to display just Amalj'aa dailies. Or we can leave the 2.0 ones alone and just update the 3.0 ones. That might be the easiest thing to do since all the Vanu Vanu quests need to be updated to remove 'Venture' from their rewards. Hezkezl (talk) 13:20, 27 February 2016 (CST)

Gnath vs Vath[edit]

Shouldn't it be Gnath quests, since we're going by race name rather than tribe name for the other beast tribes? -- Darthnemesis (talk) 02:48, 28 February 2016 (CST)

Minions and items that need renaming[edit]

Wind-Up Gnath, Wind-Up Vath, Wind-Up Titan, Wind-Up Garuda, Wind-Up Leviathan, Wind-Up Nero Tol Scaeva. Need changing to lowercase 'u' (Wind-up Gnath, for ex.) Minion pages need moving, along with all icons and "{{{Name}}}_Patch.png" hidden pictures. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hezkezl (talkcontribs).

EDIT: Nevermind! I forgot we have Charitwo to move things for us :P I put in a Bot request and he said he'd look at moving these tomorrow for us. Once he does it we can go through and update the linking pages, sooooooo thanks anyways! Hezkezl (talk) 00:10, 11 March 2016 (CST)

Slight Snafu with subpage recipes I forgot about[edit]

Soo, I forgot something about /Recipes .... In order for the 'Recipes using PAGENAME (like Carbon Fiber, the dpl code for it has to be slightly different than if it's not a recipe on a subpage... and it's a pretty big difference :( If it's on a subpage, we have to add

| notcategory = Item

And if it's NOT on a subpage (ie: every page up until 3.3 recipes) then it has the default

| category = Item

on it.. and the two can't be mixed on the same page that I know of. If I make it be notcategory, then all the existing recipes won't show up. Otherwise, we have to deal with the uglyness that is on Pterodactyl Leather (which has an issue because it's used in both 3.3 and non 3.3 recipes, so it's showing the problem on it.) In order to fix it, I'd need to either put every recipe on a Subpage, or move the 3.3 ones off the Subpage and manually add them to their items' pages.. That's the one hangup I forgot about when I was doing some testing with subpage recipes earlier :( I can add the recipes to their subpages really easily, it just takes time to run the bot. Adding the recipes onto existing pages will take slightly longer.. I put a temporary fix in that will make the 'pure' 3.3 items appear nice and normal, and every recipe that does not use a 3.3 item will be normal, but those rare few items that have a 3.3 item as its ingredient, or are an ingredient of a 3.3 recipe, will have some buggyness to it until I fix it.

Let me know what you want me to do whenever you can. I'm gonna head out for the day so I'll see your response tonight! Hezkezl (talk) 09:50, 7 June 2016 (CDT)